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ACTIVE WHATSAPP GROUP LINKS:have become a trend to follow for people who love to make new groups for friends and family each day and also those who want themselves to be a part of several groups. There is a vast majority of people who browse for the ACTIVE WHATSAPP GROUP LINKS to interact with different people around the world. WhatsApp like Facebook has become a hub of various group chats that add in people as per their interest in several activities and communication gets even more easier this way as a large community can chat together, this article discloses some WhatsApp group links to you for that matter.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a social networking site that was launched in 2009 by its developers Brian Acton and Jan Koum. WhatsApp has many incredibly useful features that made it famous among the users in a short span of time.  The application can be used anywhere and on any device. In fact, it has become an integral part of people’s lives these days. WhatsApp has made it easy to communicate and interact with anyone all around the world by just having an internet connection.  WhatsApp is used by half of the population of this entire world. Even those who do not have access are using the APKs of it. WhatsApp was developed by the workers of Yahoo but now it is under Facebook the biggest social site itself.


Following are the amazing features of WhatsApp that makes it favorite among people.

  1. WhatsApp can be used for video calls.
  2. WhatsApp has the feature of voice calls.
  3. WhatsApp allows you to make groups of uncountable members.
  4. WhatsApp allows to have group calls.
  5. WhatsApp is used for business purposes and business accounts are made for that purpose.
  6. WhatsApp can be connected to PC and smart TVs via WhatsApp Web feature.
  7. WhatsApp is a free to use application.
  8. WhatsApp allows you to share documents, pictures, audio, videos and anything for free.
  9. WhatsApp has the status feature to keep your pals much updated.
  10. WhatsApp has the feature for sending voice notes for free.


WhatsApp groups are a great platform to interact with people all around the world. This particular feature itself has multiple functions. WhatsApp groups are created for the ease of people to add anyone you want into one group and have chatting and make group calls to them. Everything can be shared in these groups. As this has become a trend now a day’s people are making groups for unknowns as well in which there is a certain type of group for example educational or related to some field and concerned people are added to these groups. These groups have people from any country or city as they are open for anyone. The information regarding to that particular subject for which the groups are made is shared into these groups. WhatsApp groups allows the users to make video and audio group calls adding in all the members of the group. One can also send voice notes to the group for better communication.

WhatsApp allows you to create an invite link once the group has been created. The particular group link can be shared with those whom you want to be a part of that specific WhatsApp group. People can join the groups by just tapping onto the join group option. On the contrary, If you want to be a part of a certain group you would need to get the invite link of that WhatsApp group and will have to join it using the same method.

This article has provided you with certain WhatsApp group links that will help you get access to the groups as per your interests. These groups will have many other people from different parts of the world and altogether these groups are like a community. These group links will make it easy for you to join the specific groups that you have interest in may it be related to education, art and culture, religious groups, movies, serials or anything about entertainment. You just need to join tap onto the join option to join the group and you can also share the link with your mates.


PUBG is a widely renowned game that is being played by a vast majority across the globe. If you want to get further information about the game or you are a beginner and you want to get into a team of pro players then there is a golden chance for you to join any of these groups regarding PUBG using these links and get into action. these groups are for both knowledge and entertainment. Players can also boast off by sharing their achievements in the groups.


Poetry is a genre of literature that is cherished by many people. If you have such talent or you like reading poetry and want to collaborate with other aspiring poets then you can join any of these groups related to poetry. These groups would have participants having a mutual interest in poetry and together you people can share poetry and can also get praised for the poetry done by you.


If you are a fun lover and want a platform where you can get funny stuff. Then you can join any of these groups where you can exchange memes and jokes etc. Such groups will have participants who want to have a lighter side of life by sharing funny and entertaining posts with each other for fun.


These groups have been created for the female participants only where they can have their own discussions and can share stuff. These groups are for those who do not want themselves to be a part of groups with male participants and in this way their privacy will not get disturbed.


Educational groups serve the purpose of getting knowledge for those who want to grasp knowledge from various parts of the world. People who love to get information regarding different fields and certain facts can join these groups. These groups provide knowledge regarding different fields of life may it be English learning, computers or general knowledge etc.


Many people love to get engaged into political discussions and want to get an insight of the political affairs across the globe. For these people we have a perfect opportunity that they can get added to the political discussion groups to get the knowledge regarding politics and can have political discussions at length with each other. One can also share his opinion regarding any political matter in these groups.


WhatsApp allows you to get access to these groups via the invite links provided to have updates regarding newly released movies. People can also suggest and share their opinions regarding the movies in these groups.


Apart from creating the groups about certain subjects people can also join the groups created for the people of a particular city or country in which only participants who belong to the specific country are added or the ones who wants to get to know about them the examples of these groups are mentioned below.

  1. WhatsApp group for India.
  2. WhatsApp group for Pakistan.
  3. WhatsApp UK active group.
  4. WhatsApp active group for America.

WhatsApp group link downloader is an application that is available on Google Play store that you can download for the accessibility of WhatsApp group links. The application enables you to download any active WhatsApp group link to join that group. WhatsApp group link downloader provides you with unlimited links of every type of group.


Follow these simple steps to join WhatsApp group easily.

  1. Get an invitation link of the group you want to join.
  2. Tap onto the join group option.
  3. You will be added to that group instantly.
  4. Have fun, share, interact and enjoy.


If you are an admin of a WhatsApp group and you want to add more people to it. Then you can simply comment below with the name, link and description of your group. After checking whether your link is active or not, we will post it so that others can also be a part of that community.


WhatsApp is a great platform for sharing every type of information either visual, audio or to make both video and voice calls. This application is used by billion of people all across the world and fulfills the different requirements of people in terms of effective communication. WhatsApp groups are one of the efficient feature of WhatsApp that plays a vital role in wider interaction with multiple people at a time. The following article provides several links for the WhatsApp groups to make it easier for the people to join the respective groups as per their preference.



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