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Update December 28, 2022

Adakami is an online app that helps you to get a loan for a short time. Whenever we need a loan we have to go through so many procedures and even after doing these things we are not confirmed that our loan application will be accepted or not. But with the help of the Adakami app, you can get a loan without doing any of these procedures.

This app provides you a loan for short term to long term as well. The amount of the loan starts from 500 rupees and you can also extend it. This app does not take as much interest as the other banks do. You can also change the language of this app according to your convenience.

Adakami APK

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Adakami is a Banking app that helps you to get a loan on a short term basis. It does not require any procedure that you have to fulfil in order to get the loan. You just have to provide some of your important documents and after that you can get the loan from the app. It also provides you with the sufficient time to return the loan so there are no worries regarding this consent.

Features of Adakami APK

User friendly app

Adakami is a User friendly app. You can easily get registered on this app and after that you can request for the loans. You can also choose the limit of the loan and can also get to know about the return time.

Get loans

This is a Banking Finance App that provides short term and long term loans . It does not have any strenuous procedures Like The Other banks.

Extend Limit

You can easily extend the returning time limit of the loan according to your convenience. There is no fixed attending time and you even choose the one in which you are comfortable to return Money.

Register yourself

You can register on this app with the help of your mobile number. It just takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete the procedure.

Low interest rates

The interest rates of this app is very low as compared to the other banking apps and you can even get rid of the interest rates if you become a premium member of this app.

No instalments

It does not provide you with the instalment procedure so there is no need to worry about the monthly payments. You just have to return the amount whenever it is possible in the provided time

Secured App

It is a completely secured app, it does not share your data with any third party and there are no threats regarding this app.

Get extra limits

If you want some extra returning limit then you can easily get this with the help of the premium version of this app.

Remove Ads

You can also remove the presence of unwanted ads from this application if you register to the premium version of this app.

No need for documentation

There is no need for documentation like you have to do in the banks and you can even get rid of this procedure if you become a regular member of this app by getting the premium.

Adakami APK

Why do people like the Adakami Pro APK?

People really like the Adakami Pro APK because they can get short term loans in no time without any extra interest and in this version, we can get rid of the regular documentation and can also extend the returning time limit. This Pro version is also free from advertisement.

Download Adakami Pro APK Latest Version 2023

Adakami Pro APK allows you to extend the loan limit and it also allows you to extend the returning time limit so that you can easily return the loan. There is going to be no documentation in this version. But in order to get these features, you have to pay the subscription charges for this app.

Adakami APK

Adakami APK 2023 Download

Adakami APK 2022 is the latest version that provides you with all the new updates.

Downloading Adakami Pro APK

The simple way to download the Adakami Pro APK is to find a link in this article. After that, you can see the progress of download In the notifications bar. When the download completes, you can open this apk file and provide it with the required permissions to install it on your device.

Adakami APK


Final Verdict

If you want to take out a loan without any interest , then you should get the AdaKami app and if you want to extend the loan limit then you can become a premium member of this app.



Q. How do you register on Adakami APK?

In order to register on the Adakami app, you simply have to


Q. What is the starting limit of loan on Adakami APK?

Starting limit of the loan is 500 rupees on the Adakami app.

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