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Update July 19, 2023


We often get late to our work because we are unable to get up in the morning. No one likes to get up from a deep sleep in the morning and go to work but as we are living in the world we have to put up with the routine that the world follows. However, waking up in the morning is also very healthy for our body as it will be able to perform perfectly and you will also remain fit and healthy. Whenever we have to wake up at time we set an alarm on our mobile phone, but most of the time it happens that we stop the alarm and go back to sleep which is why we lose the most important opportunities of our life.

However if you do not want to lose any of your special events or if you want to remain healthy then you can go for this app which is the Alarmy from the alarm clock alarmy. This app belongs to the category of health and fitness and it pretty much accomplishes its goal by different methods. With the help of this app you will not only wake up at the right time but you will also be able to remain healthy because you cannot just ditch this app like you do with the regular alarm clock. This app requires you to be harsh with yourself so that you can be punctual. To do this you will have to start the missions that are available on this app. If you want to remain healthy and fit then you can get this app.

Alarmy MOD APK

What is the Alarmy app?

It is a health and fitness app that will help you to become punctual. You can just set an alarm on this app like the regular alarm clock but there are several missions on this app which you will have to accomplish in order to stop the alarm. You can choose any of these missions which you are able to complete. For example there is a barcode mission, Squat mission and shake mission also.

What is the Alarmy MOD APK?

It is an exceptional app and contains some amazing features but it also has a premium version which contains some extraordinary features. If you want to have access to them then you can download the Alarmy Mod APK as in this modified version you will be able to have access to the premium version of this app without any restrictions as all the premium features are fully available on this modified version.

What are the benefits of an Alarmy app?

This app is very useful for the heavy sleepers because you will have to do some practice in order to shut the alarm clock. This app has the specialized sensors that can send your location so if you start a mission on this app, for example that you choose the working mission then you will have to walk a certain steps in order to stop the alarm.

Does it ever happen that Alarmy not ring?

Alarmy app will run everytime you set an alarm on it, but if you are using your phone on a silent mode or if you are using the flight mode then all the apps running in the background will stop working and hence alarm will also not work only in these conditions the alarm App will not work properly. Moreover if your mobile is shut down due to no charging then the Alarmy will also not work.

Alarmy MOD APK

Features of the Alarmy app

Remain Healthy

As you know, waking up in the morning is a very good habit and it also keeps your body fit. If you are a health conscious person then Alarmy will help you a lot because there are many missions available in the app which will help you to remain fit. For example, there is a squat mission in which you can set the number of squats. If you choose this mission then the app will not stop ringing until you do the required squats.

Be punctual

The Alarmy App will help you to become punctual. You can set the alarm on this app as you regularly do on your alarm clock. But the alarm on this app will not easily stop because you will have to complete the challenge that the app will give you in order to stop the alarm. For example, it can give you a maths question to solve and it will also ask you to write something on your mobile so that it gets assured that you have woken up.

Never miss an event

With the help of this app you will never miss any special occasion because there are also certain missions which you can start to be on an event at time. For example there is a photo mission in which you will have to provide the required photo to the app so that it stops ringing. You can choose to set the image of any place and you will have to provide the image in order to stop the alarm

Customized Ringtones

Although this app contains a lot of ringtones that you can apply to your alarm. But if you do not like the provided ringtones in the app then you can customise the ringtones. You can choose any of your favourite songs as Your ringtone and enable it as your alarm. For this you will have to export the song from your music library to the app and after that you will be able to set it as the alarm ringtone.

Daily exercise

You can also set the alarms for daily exercise. There is a walking mission in this app which will help you to perform the regular activities, like to stop the alarm you will have to take the required steps while walking.

Features of the Alarmy MOD APK

Unlocked premium

There are some extraordinary features of the Alarmy app which is only available to the premium users. This is the reason that we have provided you with a free premium in the Alarmy Mod APK.

Free to use

To have access to the premium version you will need to spend money as the premium version is unlocked in the Alarmy Mod APK hence it will be free for you to use.

Ads Free

In the standard version of this app there will be many ads that will disturb you whenever you open the app. That's why we have removed the ads in the modified version.

Alarmy MOD APK


If you are a fitness freak and want to attain some good habits then you can get assistance from the Alarmy app as it has some special features and sensors that will help you to wake up and perform some required activities in your day. You will not be able to stop this alarm as you do with the regular alarm clock. Our website will also provide you with its modified version which contains all the premium features as well.


Q. What are the subscription charges for Alarmy?

The premium version of Alarmy will cost you $4.99 a month.

Q. Will Alarmy work in flight mode?

No, the Alarmy app will not work in flight mode.


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