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Accessing amazing features on smartphones is found fairly easy for people. These features are very easily accessible and readily available at low costs. This makes it too convenient for people to use them. An android operating system is the type of system which operates the applications installed by Google Play Store and features brought by Google.

Android operating system is responsible for that. It is just a traditional software to manage different kinds of software and hardware available on a computer. Also, it helps you communicate with computer without any computer language. This brings lots of convenience for us.

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What is Android?

The modern technology has made the android operating system from mobile phones to smart phone because of many of the distinguishing new features that set it apart. It is even more advanced than a computer so there is no problem if we call it a smart phone because that is how it works. Android is a name of an operating system. Like IOS, of Apple mobile phones, android is another operating system. It is based upon revised collection of open source software one of which is Linux Kernel whose authors have allowed access of their code to anyone copying it, sharing it and for learning purposes. A person who gets access to it can also alter and can make any change in the software.


  • It enables multi-tasking.
  • We get easy notifications. There are no worries of missing out.
  • By Google Play Store, we can easily access many applications, games and social networking sites.
  • Companies can easily buy and modify as is an open source software.
  • ROM installation is one of the tremendous features of android.
  • You can easily access Google services like Play Stores, Google Maps most importantly, Gmail, Google Music and Google Books.
  • Because of their small and easy to carry size, you can take your cellphones anywhere you want. There is just no limitation in this.
  • Being low in cost and not being so expensive is also another feature which makes them stand out.
  • There are Widgets available in the smartphones which bring so much easiness to the users that they can access settings or make any changes very easily without going so inside in the settings of the phone.
  • For managing your professional work, android is also available in tablets which are more good in compactly managing all your work.
  • You see a variety in companies which are making Android operating system like Samsung, HTC and a lot more. So you will never need to worry about getting bored with one phone. There is always a new phone coming in the market with even more new features. So it keeps going.
  • Like IOS, android phones give the facility of easily removable battery which is not built in like that of Apple Smartphones.
  • Knowing the fact that built in memory is just not enough, android phones have also given slots for memory cards so you can now have more fun with as much extra storage you want and require.
  • Custom Keyboard is just another amazing advantage that you can get from Android
  • Having infrared in them, android phones give you the freedom to take them anywhere as they are totally wireless.

What is an Apk

It is an abbreviation of Android Package Kit. Apk is system of packed files through which any file or an application gets downloaded. It is downloaded in the same way as Windows use exe file for any software’s installation. If you download an application from any other place except Google Play Store in an android system you will be seeing this abbreviation written over there. It helps in the distribution of an application also rather than just downloading it. If your Google Play Store gets uninstalled due to any reason then there is no need to worry about how you will install the applications. You can still get them by the Apk files and get the latest application installed in your phone right away. It also helps in updating the android version which is another fantastic fact about it. The reason lies in the fact that the Apk is released before the actual update and thus it helps a lot. So you can enjoy all the new and exquisite features beforehand and in advance.

Apk for android one is downloaded on an android operating system for experiencing the android features. It is mostly downloaded to get compatible games with that of android one version of android. It also helps a lot in downloading many games and application that are even not available on Google Play because sometimes they are paid and sometimes simply not available so you can simply get it downloaded via an Apk file that is easily available on internet. So this is an amazing thing to be made use of.

Android 1

Android 1 was launched back in 2014. Its purpose to get launched was to make androids more fast and cheaper in cost. The android one is a version of android operating system which does not gives permission to alter the graphical interface to the manufacturer. Security updates and Android updates are both provided by it. Initially it was introduced by Sundar Pichai and then was sent to India for low tier devices but it got functioning in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka mobile phone till 2014. In 2015 Android One got successful in reaching many parts of Asia in the form of 1GB and 2GB RAM. Now to be more successful it reached many developed countries like Japan, Turkey and Italy etc. Production of Android One phone also started taking place there and reached heights of success.

Android One Characteristics

The characteristics of Android One are as follows:

  • 3 years security update.
  • 2 years of Android updates.
  • The quality was much better.
  • The price has reduced drastically and became more affordable.
  • Google services were provided as it got integrated with Google.
  • Software support was given for a large period.
  • The updates are very quick as there is usage of stock Android user interface.
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