ATV Launcher Pro Apk (For Android)

ATV Launcher Pro Apk V0.1.21-pro Download For Android
App Name ATV Launcher Pro Apk
Publisher DStudio Canada
Genre Personalization
Size 2MB
Latest Version v0.1.21-pro
MOD Info For Android
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Update May 16, 2023


Atv Launcher helps you integrate your smart Tv with different Android applications that are compatible with it. You can launch any application easily right through your television's home screen. It also provides customizable features for your home screen which let you edit and organize your apps. There are many screen widgets you can use to customize your home screen.

This launcher is highly customizable and lets you open applications directly. You can also arrange the apps in different tabs and rename the titles accordingly. There is also an option for desktop wallpapers which you can set even for devices that don't support this feature.

ATV Launcher Pro Apk

Get The ATV Launcher Apk Now!

Atv Launcher Apk is one of the most user-friendly launchers you can install and connect to your tv. It helps you easily manage your home screen and customize it in many ways. You can also sort your applications using different tabs and widgets. Hd Wallpapers are also available in this app.

Features of ATV Launcher Apk


The feasible launcher features:-

The features of this launcher are also quite useful and make the application very interactive and convenient to connect with your Tv.

Customizable home screen:-

You can edit and customize your home screen in many ways and make it look wonderful! This is one of the best launchers to give your tv a new look.

App icons and widgets:-

You can also edit the application icons and add different kinds of widgets. Create app shortcuts on your desktop.

Desktop Wallpapers:-

If your TV does not support wallpapers, you can use this app to switch between various wallpapers and displays easily.

Organize your apps:-

You can also keep your apps organized in various tabs. There is also a search bar for applications to find them easily.

Easy to integrate:-

Connect this app easily with your device if it is compatible with it. Establishing a connection with this app is easy to carry out. You can also use the available tutorial to learn how to use the app.

Intuitive UI:-

The interface is very convenient for all users and you can easily access all options without facing any difficulties.

Unlock Pro Version:-

Get the pro version of this application to enjoy the latest options for your television's home screen. This version is completely free of any limitations you may find in other versions.

Better customization:-

Experience a better and improved customization tab with unlimited options throughout the application. Find better quality wallpapers with extremely high resolutions.

No app restrictions:-

Remove any restrictions on connections and customization and enjoy a better working and improved application. If you find any limitations in the regular version, you don't have to worry about them with the mod one.

ATV Launcher Pro Apk

Why Do People Like The Atv Launcher Apk Mod?

This is one of the most convenient and reliable tv launchers therefore everyone wants to unlock its features for free without buying a monthly subscription. We provide you with a mod version that you can use to unlock any feature you want including HD wallpapers and exclusive customization options.

Download Atv Launcher Latest Version 2022

Get exclusively available features of this in the latest and modified file of the app without buying the premium membership.

ATV launcher 2022 Download

Tv launchers that support multiple functions for free may not be easily available therefore we bring you the ATV launcher mod apk which you can integrate with your tv and customize according to your will. Organize apps, add and remove widgets and give your screen a brand new look with beautiful wallpapers.

ATV Launcher Pro Apk

Downloading Atv Launcher Apk

Downloading and connecting this streaming application on your device is quite easy if you follow the instructions. Download this app from our website to your android device and establish a connection with your television. If your device blocks unfamiliar apps, you can disable that feature for this app to install.

ATV Launcher Pro Apk

Final Verdict

Atv Launcher Mod Apk is a very customizable launcher that you can connect with your tv and make easier for users. It is better than most launchers because it is not only reliable but also provides you with options you cannot find in most apps. You can install it now from the website.


Q. Is ATV launcher Mod Apk compatible with all TVs?

This application is compatible with any smart television available. All you need to do is install it on your device and connect it to your television. If your Tv has built-in Internet options, this launcher can work with it.

Q. Can I use Atv Launcher Apk to customize the home screen?

Yes, you can use this launcher to make your home screen extremely customizable from adding new wallpapers to editing app icons and widgets. You can also easily arrange all applications and sort them out in tabs.


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