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Audible Mod Apk V3.32.0 Download For Android
App Name Audible Mod Apk
Publisher Audible, Inc
Genre Books & Reference
Size 33 MB
Latest Version v3.32.0
MOD Info For Android
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Update July 21, 2022

Many people like to read books but they do not find time to read them because it is a very time consuming task and also causes eye straining. But they are still very passionate about reading books. On the other hand there are people who like to get information but do not like to read books because they are not interested in reading.

So, Audible Mod Apk is an awesome application which has solutions for all such problems. By using this application you do not need to read books at all but instead you will be listening to the words and it will be like an audiobook. Audible Mod Apk has been loved by lots of people because of its very unique and distinctive features and because of the advantages which it is giving.

Audible Mod Apk has a very interactive and user-friendly interface and it is not difficult to operate at all. You can get to know about the very amazing features of this application by reading the complete article written below.

Audible Mod Apk

What is Audible Apk?

Audible Apk has a big collection of books, novels, stories, documentaries, podcasts, news and much more. So, if you are interested in getting the informative knowledge by listening only, then Audible Mod Apk is the best application for you. It also provides great entertainment to its users by giving access to lots of funny cartoons. But mainly you can listen to the books and can also download them for listening later on when you are not on the internet. The application will also send you reminders if you enable them so that you remain fully updated.

What is Audible Mod Apk?

Audible Mod Apk will unlock the complete VIP version for you so that you can access all those features that are not available to the normal users.You can unlock the full application so that you can use all the features and have much greater fun. The Mod version will make sure that your level satisfaction highly increases and you can have an excellent time by using this application. There are also no ads in the modified version.

What is Audible Mod Apk used for?

Audible Mod Apk is used for listening to the audiobooks and for listening to all the knowledgeable materials.

Is Audible Mod Apk available for android?

Yes, Audible Mod Apk is available for the android devices.

What is the size of Audible Mod Apk?

The size of Audible Mod Apk is 33.84 MB.

Audible Mod Apk


Very Simple to Use

Audible Mod Apk is a very simple to use application and you do not need to have any technological knowledge in order to operate this application because it is very simple and highly user friendly.  You can easily use all the options from the dashboard available on the application and it is a self guiding application which will keep you very much relaxed and comfortable.

Download the Content and Listen Offline Anytime

In Audible Mod Apk you can download the content from the application anytime and then you can use it when you are not on the Internet. In this way you can also listen to your favorite content anywhere and anytime regardless of any network connection. This is a very powerful feature which will make sure that you never get bored at any time.

Listen Novels and Books

In Audible Mod Apk you can listen to lots of novels and books that you are interested in but you are not finding time or simply you do not have the interest to read the books. Audible Mod Apk will help you to know about the novels and books without actually reading them because you will be listening to the audio books of the novels and that will be a very interactive activity for you.

Audible Mod Apk

Podcast, Documentaries and News

In Audible Mod Apk you can also listen to various podcast documentaries and news. This is a very beneficial application because you can get all types of bookish and informative knowledge. It will be a very convenient source for you to get full access to all types of knowledge available in the world as you can listen to very informative podcasts and documentaries and you will also be updated with all the latest news.

Very Entertaining Content

In Audible Mod Apk there is a lot of entertaining content because you can listen to various cartoons and also you can listen to various television shows which will keep you very much entertained. You can also read comedy books that will make sure that you enjoy your time while laughing. So you will be fully entertained by Audible Mod Apk.

Notifications and Reminders for You

In Audible Mod Apk you can also enjoy various notifications and reminders that will keep on coming in the application and you can get to know when a latest book or news is available so you can quickly rush to the application and grab the knowledge. But for that you need to enable the notifications and reminders of the application.

Wonderful Joyable Entries

In Audible Mod Apk you can also enjoy the very wonderful entries that are absolutely free for you. Have a great time while getting the joyable entries in the application.

Very Engaging and Motivating Voices

In Audible Mod Apk you can listen to the very motivating and encouraging people who are having their motivational lectures and speeches available in the application. These voices will help you gather the courage and then you can stay motivated all day because you will be having your daily dose of motivational lecture everyday.

Widget for Homescreen

In Audible Mod Apk you can also enjoy the visit for your home screen because you can add the application icon on your home screen so that you can quickly open the application without wasting any time.

Enjoy the Built-in Audio Player

In Audible Mod Apk there is a built-in audio player which you can use in order to listen to various books, documentaries , novels and podcasts. The audio player is already there in the application and you do not need to have any other audio player to listen to the information.

Awesome Built-in Library

In Audible Mod Apk there is also a very awesome built in library which will allow you to access any type of book and you can also explore various categories from where you can select some books that can help you in your work. So you can freely explore the very fantabulous built in library of the application.

Audible Mod Apk

Mod Features

Unlocked Premium Version

You are free to unlock the premium version by using the mod version of the application.

No Ads to Bother

There will not be a single advertisement that can bother you while you are using your application in the Mod version.

Audible Mod Apk


Audible Mod Apk, is hence, a great application for all the people who like to listen to audio books and documentaries. You can get free from reading the long and eye-straining books because this application will read out all the information for you and you can also listen to various podcasts and other information content along with the entertainment stuff very easily. So do not wait anymore and quickly download Audible Mod Apk.


Q. Can I download Audible Mod Apk on my android tablet?

Yes, you can download Audible Mod Apk on your android tablet.

Q. Is Audible Mod Apk free?

Yes, Audible Mod Apk is free.

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