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B612 Mod Apk 12.1.45 Latest Version Download
App Name B612 Mod Apk
Publisher SNOW Corporation
Genre Photography
Size 132.88 MB
Latest Version v12.1.45
MOD Info Premium Unlocked/100% Working
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Update July 19, 2023


There are a lot of people who like to do photo and video editing but there are many video editing and photo editing applications available on the internet so that makes it quite difficult for the people to select which application is best for them.

B612 Mod Apk is a wonderful and fabulous photo and video editing application that has all those features that are absolutely distinguished and you can never discover such features in any other photo and video editing application. The application has gotten much famous after its AR technology that is very rare to be found in photo and video editing applications. You can do professional level editing by using all the magnificent features of this application. There will be hardly anyone who will be able to detect the changes otherwise it is really easy to fool anyone because the AR Technology totally changes the picture and makes it unbelievable and mind blowing.

B612 Mod Apk has lots of unique features that will make you absolutely love this application. So if you are looking for an application which will provide you with distinctive and unique features, you should definitely consider this one as it will fulfill all those needs that you are having with respect to photo editing.

B612 Mod Apk

What is B612 Apk?

In B612 Apk there are lots of stickers available and you can use any stickers that will help you to give a better meaning to your images or videos. The beauty effects will shape your body and face and you can also do retouching as much as you want. You can also apply makeup effects and make your images or videos absolutely changed from the previous ones. You can apply lots of filters on your images or any video and then you can check or select which one suits better. You can add music from your own files and you can also get music from the stock library where there are many royalty free music tracks available.

What is B612 Mod Apk?

B612 Mod Apk will unlock the complete premium version for you and you can have much fun when you will unlock this premium version as in this way you can discover many more features and all of them will get open for you so that you can use them for free and there is no need to pay any charges for them.

Can I use animal effects in B612 Mod Apk?

Yes, the AR technology of B612 Mod Apk will allow you to use animal effects.

Can I use B612 Mod Apk for video editing?

Yes, you can use B612 Mod Apk for best level video editing.

Can I capture pictures by using B612 Mod Apk?

Yes, you can easily capture pictures by using B612 Mod Apk.

B612 Mod Apk


Hundreds and Thousands of Stickers

In B612 Mod Apk you can enjoy hundreds and thousands of stickers that are available in huge quantities and quality in this fabulous application. There is no need to get additional stickers from any other applications but instead you can use the wonderful variety of stickers available in this application. The stickers are very helpful material because when you add a sticker to your photo or video then it automatically becomes more meaningful and viewers can also get the best meaning and will be more attractive to the image or video if it is having stickers.

Lots of Beauty Effects to Use

In B612 Mod Apk you can use lots of beauty effects because the more beauty effects you use the more beautiful your picture and videos get. So if you are having a bad picture day in which you cannot find satisfaction in your clicked images or videos then you can definitely head towards the b612 and it will make your pictures and videos so attractive and beautiful that you will instantly find them attractive and cute.

Try Using Many Filters

In B612 Mod Apk you can use many filters because there are thousands of filters available in this one application. You can easily test and try each and every filter as much as you want and then you can finalize one filter that will be helpful for you and you can easily keep it in the picture or video that you have made. The filter increases the beauty effect and makes the pictures and videos more appealing and attractive. You can check which filter suits your image because on every type of image there are different filters that suit them.

Add Music and Sound to Your Videos

In B612 Mod Apk you can add music and sound to your videos because people like those videos that are having sound effects or music in them. Otherwise the video looks very boring so you have to make sure that your every video contains music so that you can attract lots of people towards watching your video and if you are an Instagram content creator then this is more useful for you as you have to create such a content that people find absolutely amazing and stunning.

Comfortable Work with AR Technology

In B612 Mod Apk you can comfortably work with the AR technology of the application which means that you can apply many animated and animal filters on your images or videos. You can apply the animal filters like cat eyes and rabbit ears so that you can get the look of that particular animal. It becomes so fun filled and hilarious because you will be taking the look of animals and changing your own face.

Make Amazing Boomerangs

In B612 Mod Apk you can make amazing boomerangs because boomerangs are the latest trend and lots of people like to make Boomerangs in their Instagram accounts. But in this application you can also make free Boomerang and then you can edit them also. When you make boomerangs on Instagram then it is not possible to edit but if you make boomerangs here, you can edit in the way you want and then later on post them on your Instagram stories so that will be more feasible and best.

Fabulous Collages of Photos and Videos

In B612 Mod Apk you can make fabulous colleges of photos and videos. Collage is basically consists of more than one picture or video and then you can represent all of these things in one frame. You do not need to show each and every picture or video on its own but instead you can simply make a collage and give a one picture or one frame representation of all your pictures and videos. You will find a variety of layouts for the colleges in this application and you can choose any one for your work.

Mod Features

Premium Unlocked

All the premium features will get unlocked in the modified version so anyone can use the premium features and there is no requirement of paying any charges because the modified version automatically makes it all free for you.

B612 Mod Apk


B612 Mod Apk is an amazing application where you can do lots of photo and video editing by using multiple filters and effects. You can make many collages and boomeranges conveniently in this application and then share it on various social media platforms. This is a super convenient and easy to use application and you will easily get to know about how to use it


Q. Is B612 Mod Apk free to download?

Yes, B612 Mod Apk is absolutely free to download.

Q. Can I download B612 Mod Apk on my android tablet?

Yes, you can download B612 Mod Apk on your android tablet.


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