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BGMI Mod APK V1.0 Download For Android
App Name BGMI Mod APK
Publisher BGMI Wallpapers
Genre Personalization
Size 14 MB
Latest Version v1.0
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Update July 21, 2022

War games are everyone's favorite because this is something that is very rare to experience in real-life and hence people are very curious in order to discover the challenges and experiences of War. So, to cater this need, the game developers have formulated various war and battle games that can help the users in experiencing the real tragedies and challenges of Wars and Battles. There are many games available on the Internet related to this very category because the demand of people is crazy.

BGMI Mod Apk is a very splendid and remarkable war game in which you will be experiencing all the miseries and challenges of War. You have to make good use of every weapon available to you in order to defeat the enemy. BGMI Mod Apk Download has been downloaded by so many people from all over the globe and all have posted excellent and positive reviews about this very special game. BGMI Mod Apk Download can be played on Android Smartphones and Tablets without any problems so it is an amazing treat for Android users.

BGMI Mod Apk has a very interactive and phenomenal user interface which has attracted lots of people towards downloading and playing this game. The graphics are very much realistic and give a very real view of the War scenario and you can experience all the war and Battle views. Do check out the article written below for knowing more about the game.


What is BGMI Mod APK?

BGMI Mod Apk is all about playing in a war field or battlefield and fighting with your enemies while making the best defense possible. You have to make sure that all your team is fully trained to defeat the enemy and is ready to take over the land. You have to make use of all the weapons and vehicles available to you in order to do the best defense. There are many customisation options available in the game and you can use all these things to upgrade your game and make it much more attractive.

What is BGMI Mod APK?

BGMI Mod Apk provides unlimited money to the users so that they can buy lots of apples and vehicles and invest in getting the skins. The full version of the game is available and you can play with all the premium features for absolutely free without paying any subscription charges at all. There are no advertisements and you can enjoy playing the war game without the interruption of any advertisements. You can have infinite UC and recoils.

Is BGMI APK a Free Game?

Yes, BGMI Apk is a free game.

What is the Newest Version of BGMI APK?

The current version of BGMI Apk is v1.0.

What is the Application Size of BGMI APK?

The size of BGMI Apk is 14 MB.



Very Realistic Graphics and Visuals

The graphics of the game are very realistic and quite phenomenal. You can easily explore wonderful visual effects as you continue to play the game and keep exploring various locations and maps. In the maps you can find many new places with intricate detailing and designing which surely pleases eyes.

Phenomenal Maps

In BGMI Mod Apk Download you can find many phenomenal maps available in which you can go and explore many things. The maps provide an interesting charm to the players so that they can discover many new places and play the game over there. It becomes very boring to play the game in the same place or location so maps are there to give the user a sense of variability.

Variety of Weapons

In BGMI Mod Apk Download there is a huge variety of weapons from which you can choose to play with you can have lots of weapons and can establish greater defence while battling with your enemies. There are many weapons available like short range weapons and long range weapons which you can choose as per your severity of war and also your level of comfortability.

Characters Customization

In BGMI Mod Apk Download you can also customize your character so that your character looks very differentiated in the game and you get a higher advantage over the opponents while having your character customized. You can also do upgrades on characters so that they may play better in the game.

Wonderful Controls Customization

The game has very wonderful controls customisation options which is a very rare option to be seen. You can easily customize the controls and make them work as per your ease and comfort. You can set the controls anywhere on your screen and can also change the control keys in the way you want.

Vehicles and Their Skins

You will find lots of vehicles in the game which are there for your maximum enjoyment level. You can also change the skins of the weapons which means that you are also allowed to customize your vehicles in your favourite games. In this way you will find Lots of stuff for your excitement and thrill now vehicles are very much advanced and are of high technology.

Variety of Skins for Weapons

You will also find variable skins for the weapons so that you can also customize your weapons in the way you want. You can change the skins and make your weapons differentiated in the game.

Very Addictive Game

The game is very addictive and so you cannot help stop playing the game once you start playing it. Many of the players in the world are true addicts of this game because it has very exciting and thrilling gameplay which is power packed with fun and action.


Mod Features

Unlimited Recoils

There are unlimited recoils in the mod. This means you can have recoils as many times you want.

Infinite UC

UC is also Infinite in the mod.

No Ads

Say no to the unwanted advertisements because while playing in the mod version, you are never gonna face any advantage at all.

Free Full Version of Game

Enjoy playing the full version of BGMI Mod Apk Download without facing any hassle or difficulty at all. The whole version gets available to you and that too for free.



BGMI Mod Apk is a very interesting and interactive game which is perfectly designed for the people who like to play war and battle games. There are a variety of weapons which the player can choose and can help himself in defeating the enemy at a great level of perfection. There are many vehicles available in the game so that you can also get the enjoyment of using the very high tech vehicles. The customization opportunities are also very great. Therefore this game is a must download for the people who like to play action and war games. For any type of feedback make sure to comment down below.


Q. Is BGMI Mod Apk a safe game?

Yes, BGMI Mod Apk is an absolutely safe game. There is nothing to worry about.

Q. Can I download and play BGMI Mod Apk for free?

Yes, you can download and play BGMI Mod Apk for absolutely free. Do not worry about any charges.

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