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App Name Edjing Mix Mod Apk
Publisher MWM - Music and creative apps for Android
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Size 62 MB
Latest Version v6.64.00
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Update May 19, 2022

DJing is an expensive passion where you have to purchase all kinds of high end equipment with no other option available. But that’s only what you think, there actually is another more decent option available; Edjing mix. It is a music and audio application provided by MWM for free. To use this app you will only be needing your mobile phones and nothing else.

In collaboration with professional DJs the MWM team has meticulously designed its features that will enable all the DJ lovers to access an indepth DJ lab with all kinds of music, tools, effects and other things. 

Dive in to have a real DJ experience. For those of you who are interested, we urge you to go over this post to get all the information you need on Edjing mix. Read the content written below and find out everything about this brilliant mobile application.

Edjing Mix Mod Apk

What is Edjing Mix Apk?

Edjing mix apk is a music audio application offered for free on google play store however it does contain in-app purchases for you to access its premium features. Edjing mix basically provides all the tools and features you need for a complete DJ experience. It offers in depth audio editing, mixing and more.

You can make use of the soundcloud and deezer music library, not to mention your own local one. You can find various DJ samples at your fingertips. Create your favorite mixes, mashups, reverbs and more. Keep reading to see more of its amazing features.

Edjing Mix Mod Apk

What is Edjing Mix Mod Apk?

Edjing mix mod apk is the modified or hacked version of the app described above. What this version does is that it offers you the app’s premium features for free. By downloading this version you can avoid paying for the exclusive features and use them for free.

The mod version offers many desirable features and one of them is ads. We have seen many complaints where people have expressed their annoyance of the ads. The mod version gives you this feature for free along with many other premium ones. Please read the following headings to find out more about them.

Edjing Mix Mod Apk

How Good Is Edjing Mix?

As a whole Edjing mix can prove to be a very useful application for both professional and novice DJs. The interface is pretty clean and attractively designed and offers DJs a smooth transition between songs, loops and a variety of cool sound effects. Edjing Mix is a great opportunity for DJs to concoct different tracks from their phones.

Is Edjing Mix an Offline App?

Yes you can use Edjing mix offline as well however you will only be able to use limited resources. While using Edjing offline you can only use music from your local music library and will be unable to choose tracks from Soundcloud or Deezer.

Edjing Mix Mod Apk

Features of This Edjing Mix Mod Apk

Large Collection of Music

Edjing offers a very huge collection of tracks to its users from a lot pof sources. You can browse through more than 50 million songs in Edjing and add the tracks you like into your collection. You can connect your soundcloud account with the app and use it as a music database and you can also connect Deezer and browse through its collections. Edjing doesn't limit you to just these two sources; you can also use your local music library. Make your own exclusive Ejing collection by hand picking the songs from these three sources.

Make Use of Various Samples

To make things easier for its users, especially the beginners, Edjing provides a variety of sample songs that many famous DJ’s have worked on in the past. By using these samples the users can design there remixes with the same style and effects. They can use ready-made sounds such as snares, siress, gunshots, etc. are you having difficulty in creating a lively track and something just doesnt seem right? Then you can also use Edjing’s sample packs of various genres. Lastly Edjing also offers the Automix feature that creates a smooth transition between tracks.

All DJ Tools

The best news for android users is that with Edjing they can customize and edit their tracks on their phones with no need for expensive equipment right away. There are many awesome tools that the app offers such as the BDM feature through which you can see the beats and edit them as you like. You can customize EQs, loop and all the other professional settings. On top of this there are tons of effects that you can enjoy such as echo, reverb, filter, reverse, double beat, roll, flanger and more.   

Customize the Interface

There are many things that you can apply to the user interface such as metallic, gold, neon and diamond. You can personalize the visual representation of the music board. Every tool is accessible and easy to spot on the screen. The intuitive interface will teach all the novice DJs all the essentials regarding a music board and how it is used.

Hardware integration with different devices

To top it off the app also includes amazing  hardware integration with other external devices. For a more professional and smooth DJ experience you can connect with Mixfader or you can also use the MIDI controller app. There are many options and advantages that you can take from the presence of this feature.

Mod Features

No Ads

You will not have to deal with the continuance disturbance of ads in the mod version of the Edjing mix.

Premium Features

You will be able to avail many awesome premium features without paying any money such as unlimited supply of music, advanced editing and customization tools and so many others.  

Edjing Mix Mod Apk


For all of you who want to walk the path of a professional DJ, Edjing is an incredible app that will save you a lot of money. Learn by using its excellent features before you hop onto purchasing all the equipment. You can now do in depth editing, mixing, djing and create amazing and fun pieces of music. And with the free mod version provided for you on this page it gets even better for you. Click the download link provided on this page and get started. Comment your thoughts regarding this post down below.


Q. Is Edjing mix free?

Yes, the Edjing app is absolutely free. You can download it from your Google Play store or get our mod version without in app purchases for free.

Q. How much does Edjing pro cost?

How much does Edjing pro cost?

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