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App Name Face App Pro Mod Apk
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Size 19.7 MB
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Update December 25, 2023

Do you often regret not putting on makeup or doing your hair properly when going out? It is a nightmare going somewhere and switching on the camera to see yourself devilish. Not feeling our self is normal and happens to everyone in a while, hence, having low esteem issues because of it should not occur.

Most of us cannot help but feel awful after taking a selfie or we just sulk in the corner looking at our pictures and thinking we have no decent picture to post. Social media has a lot of perfect influencers and models that makes us feel inferior, however, we are totally unaware of the filters and applications they use to make their images perfect. If you are having a bad hair or makeup day you can definitely use applications to save your day.

Face app pro mod apk is quite a famous application which half of the people on social media use to make their pictures look perfect. Being perfect is not everyone seeks for but hiding a pimple or two and coloring to make your hairline perfect never hurts.

Through face app pro you can add impression filters to make your picture catch the attention of people and make them wonder how you look so perfect. Not only this, you can also switch your hairstyle, add a beard, fix or add makeup just by a click. We often go out with friends being our usual selves not really caring about how we look but due to the social media presence we have to make a lot of effort in getting ready.

If you are having a lazy day and wish to have a casual day, you can totally rock your natural self without worrying about pictures coming out bad because face app pro is there to rescue. Often, people do not have suitable backgrounds to click pictures, that is not a worry anymore because you can switch the background just upon one click. If you are an influencer or you wish to become one then this application will rescue you in most disturbing days.

Face App Pro Mod Apk


  • Get magazine worthy selfie

We all wish to get perfect selfies on special occasions as we have to share it with our friends as soon as we arrive at the event. Social media is growing bigger and so are the concerns of people. Seeing perfect figures make you want to be perfect. However, we often forget perfect does not exist and all that we see on social media is altered reality. If you wish to take a perfect selfie you should try face app because through all the magical filters you can create perfect pictorial art.

  • Impression filters

People get attracted to this application because of all the filters that are available in this application. If you happen to see a mind-blowing sunset and you take out your phone to capture the breathtaking moment., you realize the picture is not close to reality. You can simply switch on light gradient affect to capture a picture that depicts reality. Sometimes the natural surrounding shadows make us look dark, you can choose from a variety of filters to capture a perfect image.

  • Change style and color of your hair

We all are afraid to directly experiment with our personality or hair, however, change is always good like a breath of fresh air. If you want to switch your hairstyle or you want to change the color of your hair but you are to do so, try out colored hair filters. By using these filters, you will be able to tell if the particular hair color suits you. You can also switch the style and hair color to add personality to the image.

  • Add perfect makeup

Sometimes in a hurry we do not get the chance to apply to make but suddenly a friend of yours invites you to lunch. If you go out there is a rare chance of not taking photos. If you are makeup less you can take a photo and add makeup on it to make yourself look presentable.

  • Find beard styles

Most applications only cater to the female requirements, men get less filters or features to make themselves look handsome. However, face app pro has a lot of filters to make men look nice, if you are a clean shave but want to add roughness and tough look to the image, you can find a beard that suits you and apply it.

  • Blur your imperfections

Having pimples and zits is totally normal but these imperfections can shatter the confidence of a lot of females. Often, they shy away from putting a picture that shows a fat pimple on their face but the picture is too nice to discard. You can simply cancel the pimple using face app pro and apply it on your social media without getting conscious.

  • Change background

Dull background can make a picture look just alright but through this app you can change background to add life to your image.

Face App Pro Mod Apk


  • Swap gender

You can switch gender through this app for fun.

  • Change your age

You can increase your age to see how you will look in the long run.


  • Click on the download link and wait for the app to get downloaded.
  • Enable the unknown source file through the phone settings.
  • Once downloaded, click on the install button.
  • Your app is ready to make you look flawless.

Face App Pro Mod Apk


Q. Can we avail this application through Google play?

Yes! You can easily find and download this app through Google play.

Q. What are the cons of this application?

This app can be offending for people who embrace their natural self and not all features suit diverse faces.

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