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Faceapp Pro Mod APK V11.5.1 Without Watermark
App Name Faceapp Pro Mod APK
Genre Photography
Size 52MB
Latest Version v11.5.1
MOD Info For Android
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Update May 17, 2023


There are many days in our life when we have to hurry out without finishing up our makeup or styling our hair. And it's always a bummer when you turn on your camera to take a few pictures. And you wish if you had touched up a bit you would be able to post on insta today. Well you don't have to feel bad on these days anymore. There are many editing apps that can help you out in such scenarios and one of them is Faceapp Pro which we will discuss in this post.

Faceapp is a photo and video editing app that is offered by Faceapp Technology Ltd for free on all play stores. The app also has a pro version which you can purchase or download for free from this page. Faceapp has many incredible features that will give you amazing photos and videos you can upload on your social media accounts.

The app is very easy to use where you can apply professional tools and features in a matter of seconds. No need to spend all day puzzling with high end settings. Faceapp offers all the high end functions that you will need. To find out all about Faceapp read the following content that we have compiled for you.

Faceapp Pro Mod APK

What is Faceapp APK?

Faceapp apk is a photo and video editing software that you can download for free from google play store. However the free version has some restrictions. You can purchase its pro version for $ 20 or opt for monthly and yearly subscriptions. Faceapp is an easy to use app that contains all the important editing features that you need for insta worthy photos and videos.

You can use many of its unique features and tools such as changing hairstyles and colors, changing your age, changing your background, putting on makeup filters and so much more. To explore more you can read the features listed down below.

What is Faceapp Pro Mod APK?

Faceapp Pro mod apk is the modified version of the app. This version allows you to access all of its premium tools and functions without asking for any money. So if you are someone who doesn't want to spend money buying out its pro version then the mod we are offering is an ideal choice for you.

You can use all of its features for free such as removing the watermark for free. You can also get rid of the ads and more. To see the rest of the information you can refer to the content below.

What Does Faceapp Pro Do?

Faceapp is a well known mobile app that is used for photo and video editing that employ AI. beautify your selfies, cancel out the flaws and add various interesting elements that will enhance your photos. Faceapp has every tool you will need to create your best insta photos and videos. Without spending an awful lot of time tapping on your phone.

How Much is Pro Version of Faceapp?

You can purchase the pro version for $ 20 for a lifetime or you can also pay on a monthly or yearly basis. $ 9.99 for a yearly subscription and 1.99 for a monthly one.

Faceapp Pro Mod APK


Get new hairstyles and color

With the Faceapp application you can experiment with different looks and hairstyles. Choose from Faceapp’s huge collection of hairstyles with different colors and lengths. You can get any hairstyle you want. Play with different styles to see what suits you and see how you look in different colors . or simply let the AI decide it for you based on your preferences.

Age Settings

This is a very unique tool that is very rare in other apps. Using this feature you can see yourself in different timelines. Behold your future self in a matter of seconds, take a look at your younger self. Play around with this feature to get your desired looks. Get rid of those extra wrinkles and crow's feet to look much younger.

Change Background

You can also change the backgrounds of your photos and make them seem unrecognizable. Swap out the boring background of your picture with something more exciting like mighty mountains or dreamy beaches, add certain filters to make the picture look seamless. Play around with this background and replace the environment in your picture however you want.

Add makeup

No makeup on and you’ve got to take some pictures? No problem, Faceapp has got your back. You can choose from different kinds of makeup looks and get the one that suits you best. Now you won't have to worry about uploading your photos on instagram if you don't have your makeup on, you can always open up Faceapp.

Choose Facial Hair

Faceapp is not like other editing apps; it also takes care of men’s needs. Men who don't have facial hair and would like to opt for a tough look can explore Faceapp’s facial hair feature. They can experiment with different kinds of beard styles and looks.

Adjust your Expressions

As Faceapp is an AI powered editor you can even use it to alter your facial expressions. You can add pretty smiles to unsmiling or sad faces and make them look real. You must be having second thoughts about this feature but we assure you you would be surprised once you see it in action. Explore all of its intriguing unique features that will offer many realistic customizations to your photos.

Faceapp Pro Mod Apk

Mod Features

No Ads

You can now focus on your editing without getting annoyed by the constant ads. By getting the mod version you can get rid of the ads for free.

No Watermark

If you want to remove the watermark without paying any money then the mod version can solve that problem for you. You can now get rid of the watermark for free by downloading the mod version.

Premium Tools Unlocked

There are many premium tools in the app that you can only use after paying for them. And if you don't then you can have the mod version which includes all the premium tools for free.


Faceapp provides an amazing opportunity for everyone who wants their photos and videos to look professionally edited and jaw dropping. With all the awesome features that we have listed above you can also avail its pro version for free on our site. You can download faceapp Pro mod apk via the link given above. We will be looking forward to your reviews and comments about the app in the comments down below.


Q. How many MB is Faceapp?

Faceapp is 31 MB which makes it a very accessible editing mobile phone application.

Q. Can I download Faceapp from google play store?

Yes, you can download this app from google play store.


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