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GB Whatsapp Latest Pro Version APK Download For Android
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Update January 31, 2022

GB Whatsapp is another version of Whatsapp which has been launched in November 2009. We can also say that GB-Whatsapp is another mod of Whatsapp.  This app has been launched in comparison to the regular WhatsApp because it contains many other features as compared to the regular Whatsapp. However, there are some more applications which have the same features as GB-Whatsapp or we can also count them in the same category which are named as Fm Whatsapp, Whatsapp plus etc.

GB Whatsapp Latest Pro Version APK

Gb whatsapp is another source of communication which tells us the importance of technology and tells us how the technology has worked in advanced that you can do anything what you want to do. Actually, it works the same as the original whatsapp do but what the difference in between them is that it only provides you with many facilities which the regular whatsapp do not. GB-WhatsApp was basically developed by one of the well-known leading APK developers named XDA. Moreover, Hey mods, and Alex mods are two other companies who have been successful in creating their version of GB-Whatsapp. Hence, this version of Whatsapp has been created by the third-party developers who always wanted to build their Whatsapp with different exciting features for the users. Moreover, there is no well-known source from where we can download Gb-whatsapp due to its privacy concerns. It can be hacked easily because it is an unofficial app. Most of the people use this version for dual Whatsapp accounts on the same accounts. This application is not verified by the Google Play Store and this is the massive disadvantage of using GB whatsapp because not be verified with Google Play Store can show us the privacy concern or the illegal website of this application. Along with this, GB whatsapp may contain a massive amount of hidden viruses which we cannot detect by our own and due to this major problem, we cannot protect our messages and other data. Just like Gb-whatsapp there are many other Modes of Whatsapp which have almost the same features, as GB-Whatsapp only their names are different.

Features of GB Whatsapp

This version of Whatsapp provides its users with huge number of facilities to enjoy while using this application because the more feature an application will provide its users the more they will enjoy using it so, here you can see how many facilities a user can have while using this application. Due to its advance features,  most of the youngsters or the businessman will feel a great pleasure to use this application because it will help you to keep everything private. 

GB Whatsapp Latest Pro Version APK

This application will also help you to use dual whatsapp in the same device, as you will not be able to download more than one original whatsapp in the same device you can download this mod, and enjoy the dual whatsapp facility in your mobile phone.  Follow are some major features of using GB-whatsapp.

Hide Last Seen:

Likewise the original WhatsApp we can also hide our last seen in GB-version. But in this mod you can hide your last seen from specific people on your contact list. As compared to the regular whatsapp when you hide your last seen you will have to hide it from all contacts but as compared to that one in Gb whatsapp you can have the ability to hide your last active status from specific contacts which you do nit want to know your last active status and according to my assumptions I think so this will be the best feature in response to privacy concerns because the users also want to know the last seen of his/her contacts but on the same time the user also don’t want his/her contacts to know his active status due to some personal issues so, in this mod he can use this feature according to him/her.

Hide Message Delivered:

Gb whatsapp has another feature that you can hide message delivered. Shortly, you will receive the sender’s message, but the sender did not know about it. This feature is particularly helpful for those people who do not want their contacts to know whether they have delivered their message or not. This feature is mostly used by those people who do not want to reply suddenly or ever so, in this case they use this feature to hide their message delivered to show the sender that they have not received yet.

Copy the Status:

This Mod can copy the Status/About of the contacts. This feature is only be applicable for the Gb users who can have the ability to copy or to save their contacts about If they want as in this mod, the contacts status is shown under the name bar and If you want to put the same status on your about as well you will be able to copy the same status by just clicking it for one or two second so, you can put the same status on your profile or somewhere else without asking your contact to send it to you.

Save The Status:

You can have the ability to save the status of your contacts from this app without any need to download the status saver application. In this brilliant feature you will be given by the facility to save every status which you like or which you want. In this mod the user have the save option below the screen and with the help of that save or download option the user can easily download the status of his/her contacts. Most of the Gb users use this mod just due to this feature because using this version they do not need to download any specific app to the save the status. The users will feel pleasure to use this feature .

Changing the style:

You can also have the ability to change the styles, of message box or the bubble style as well as the tick styles can also be changed in this mod. Changing the style feature will help you to change your whatsapp typing style as you want and people also feel a great pleasure to use this app because when they change their typing style or font style they can have the opportunity to attract their users to this whatsapp and every one of their contact list will going to ask him/her that how did you change your font style. Along with this the user also feels pleasure to type and to chat with new different styles . In this feature the Gb user can change the typing style as well as the bubble style and tick style. Hence this feature will help its users to change the style of every thing which they want. They can either change their typing style with so many different stylish designs, They can change the bubble style in chat box with its color, Along with it they can also change their tick styles in beautiful, attractive styles.

Changing the themes:

You can set the theme of your Whatsapp in different colors and in different styles while the original Whatsapp did not provide you with this facility. The Gb users can have the ability to change different new styles of themes daily when they want but just downloading a new theme of their own choice. This feature will make the users to enjoy this mod with different theme styles. Changing the theme will make you change each and every thing in whatsapp including the whatsapp background, Including its color, bubble, ticks, font size and font style everything will be change by changing the theme of your whatsapp.

Hide the Chats:

You can hide your private chats by clicking hide chat on your GB mod. This feature will help you to hide your private chats on your whatsapp. In this mod you will have a separate plat form for hidden chats i-e on the top of the screen it will be placed below the whatsapp name the user will just have to click on whatsapp icon and you will be shown with password of hidden chats and after logging in the password of hidden chats you will be then able to view the private chats. This feature will only be known by the Gb users mostly and only they can view their hidden chats no one else can do this without their permission. Another important thing in this feature is that if you hide your private chats you will not get the notification of those contacts just like others as pop-up on your screen. You will only get to know their notification when you open that hidden chat bar or when you set that notification settings by shaking option. Your whatsapp icon will shake whenever you will get any message from hidden contacts.

Hide Name and date:

You can hide your name and date while copying more than two or three messages. Comparing this feature from simple WhatsApp, when you copy two or more messages from there, your name, date, time etc. everything will be copied but in this mod you can have the ability to hide your name date or time. You will be give with another opportunity that you can hide the name, date and time when ever you will copy more than two messages because this could be difficult for us to remove name, data, time, after every message before sending it further.

Set the Status:

You can also have the ability to set the Video clip of more than 5 minutes and the texted status of more than 255 words. In the simple regular whatsapp you are only allowed to set the status up to 30 seconds at one time but in this mod you will be given another opportunity to upload the complete video on your status.

Hide Media:

Using this Mod, you can easily hide your Whatsapp data from gallery by just clicking the settings options and switch off the option of “Save data to gallery”. Gb whatsapp will facilitate you to hide your whatsapp images and videos from your gallery by not allowing the media to save in the device memory. In this case what you have to do is to visit the whatsapp settings and then clicking on the profile icon and turn on the permission to save media in gallery. In this feature you will be able to save your media on your gallery whenever you want you just have to turn off that option your media will ultimately save in your device.

View Deleted Messages:

The best feature of GB-Whatsapp so far is that you can see the deleted messages of your contacts even when they deleted it from both sides you can still have the ability to see that deleted message. Gb whatsapp will provide you with the best facility ever to see even the deleted messages on whatsapp and I think so it will the best feature in this whatsapp and it is the main reason why most of the people install this whatsapp. In regular whatsapp you cannot see the message which the sender has deleted from both sides but in this mod you can see the deleted message as well.

Freeze Last Seen:

This Mod also provides you to freeze your last seen so that your contacts can not reach your active status. Freezing the last seen will make your contacts think that may be you are not using your whatsapp or anything else while you are continuously using your whatsapp. For example you have freeze your last seen at 2Am it will remain the same last seen until you unfreeze it. These are the major features of GB-Whatsapp however there are some other features of this version which can be counted as

  • Auto-Reply feature.
  • Group Name settings up to more than 35 characters.
  • You can have the Ability to send the broadcast up to more than 600 people.
  • You will be provided with another option of staying online for 24/7 without being active on Whatsapp.
  • You can change the style of contacts tab according to your choice.
  • Using this version you have the ability to send more than 30 images at the same time.
  • The user of GB Whatsapp can also have an opportunity to use the font style of your own choice.
  • The user of GB Whatsapp can also have an ability to change the hide the contact’s name with whom you are talking with.
  • The user can have an ability to set a separate app lock in this application.
  • The user can mute the status of unwanted contacts and can also view that status of their contacts without even knowing them.

How to Download GB-Whatsapp?

  • GB-whatsapp is the advance creation of whatsapp which gives its users a lot of facilities to enjoy this application, but it cannot be downloaded through Google Play Store the user needs to install it via APK file.
  • As it is discussed above that GB-WhatsApp is an unofficial application due to this reason it is unable to download from Play store, but you can download this Mod via following the link of GB-Whatsapp and you can also download it in the form of APK file with the help of Google downloader.

How to Install GB-Whatsapp APK File?

  • To install this version the user needs to follow the given installation steps which are manually not as much easier as the original Whatsapp.
  • After downloading the APK file of GB-Whatsapp, open the folder where you have saved the APK file and tap over it to install this Mod and keep your screen active until it is downloaded.

How to Use GB Whatsapp?

  • After installing this version from Google APK files or via clicking the link, first go through the settings of this application and after that go through the themes, privacy and other features of this WhatsApp which you are provided with.


GB-WhatsApp is another platform for the entertainment of its users by providing various features to attract its users. Moreover, it is another mode of communication or another messenger which is much similar to the original Whatsapp. This application will provide you with a lot of facilities regarding privacy and other purpose.

GB Whatsapp Latest Pro Version APK



Q. Can GB-Whatsapp be hacked easily by the hackers?

In case the user has allowed the End-to-End Encryption, no one can dare to hack your data.

Q. Is the Gb-Whatsapp Beneficial or Dangerous?

The user might have a risk while using Gb-whatsapp as it is injected with various viruses and in response it will harm your data.

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