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GBWhatsApp APK  Download 2022 Latest Version
App Name GBWhatsApp APK
Publisher AlexMods
Genre Communication
Size 50 MB
Latest Version v2.22.10.73
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Update July 01, 2022

WhatsApp is an application that everybody knows about. There would be hardly any person in this advanced age who doesn't know what WhatsApp is and what purposes it serves. WhatsApp is a worldwide used mobile application to communicate with anyone who also uses WhatsApp. There are many interesting features in this application like sending videos, photos, and voice notes to your contacts.

So what is GBWhatsApp? It is a bit different, a modified version of WhatsApp that contains special features that users are unable to find in the regular one. It allows you to get the features like a dark mode, hiding your last scene and status view, and hiding the blue ticks so you could stay extra secure. There are many other features offered by GBWhatsApp that can change your experience of using WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp is developed on a special principle to cater to the needs of the users a little more. If you are a regular WhatsApp user and want to explore some more amazing features of this app, then don't worry and read the content given below. It will help you know everything about GBWhatsApp while providing you with the reasons why you should use this application.

GBWhatsApp Pro APK

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a famous, globally used app to make calls and send messages online to your friends and family members. It is used for personal as well as business purposes since communication is always important in either aspect. If you are a person who likes to socialize and wants to make free calls to friends, then WhatsApp is the best app that we can recommend to you.

It is entirely free to download and use as no charges are required to get this app. There are options to share the media files with your friends, post the status stories and create the WhatsApp groups of more than 100s people to stay connected. There are countless features of WhatsApp that deserve appreciation from its users for providing quality features without charging anything.

What is GBWhatsApp?

Here is the real question that arises in the minds of the people. They really want to know what GBWhatsApp is and how it became so legit. So GBWhatsApp is an advanced version of WhatsApp which comes with more and improved features. You must have seen some features of WhatsApp are limited certainly and you definitely do not like this restriction.

GBWhatsApp removes all such restrictions and provides you with a proper, and unlocked version of WhatsApp to enjoy the best features. You can make free calls, send bigger files, add more people to the groups and even set strict privacy to avoid any type of distractions. These are some of the features, as well as the reasons why GBWhatsApp is getting more recognition now as compared to that WhatsApp.

Is GBWhatsApp Better than WhatsApp?

Many people believe that GBWhatsApp is far better than WhatsApp in terms of features and improvements. Another group of people thinks that WhatsApp is quite better than GBWhatsApp. It all depends upon the individual experiences of the users and how they feel about a certain app. You can also select one that you like the most and download it to communicate with your people for free.

Is GBWhatsApp a Harmful App?

Not at all, GBWhatsApp is not a harmful app. It is free from all types of security threats that you can think of. You will never have to worry about the harmful viruses and malware that usually affect the personal data of the users. GBWhatsApp is packed with extra security to keep you safe.

GBWhatsApp Download

Downloading GBWhatsApp could be the best decision of yours and you should never miss it. If you like WhatsApp, then you will definitely like GBWhatsApp due to its enhanced features. In order to download GBWhatsApp, you can click the link given on this page.

GBWhatsApp Download 2022

To download GBWhatsApp in 2022, you do not need a lot of things except a good Android smartphone, and an internet connection and you are good to go. If you are too worried about the viruses, then click on the link given on our website to download GBWhatsApp from the safest source.

Download GBWhatsApp

It is very easy to download the GBWhatsApp. All you have to do is go to the downloading link available on this page and then click on it. The downloading will start shortly and after the completion, you can install the APK file.

GBWhatsApp Pro APK


Free Calls and Messages

With GBWhatsApp you can make free calls be it audio or video. You can also send messages to anyone you want. The only condition is that the other party has to have the GBWhatsApp on their smartphone. In this way, you can connect with anyone for free by just using a good internet or data connection.

Hide Last Seen

Now coming to a very well-known and the most appreciable feature of GBWhatsApp that is hiding the last seen. Many users get annoyed by seeing how people stalk them and note down their last seen. You can now get rid of those stalkers by hiding your last seen so nobody knows what was the last time you were found online. It is a cool hack to keep you secured so nobody annoys you by asking a hundred questions.

Block Blue Ticks

Many people are often annoyed by the fact that they are unable to read the messages without letting the other party know. GBWhatsApp also brought this amazing feature that you can block the blue ticks in your accounts so you can read anybody's texts without letting them know. This is the best way to ignore people who you want to.

Add More than 1000 Members in Groups

WhatsApp groups are also a thing people like to add in. These groups are made for a number of purposes. The restriction was set to 1000 members per group which now has been increased in GBWhatsApp so you may add as many members you want.

Increased Status Characters Length

The increased status characters length is a blessing since it only provided 700 characters earlier. You can enjoy using GBWhatsApp by putting the long status story texts without worrying about the word count limit.


GBWhatsApp Pro APK


GBWhatsApp is a brilliant app for everyone. We are sure every person requires to get in touch with their relatives and friends, and colleagues on a daily basis so a free source of communication is highly in demand. That's why the GBWhatsApp is the go-to app that you can download now by following the link present on this page. Do not waste your time anymore and go get this app. Our comment section always welcomes its readers to provide valuable feedback about apps and games, we expect to hear from you soon. 


Q. Is GBWhatsApp a safe app?

Yes, GBWhatsApp is absolutely a safe application for anyone to download and use.

Q. Do I have to pay any subscription for GBWhatsApp?

No, you are not required to pay any subscription cost for using GBWhatsApp. It is totally free to use no matter what features you want to access.

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