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Update May 25, 2023


The one thing that is needed to run your device smoothly is the Google account. There is no device that can work without the Google account because the Google services provide us with accurate results and it also helps us to manage your device in a better way. It keeps a track of all the things that we search on the internet so that it provides us with the best possible outcome every time we download applications from the Google Play Store and the one thing that keeps our apps updated and protected are the Google Play services.

The Google Play services provide authentication to different applications and it also provides us with the different location services. The Google Play services also provide you with the maps and also keep your device secured and free from all the different kinds of Malware. The Google services also allow you to save your information in the Google account so that whenever you change your device you do not have to start all over again.

Google Play Services Apk

What are the Google Play services?

Google Play services are the basic services that are provided by Google to each and every Android device. For example this helps you to synchronise your contacts so that whenever you will use your Google account on any other device you do not have to save all the contacts again. This app also provides you with location based results so that you can find everything near you. This application also helps you to update all your apps and without it you would not be able to use your Android device.

What is the Google Play services MOD APK?

Google Play services are extremely concerned about the safety of your device and that's why it does not allow the apps to be installed which are downloaded from any other server rather than the Google Play Store. To overcome this situation you might use the Google Play services Mod APK . This is the modified version of the Google Play services and with the help of this version you can use all the different applications in your device which are not downloaded from the Google Play Store.

How can I restore the Google Play services on my device?

If the Google Play services on your device are not working well then you need to open the settings of your device and click on the apps and notifications. At the end of this list you will see the Google Play services. Click on this option and the details of this application will appear on your screen. To fix all the problems on the Google Play services you need to update this application. After updating the Google Play services it will start working properly.

What happens if you disable the Google Play Services on your device?

Google Play services is the one thing that keeps our mobile working properly and it also keeps all the different apps updated and protected from Malware. If you disable this application then there are the chances that most of the apps in your device will stop working and your mobile services will also not work properly. To avoid this situation you should use an alternative of this application otherwise you would not be able to use your device properly without google play services.

Features of the Google Play services

Update all the apps

The Google Play services allow you to update all the different apps that are downloaded on your device.

Synchronise Contacts

It synchronises all the contacts that you have in your device so that you do not face any difficulty if you shift to any other device.

Protect Your Device from Malware

Google Play services also work for the safety of your device and it also protects your device from Malware and viruses.

Provide Location based services

It also has you to provide you with the location based services so that you can find all the different items near you.

Provide maps services

It also provides you with the map services so that you can calculate the distance of your house from a particular place.

Features of the Google Play services MOD APK

Unlocked app

With the help of this modified version you can enjoy an unlocked version of the Google Play services.

Allow installation of apk files

This modified version will allow you to install the APK files as well.

Free to use

This hacked version is completely free to use.

Google Play Services Apk


Google Play services help us a lot in our daily life because it helps us to know about the distance of different areas and it also provides the route. It also brings notification if the new updates of the download applications are introduced to use an unlocked version of this app you can download Google Play services Mod APK.


Q. Are Google Play services already available on all devices?

Yes, it is mostly available on all devices.

Q. How to use Google Play services MOD APK instead of regular Google Play services?

You need to set Google Play services Mod APK as the default app.


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