IDM+ Fastest Download Manager Apk (For Android)

IDM+ Fastest Download Manager Apk + Pro + Free Download
App Name IDM+ Fastest Download Manager Apk
Publisher Vicky Bonick
Genre Communication
Size 15.8 MB
Latest Version v15.2
MOD Info For Android
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Update April 26, 2021

IDM+ Fastest Download Manager Apk:is a great and fastest download manager for android devices. It downloads everything so easily and fast even with low internet connection. It can download any kind of file from any site easily.

IDM+ Fastest Download Manager Apk

It is totally free from annoying ads.IDM+ Fastest Download Manager Apk:is super easy to use and it is fully optimized for all the android versions and devices as well. It has two different themes as well which are light and dark.

It downloads everything directly to the memory card if installed and save in SD card. It has resume feature which resumes the broken download files and start downloading again. It has feature to pause, start and stop all the active downloads at once.

IDM+ Fastest Download Manager Apk:app will not stop downloading the files if even the app is closed. It has also a good feature that it has only Wi-Fi download support to save data. It can schedule downloads and this app will start downloads automatically on given schedule.

It supports imported download links as well. This app also extracts the download link for export purpose. It has vibration and notification feature to notify when downloads are complete. It supports all the formats such as archive files, music, video, apps and documents.

It supports almost every famous browsers including Chrome, Android Browser and Firefox etc. This app can download 5 different things at a time. It also supports multipart downloads up to 16 parts can be downloaded. It can download password protected files too.

IDM+ Fastest Download Manager Apk

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War Apk

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War is a popular online zombie game available on android devices. It is an online simulator game where survival is must to stay alive. It has different game modes to play.

It has crafting feature where ground and undergrounds can be formed. Energy restores automatically with the foods and in the safe shelter. It has real survival terminology where quenching the thirst and hunger is important.

It has many different characters to play and this gam has many quests and notes. This game is fully optimized and the graphics of the game are so perfect and great. The detailing and visual effects make the game more realistic and enjoyable.

The game has many vehicles including bikes and trucks. It has day and night system where the game become more dangerous at night. It has many different places to explore including gloomy wasteland, dark forests, ruins and more.

It has many great elementally infused weapons to burn and kill enemies. There are almost 60+ weapons in this game such as AKM, M-16 and more. It also has stealth mode where hiding in bushes and sneaking up is a way to kill enemies without being revealed.

This game has a workbench where repairing of weapons and armors can be done. There are many bosses to raid on in radioactive dungeons. It is an optimized game with a lot of new features. It has around 150+ blueprints of weapons and armors to craft these for protection.


WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II is a 3D action naval war game. It revolves around the historical navel clashes of world war 2. It is very fun to play and it has almost every required detail to make the game more history based and great.

It has 3D graphics with high quality details and the visual effects and sound effects are great. These effects make the game realistic and amazing. These graphics can be change from settings of the game as well. This game has many warships designed just like the warships of world war 2.

It has a fast paced battles from USS Arizona to HMS Bulldog. There are two types of controls available in this game which are buttons and accelerometer of device. Both control systems are very easy and can be choose from settings.

This game has many great warships and there is a feature in which warships can be customized with different weapons. There are many great and antique weapons available in the game for warships. The warship parts can be unlocked by winning battles.

It has many different missions and episodes based on the historic naval of world war 2. This game requires no internet connection which means that the game can be played without internet connection.

It is a free to play game and it is fully functioning game for all the android devices. It has around 30 hidden missions and there are bosses as well to destroy. Customizing warships with great weapons is an amazing feature.

IDM+ Fastest Download Manager Apk

Assassin’s Creed Identity Apk

Assassin’s Creed Identity is an open world action game which based on the story of assassin’s history. It is a role playing game with a lot of features. The location of this game is Italian Renaissance which can be explored in the game.

The controls of the game are so easy and everything is on the screen. These controls are customizable for better experience. The visuals and the graphics of the game look really amazing and realistic. It has perfect detailing in graphics which make the game more realistic and interesting.

There are many assassins available in the game which can be choose as leading character. It has a feature to customize the assassin in the game. This game is an open world where assassin can roam freely and can explore the whole location.

This game story has many missions to do and every mission is link to the story of the assassin’s history. The game is fully optimized and supports almost every android version. There are many weapons in the game to defeat enemies.

It has simple and great gameplay and the game is very easy to play. The assassin in the game can move anywhere such as climbing the buildings. Jumping over the roofs and much more. It is simple settings and there is no any complex thing in the game.

It has missions which get difficult one by one and the game is free to play without any issue. The game size is big but it worth because of the beautiful graphics and game story.

IDM+ Fastest Download Manager Apk

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