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App Name IMO Apk
Genre Communication
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Update January 02, 2024

The Internet has made communication easier for everyone because you can stay in touch with people from different parts of the world. Smartphones have made it more convenient because you can instantly contact people. Many apps provide you with the benefit of instant messaging, but you will want the apps with the best features.

This app helps you to chat with people, and even video call them whenever you want. You don't have to worry about their devices because you can use this app to text them regardless of what model they have. Moreover, it is free, so you don't have to spend money to contact your friends and family.

IMO Premium Apk

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You don't have to send SMS and phone calls and pay extra charges anymore. This app is best for video calls Ng as it became famous. You can get all your contacts from your phone and link them with this app. You can select any contact to send a message to.

Download IMO Mod APK

You can send photos from your gallery to your contacts app while you text them. You can get the account and use the fantastic layout of the app. You can find videos as well to share with your friends.

Features of IMO APK

Send text message

You can text your friends and chat with them using the internet. Send instant messages without waiting for the message to deliver.

Send audio message

Send messages on audio to your friends. If you are too tired to type, then send your message through audio and send them directly to the people you want.

Video call

You can video call your friends or family. You can call one person or have a group call by adding more people. This way, you can have a clear video group call with your contacts and have virtual meetings.

Add emojis

You can make your texts exciting and more emotionally realistic, then add emoticons and stickers. You can make your chats funny and more humorous this way and have friendly conversations.

Share media

You can share pictures and videos on this app and share a part of your life with your friends. You don't have to wait a long while for the videos to load because the internet usage is at top speed.


You don't have to pay heavy phone bills after downloading this app or pay to download this app. It is free to download and use.

IMO Premium Apk

Feature of IMO Mod APK

Have group chats

You can create group chats on this app and have conversations with your friends at one time. Have the best group chats and send pictures and emojis to make it enjoyable.

Block people

You can block unknown people or contacts that bother you. You don't have to deal with people you don't want to talk to. You can avoid undesirable chats and texts and stop getting these notifications.

International calls

You can make calls to people anywhere in the world. You don't have to pay additional charges to make international calls.

No subscription

You don't have to buy a premium membership to make calls on this app. You can enjoy all the unlimited features without getting a subscription account. These monthly plans are available on the standardized version, not the modified version.

IMO Premium Apk

Why get IMO APK

This app has an easy interface, and the layout is relatively straightforward, with all the tabs and options to make various calls easy to find. You can easily search from your contacts with the search option. You won't find any errors while sending your texts, either.

How to download IMO APK

You can download this app on this Website by finding the download button. Click on the button to get another tab where the file is available. Download the file on your phone and allow the app to access your phone's storage. Install the file on your phone and start making the calls.

IMO Premium Apk

Final Verdict

This app brings a lot of conveniences because it is not a social media app, but you can still be in wholesome contact with your friends. You can call your friends on video, sometimes catch up with them, or have w group meeting for your group project.


Q. How is the video quality of video calls on IMO APK?

The video is high quality, and you won't find any interruptions. Don't worry about your video being blurry and you not being able to see the other person. Your sound will also reach another person.

Q. Can I use IMO APK without the internet?

No, it would help if you had an internet connection because you can't use this app without a stable wifi or data connection. Once you have an internet connection, the app works at high speed and sends texts and makes calls quickly.

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