Island MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Island MOD APK V1.0.3 Download For Android
App Name Island MOD APK
Publisher Island Games
Genre Strategy
Size 730 MB
Latest Version v1.0.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update September 21, 2022


In your mobile device all the apps will work the same and there is no exclusion that you can apply to any of your apps. But sometimes it creates a lot of difficulty for you to manage your mobile in such a way because sometimes we are busy with some important work and cannot attend the calls. At this time the unwanted calls really disturb us but there is nothing that you can do to get rid of these unwanted calls.

If you want to manage your mobile phone in an efficient way then you can download the Island app. It is an amazing phone manager app that will allow you to do a lot of stuff on your device. If you have two numbers and you want to use both the numbers on WhatsApp then you can create a clone of your WhatsApp application in your mobile which means that you can have two WhatsApp in one mobile device and with both of your numbers. You can also freeze an application to not get notifications of that particular one.

Island MOD APK

What is the Island app?

Island is a tool that helps you to manage your mobile device easily. Sometimes we are busy doing some important work and we do not want to pick up some unwanted calls. This app will allow you to stop the calling feature so that you do not receive any calls. You can easily create a clone of any of your App so that you can use accounts of any app simultaneously. This app also allows you to stop the working of any app that you want so that you can save the battery as well as the data.

What is the Island MOD APK?

To use your mobile phone in a much more efficient way you need to get the premium version of the island app. But this is a paid feature and you need to spend money. To use the premium version of island for free you can download the Island MOD APK. You can easily enjoy an unlocked app with the help of this hacked version and you can also get rid of all the unwanted ads from this app as well.

What does the freeze feature do in the Island app?

Freeze feature allows you to stop the working of any of the apps that you want on your mobile device. The working of this app will stop for some time and you can also remove it from the freeze list whenever you want. For example if you freeze WhatsApp you will not receive any message or calls and you will not even receive any notification.

How to use the Island app?

Island app is very easy to use. You just need to open the app and explore the categories that are available on it. For example if you want to create a clone of any app then you can select any app from the list of the apps that are available on your device and create a clone of it. If you want to freeze an app then you can select any app and add it to the freeze list.

Features of the Island app

Create Clones

Island app allows you to create clones of any app that you want. In this way you can use the two accounts of your favourite app simultaneously.

Stop the working of an app

If you do not want to receive any notifications from a particular app then you can add it to the exclusion list.

Get rid of unwanted notifications

Sometimes we are doing important work on our devices and do not want to see notifications. There is a feature in this app that will allow you to get rid of notifications.

Gaming mode

There is a gaming mode available in this app that allows you to play the games without any interruptions.

Smooth interface

This app has a very smooth interface and you can easily use it to manage your device.

Island MOD APK

Features of the Island MOD APK

Unlocked premium

The premium version of island is unlocked in this version.

Free to use

There is no need to buy the subscription for the premium version of Island app.

No advertisement

You will face no advertisement issues if you download Island MOD APK.

Island MOD APK


Island app is a perfect phone manager for those people who need to do a lot of important work on their devices. You can easily get rid of unwanted notifications with the help of this app. To get the premium version of this app for free you can download Island Mod APK.


Q. Is the Island app safe to use?

Yes, the Island app is completely safe to download and it will not transfer any virus to your device.

Q. Can I use the Island app on non-rooted devices?

Yes, this app can be used on rooted as well as on non rooted devices.


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