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Lucky Step Apk V1.0.59 Download For Android
App Name Lucky Step APK
Publisher Alfonso N Hall
Genre Health
Size 22.2 MB
Latest Version v1.0.59
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Update October 06, 2023

Lucky step is an app that will let you monitor your health over your phone call. This app counts your footsteps that you walk in a day and it will also let us know about the calories that you can get rid of by walking these steps. You can easily customise this tool according to your convenience. For example, you can stop this tool at any time and resume it whenever you want.

It will also provide you with the monthly summary of your walk in the form of graphs so that you can easily monitor the progress that you are making. It contains a sensor that will count your footsteps.

Lucky Step APK

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Lucky step is an app that helps you to keep yourself fit. This is a tool that will monitor your footsteps and provide you with the details at the end of the day. In this way, you can easily control your weight and calories because it will also let you know about the calories you have burnt in a day. If you want to get the weekly updates then you can see them in the form of graphs.

Features of Lucky Step APK

Stay Healthy

The Lucky Step app will help you to stay healthy as there are a lot of different features that will help you keep a check on your diet and your health.

Monitor your footsteps

You can easily monitor your footsteps with the help of this amazing app. It does not work like the other apps that use the GPS to count the steps.

Customizable App

It is a customizable app which means you can stop the monitor at any time and you can count your footsteps whenever you want. In this way,  you can avoid the time you travel in a Vehicle.

Monitor Weight loss

You can also monitor your weight loss with the help of this app because it will let you know about the calories you have burnt in a day by walking  at a particular time.

Monthly Data

This app will also provide you with the monthly data of this app which means you can monitor your food steps in the form of graphs that will let you know about the progress that you have made in a month or a week.

Lightweight app

This app is very lightweight, it does not take much of your device state and it does not even consume so much data.

Built-in Sensor

There is a built-in sensor available in this app that monitors your footsteps easily and it does not use a GPS system to calculate the footsteps that you have walked.

Receive Advices

If you get the pro version of this app then you will be able to receive advice from the health trainers about how you can lose weight and how many footsteps you should have in a day.

Diet suggestions

This app also provides you with diet suggestions but for this purpose you have to become the pro member of this app.

Remove Ads

If you do not like the presence of unwanted ads then you can easily remove them with the help of Lucky step pro APK.

Lucky Step APK

Why do people like Lucky Step Pro APK?

People like Lucky Step Pro APK because in this version they can get a lot of health advice from the trainers as well and they will also be able to know about the footsteps they have to walk in order to lose weight. There are also no interruptions in this pro version.

Download Lucky Step Pro APK Latest Version 2023

Lucky Step pro APK provides a lot of advantages in which you can easily get advice from health trainers. But in order to get these advantages, you have to pay the subscription charges for the pro version of this app.

Lucky Step APK 2023 Download

In the old version of this app, there are some glitches and lags. To get rid of them, you can Download lucky step APK 2023.

Downloading Lucky Step Pro APK

There is a download link available in this article and you have to click on it to start the downloading process. When the download will complete, you can open this apk file and install it in order to use it on your device.

Lucky Step APK

Final Verdict

This app is very beneficial for your health because it lets you know about the calories that you lose in a day and it will also help you to manage your weight. But to get rid of unwanted ads, you can get the pro version.


Q. Does the Lucky Step APK consume a lot of data?

No, Lucky Step APK does not consume a lot of data.

Q. What is the size of the Lucky Step APK?

The size of the Lucky Step APK is 19 MB.

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