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Update July 13, 2024

Entertainment has always been one of the most vital things in people's lives because after working the entire day they need some relief. That relief was earlier provided by the FM Radio, Televisions, Magazines and Newspapers. But now the time has changed and technology has brought so many other things that can entertain people.

Right after the launch of mobile phones and laptops, we have smart applications too that fulfill a number of purposes. These applications are available in the form of games and the videos and music streaming apps. And it's true that video streaming apps are now the newest source of entertainment for the people.

Netflix is the new addition to the list of video streaming apps like Disney Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Zee5 and a number of others. This app has a lot hidden in it that you should know. Let's explore each and every aspect of Netflix Mod APK that will explain why you should download this app to have free entertainment.

What is Netflix APK?

Netflix APK is a brilliant application which is responsible for providing you with several types of movies and TV shows. You can watch them with the highest streaming quality being 4k and HD. You will find movies and shows of every genre and category that people would like. Not everyone is a fan of watching all types of content on Netflix that's why the options have been diversified.

There are a number of great features of this app that you need to know. This application is usually free to download but the charges required to play the content are based on 3 different types of subscriptions. People who want to watch Netflix are required to buy any of these subscription plans based on their needs.

Netflix Mod Apk

What are the 4 Subscription Plans of Netflix?

There are usually 4 subscription packages offered by Netflix APK which are Mobile, Basic, Standard and Premium. The mobile plan works out on the smartphones and contains one screen. It will cost you around $3 to $4 hardly and it is the cheapest plan in the entire list of Netflix subscription plans.

The other subscription plans range from $9.99 to $15.99 and $19.99. These plans contain 1, 2 and 6 screens as per the needs of the users. So they can choose whatever plan that fulfills their needs accordingly.

What is the Netflix Mod APK?

Netflix Mod APK is a modified version of the Netflix which is designed to cater to those people who cannot afford to buy any of the above-mentioned subscriptions. This version has a number of great things to offer such as no subscription purchases, free downloads, offline streaming, anti-ban and the option to create many profiles. With the help of a mod version you can use Netflix for free without any issues.

Does Netflix Mod APK Actually Work?

Yes, Netflix Mod APK works very well on smartphones and laptops. Many people think that these types of applications do not work and are a failure but it's not true. Netflix Mod APK works properly on the systems of the users and it doesn't get banned too. It has an anti-ban feature due to which Netflix users cannot get banned from using this app.

Netflix Mod Apk

Can I Download Netflix for Free?

Netflix can be downloaded for free as it is easily possible. Nobody will ask you for any downloading charges.

Can you Use Netflix Offline?

Netflix can be used offline if you have downloaded the movies and TV series. Only in this case you can use Netflix online otherwise for searching new shows and movies you will need a strong internet connection that could work well.

Can I download Netflix Movies and TV Series?

Yes, you can easily download Netflix movies and TV shows very easily. There is an option to download any movie, TV series or documentary with the help of the internet. Netflix Mod will help you download your favorite movies and series for free while for the APK version you'll have to purchase a subscription.

Features of Netflix APK

Variety of Content

 A large variety of content could be found on this platform because there is a never ending list of shows, movies, telefilms, and documentaries that you can watch on Netflix. You will never feel bored but you will always find yourself curious about choosing between a wide range of series and movies. Such a large variety of content means a number of options to watch, which further means that you will never have to worry if there are more shows to watch.

Thousands of Movies and Web Series

There are literally thousands of movies and web series on Netflix and you have never imagined this we are ready to bet! This platform is going to give you more than a thousand movies and TV series, along with the documentaries, featured and independent films and so much more. You can even find famous interview shows on this platform which is quite a rare thing.

Several Genres

A number of genres are also accessible on this app such as drama, thriller, sci-fi, comedy, romance, suspense, horror, animated, award-winning, pulp fiction, fiction and so many others. This large number of options is really great to see because people have several choices and having just 2 or 3 options isn't enough. People looking for variety and new genres can find a number of things to watch on Netflix.

Separate Categories

There are categories set accordingly for the movies and shows. If you are into teen drama or suspense then a category of this type will contain all the respective shows and movies for you. It is just like having the playlists of the shows which are added into different lists as per their genres and types. This is a great convenience for the users who are new to the shows and want to know what shows come under their preferred category.

Top 10 Shows According to your Region

One convenience is that Netflix will provide you a list of top 10 shows of your region. These shows are set according to the ratio of the audience watching them in your country. In this way you will be able to find out which shows are going on the top, thus helping you in deciding which shows could be the best to watch. The newest shows that get the most popularity are usually added to this section in front of you.

4 Easy Subscription Plans

There are 4 easy subscription plans on Netflix which will help people choose the best one for them. There is a mobile friendly package which is launched for the users who only want to use Netflix on their mobile phones. It is the most low cost plan while there are basic, standard and premium respectively with 1, 2 and 6 screens.

The basic one could be used by someone who doesn't want to share the account, the standard one can share the account with one more person, and lastly the premium can be shared with 5 more users. It is perfect for the family usage where some members contribute together and buy one account.

Excellent Graphics Quality

The graphics quality of Netflix is always top of the world. It is so good that for once you will drive into the cinematic experience and see everything much clearly. The highest video resolutions like HD and 4K are available for the users in this application to provide the out of this world streaming experience and quality.

New Release Updates

What's better than getting informed whenever a new show or movie is coming? Isn't it the most interesting thing? Yes it definitely is, because Netflix has a Coming Soon section where it provides the trailers of all the upcoming shows and movies on Netflix. You can check out this list and their trailers along with the release date so you know when that particular show is going to be released.

Set Reminder for Upcoming Shows/Movies

You can set the reminders for the shows and movies in this app. All you have to do is go to this option and then turn on the notification for the upcoming show/movie that you are looking forward to watching. It will be a great thing to experience that you are informed about the release of the newest video content.

Cool Games to Play

Just like you used to play Facebook messenger games, now we have Netflix games too. This is the newest addition to this application and viewers are truly amazed by it. It has been a never expected feature that has been added by the Netflix developers team. There are so many mini games that you do not have to download, but you can play inside this app. There are more than 100 games and users can enjoy playing them with the help of a good internet connection.

Download Movies and Shows

You can also download the Netflix shows and movies for free once you create your account. It is such a good thing that now you are also able to watch Netflix shows in the offline mode. You just have to download the selected shows and movies you want and start playing them without the internet availability. They will definitely run successfully, so if you are planning to watch any of your most liked movies or shows while traveling without the internet or whatever the nagger is, you can still watch them.

Advanced Search Button

There is a search button where you can type the name of the movie or show you want to search. A list will open in front of you containing all the shows and movies that include that specific keyword. Hence it is quite easier to find your favorite content on netflix with this advanced search button.

You can also set the filters in the Netflix search bar to search your favorite movie. You can select the year, keyword (the name of the movie), or you can also select the genre and anything that is required. In this way you can narrow down your search so you can get to the exact thing you're finding on Netflix. 

Multi-language Subtitles

You will also get the facility of subtitles on this platform that too in so many languages. All the shows have their particular languages in which their subtitles are provided. So you can see subtitles in how many languages are available for your desired show or movie.

Various Languages Translations

Suppose you are a Spanish person and you do not understand English. You would want an English show to watch in your native language which Netflix has made possible. Just like the subtitles feature, you are also going to have several languages available for every show in which you can watch them. It is really a great convenience for the people who speak languages other than English.

Adjust Brightness and Volume on Screen

By just clicking on the screen and adjusting up and down you can adjust the brightness and volume in this app. It is the easiest approach which won't require you to reach the actual brightness and volume button repeatedly.

Set Playback Speed

You can also set the playback speed of the videos now by dragging them to the slow, normal and fast. It is all up to you what pace you want to keep for the streaming and what makes you enjoy your favorite shows and movies.

Lock Screen to Avoid Disturbance

Sometimes when you are watching Netflix on a phone, you have the risk of touching the screen and breaking the tempo. In order to avoid it there is a lock screen feature that you can activate after playing the required movie or show. Afterwards you can touch the screen and your app will never get closed, causing no disturbance to your streaming.

Kid's Profile

There is also a kid's profile that you can activate and play when you are going to give your device to a kid. In this way no adult or sensitive content will appear in front of them at all. This mode is perfect for the parents who want to put something on for their kids on Netflix and also want to keep them away from any kind of 18+ content.

Create Viewer Profiles

Just like a kid's profile, you can create different profiles on Netflix which will help you keep a separate name for each user. You can create profiles on different people's names who use your account when you are not using it.

Add Shows/Movies to your List

You can add the movies and shows to your list which will be a sort of waiting list for all the shows. You can keep adding the new shows to the list so you can start the next one once the older one is finished. In this manner you will have all the shows and movies in a list which you won't be forgetting. It is perfect for keeping in mind which show you were supposed to watch next without forgetting and taking hours to recall.

Short Descriptions Available

The short descriptions are provided in each movie, show or documentary which is released. This small description provides the main plot of the show and also tells the genre. The users really like reading those details and see if they are going to watch this new movie or not. It helps users decide if a show is going to be worth it as per their demand or not. They can read the details and see if they really want to watch a show with that type of story.

You can also share the links of the shows and movies available on Netflix with your contacts. The users who own a Netflix account will be able to open and then play the content provided in the link. Otherwise someone who doesn't have Netflix will be downloading and buying it first. You can share the video links via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and so many other platforms.

Exceptional User Interface

Last but not the least, the user interface of Netflix APK is so brilliant that you will be amazed to see it. It's so colorful with a great combination of red and black, plus the options and the lists provided in front of you make you excited. Anyone would be impressed by such a great type of user interface which is exclusively offered by Netflix. You will definitely enjoy using Netflix and watching video content because the built-in options are so interesting and easy to use.

Netflix Mod Apk

Features of Netflix Mod APK

Free Downloading

So now you can download your favorite Netflix app for free without having to pay any kind of subscription charges or buying any plans. You can literally just click on the download link and get this app without waiting anymore. The download will be fast and efficient so you also don't have to wait to use this app.

No Subscription Required

No subscriptions are ever required to watch your favorite content or download it on Netflix. We know Netflix is never offered to anyone for free but with this version you can literally experience the best video content you want without worrying about paying any monthly subscription costs.

Create Many Screens

Usually 1, 2 and 6 screens at a time are allowed on different Netflix subscription plans. Netflix Mod APK has lifted this restriction because now you can create as many screens and a number of people can use your account. Many people can watch Netflix on different devices and it will not stop working for another user. In this way you can enjoy sharing your Netflix account with your friends and family members so everyone could watch their favorite stuff on separate devices.

Anti-Ban Feature

If you have this feature in any modified app or game, then you can consider yourself luckiest. The users who get access to the cheat versions of their favorite games and apps often get banned for using them or violating some terms and conditions. With Netflix Mod APK you will never have to face this risk of getting banned because it has an anti-ban feature in it. So now you can enjoy Netflix shows without having a fear of getting banned anytime.

What are Pros of Netflix Mod APK?

  • Free downloads
  • Offline streaming
  • Variety of movies and shows
  • No subscription required
  • No ads
  • Anti-ban feature

What are Cons of Netflix Mod APK?

  • The app might show trouble in working properly as compared to the original version

Netflix Mod Apk


Netflix Mod APK is a great application if you want to watch all the Netflix movies and shows for free. If you are one of those users who mind paying subscription charges to use Netflix then this app could save you from all such types of problems.

So download the Netflix Mod APK now from our website, the link is given here right in front of you on this page. We would also like to hear from you about this application, regarding your experience and the feedback. Leave your valuable comments in the comment section given below so we could hear directly from you.


Q. What is the procedure of downloading Netflix Mod APK?

Netflix Mod APK can be downloaded from our website by just installing it later into your smartphone. You need to turn on the third party unknown resources option to download this app. Make sure you have deleted all the other versions of Netflix from your smartphone before you try to download this one. Only this way you will be able to download Netflix Mod APK.

Q. How to watch Netflix TV shows and movies for free?

To watch Netflix TV series and movies for free you can download Netflix Mod APK because this app will help you watch your favorite video content for free on this platform.

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