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Update October 05, 2022

Every application that we download on our device sends data to Google. Mostly the apps like YouTube and the apps provided by Google like the Play Store, Google maps and Google photos they all send data to Google and our data is saved there in the form of history. If you do not want to share your data with Google then you can switch to an app called Newpipe.

It is an app that will provide you with all the features and videos of YouTube and it is much lighter than the original YouTube application. This application does not send any data to Google and in this way you can have a privacy of your activities. You can explore all the content on this app that is available on the original YouTube app and you can also download different videos and movies from this application. This app will also help you to remove ads from your video so that you can have a perfect User experience.

Newpipe APK

What is the Newpipe app?

Newpipe is a great way to hide your data from Google because if you use YouTube directly from your device then it will send all your history to the Google services and it will be saved there. If you do not want this to happen then you can download the Newpipe app. It will provide you with all the videos that are available on YouTube and you can even watch the trending content on YouTube with the help of this app. The Newpipe will also make you able to download any content from YouTube.

What is the Newpipe MOD APK?

Although Newpipe is free to use and you can also download the content easily, there are some features that are blocked in this regular version. To get all these features unlocked you can download Newpipe Mod APK. In this hacked version you can use all the amazing features that are available in this app and even select the format of your videos easily without any interruptions.

How do you use the Newpipe app?

New pipe has a slightly different interface than the YouTube application. You can get the different categories of YouTube by swiping the right side of your device and you will see different categories. For example, there is a category for trending content on YouTube and there is also a category for history. If you want to download any video from this app then you need to click on a particular video and some options will pop out. There will be an option to download the video.

How do you change the Format of Videos on the Newpipe app?

You can change the format of the video while downloading it from the Newpipe app. To download a particular video you need to click on that video and when the download option will pop up you need to click on it. Before starting the download the application would ask you if you want to change the resolution of your video. By clicking on this option all the different formats will appear and you can even select the MP3 format for your videos. After choosing an option the video will start downloading.

Newpipe APK

Features of the Newpipe app

The Newpipe app will help you to watch all the trending content on YouTube easily.

Correct disclaimer of each video

This app will also help you know if a particular video that you are watching is copyrighted or who is the creator of the video.

Increase Video Resolution

If you want to watch a particular video in 4K resolution then you can also do this with the help of this amazing application.

Download Videos in various formats

There are so many different formats available in which you can download a particular video.

Apply age filters

If you want to refrain your child from watching a particular content then you can apply age filters on this app.

Newpipe APK

Features of the Newpipe MOD APK

Optimizable app

The new pipe Mod APK is a completely optimizable app.

Lightweight app

This modified version is very lightweight and does not take much space.

Free from interruptions

You will face no interruptions while watching any content on this application.

Newpipe APK


Newpipe is an amazing app that allows you to save your data from being saved on the Google services and will also provide you with all the features that are available on YouTube. You can even download the YouTube videos with the help of it and if you want to optimise this application in your way then you can download Newpipe Mod APK.


Q. Can I download Videos in Mp3 format from Newpipe?

Yes, you can download the videos in Mp3 format from the new app.

Q. Can I comment on videos on the Newpipe app?

Yes, you can comment on the videos with the help of this app but before publishing the app will review the comment.

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