Nonton Anime APK (For Android)

Nonton Anime Apk V8.4  Download For Android
App Name Nonton Anime APK
Publisher Nonton Anime Developer
Genre Entertainment
Size 18 Mb
Latest Version v8.4
MOD Info For Android
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Update December 29, 2022

Nonton Anime is an app where you can watch a lot of anime movies. This app contains Anime movies belonging to various genres and it also contains a very powerful video player. You can easily customise this video player according to your convenience. There is also an option to enable subtitles and you can even select the language of the subtitle.

You can access all the Japanese anime movies on this app and can even bookmark your favourite genre so that whenever any of such anime gets added to this app you can get a notification. There is also a history tab where you can save your favourite anime movies.

Nonton Anime APK

Get Nonton Anime APK Now!

If you like to watch anime movies then you should definitely get the Nonton Anime app because this is the platform where you can get to watch a lot of anime movies and series. It provides you with a huge collection of Japanese anime series and you can also get an adjustable video player so that you can easily adjust the resolution and you can also enable subtitles on these anime movies.

Features of Nonton Anime APK

Intuitive Touch Controls

Nonton Anime app contains the intuitive touch controls which means you can easily swipe on your screen to get the new suggestions of anime movies.

Watch Anime Movies

On this app, you can watch Anime movies. There are so many different genres available on this app and it contains a huge collection of Japanese anime movies as well.

Various Categories Available

There are so many different genres of anime movies available on this app. For example, you can get to watch horror anime movies, suspense thriller anime movies and so many others.

Adjustable Video Player

There is an adjustable Video Player available on this app that will help you to enhance the resolution of your videos and it will also enable you to apply gestures so that you can easily change the settings of this app.

Mark your Favourites

There is an option to Mark any of your genre as your favourite so whenever a new episode of your favourite series or any anime movie belonging to your favourite genre gets uploaded on the app, you will get a notification.

New Updates

This app also provides you with new updates in which all the newly released movies are added to this app.

History Tab available

There is a history tab available in this app that will help you to keep a track of all the Anime movies that you watch on this app and you can easily access any of your favourite from here.

Enable Subtitles

You can enable subtitles in any of your prefered languages on this app. It will help you to understand what the characters are saying.

Remove Ads

In the regular version of this app, you are going to see a lot of unwanted ads and in order to remove these ads you can become a premium member of this app.

Access to new releases

If you become a premium member of this app, you can have access to the new releases of all the Japanese anime movies.

Nonton Anime APK

Why do people like Nonton Anime Pro APK?

People prefer Nonton Anime Pro APK because in this version they are going to have access to all the newly released anime movies. This version also makes you get rid of all the unwanted promotional ads that pop up during the stream of your favourite anime movies.

Download Nonton Anime Pro APK Latest Version 2023

In the pro version of Nonton Anime app, you are going to have a lot of advantages that are not available to the regular members of this app. You can have access to the new releases and can also get notifications of all the new stuff. But in order to get all these things, you have to pay the subscription charges.

Nonton Anime APK

Nonton Anime APK 2023 Download

If you download Nonton Anime APK from the Play Store then you are going to have the old version. But in order to get the new updates, you can get Nonton anime APK 2023.

Downloading Nonton Anime Pro APK

In order to download Nonton Anime Pro APK, you can find a link in this article and click on it to start the downloading process. After the completion of download, you can open this apk file and provide it with the required permissions to install it in your device.

Nonton Anime APK


Final Verdict

There are going to be a lot of fun movies and series in the Nonton Anime app and you can also have access to all the newly released movies. But in order to get the pro features, you have to become the pro member of this app.


Q. Is Nonton Anime a Japanese app?

Yes, Nonton Anime is a Japanese app.

Q. Can I watch Movies on Nonton Anime?

No, you can only watch anime movies on Nonton anime app.

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