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App Name NotifyBuddy Apk
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Personalization
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Latest Version v1.97
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Update June 08, 2023

NotifyBuddy lets you enable flash notifications for your phone. Now you can make your phone emit colorful lights every time you get a notification. Besides using it for aesthetic purposes,

 this is a very useful App because it helps you not miss out on a notification ever again! If you don't have your notification sounds on, you can use this amazing application to make your phone flash different lights. This app also offers customization options and lets you pick the color of your choice. You can select from a wide array of different colors using the color wheel.

Notify Buddy Mod Apk

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With this Application, you can never miss out on a notification again! With its endless customization options and optimized functions, you can easily personalize your notifications. You can get colorful flashes from your phone every time you get a message. You can also make them switch colors during the flash.

Features of NotifyBuddy Apk

Flash notifications:-

Get beautiful flash notifications every single time you get a new message! This can not only make your phone look super cool but also helps you stay alert for notifications and important calls.

Emit colorful hues:-

Whenever your phone gets an important message, such as a call or a significant email, this App starts emitting light of different colors from your phone's flashlight

Wide color selection:-

There are many options available to get the color of your choice. You can simply open the color selector, and choose from several different shades and hues.


This option lets you make your flashing notifications switch colors simultaneously. You can apply this effect to the same App so the light shows up in a random color every time!

Adjust intensity:-

If the light is too bright for you, you can lower its intensity and opacity. This helps you achieve the right brightness for your notification light.

Specified selection:-

The option of specified selection helps you choose a specific color for each Application. This way, the notifications glow in a different color every time depending on the App.

Customizing options:-

There are several customization options to change the way your light flashes, like the number of times or intervals at which it glows and much more.

Unlimited selection:-

Unlimited selection helps you get all features of this. No feature is out of your reach with this version.

Apply on all Apps:-

You can apply this effect anywhere regardless of the nature of the App. So, all Apps on your phone are compatible with this software.

Better compatibility:-

This version also exhibits much better compatibility when it comes to different phone models. Therefore, you can download this App no matter which phone you have and what kind of software it contains.

Why Do People Like NotifyBuddy Apk Mod?

The Mod version gives you a wide selection of colors and a premium and better working application. There are no technical faults in this version and it works perfectly fine on all devices and their software versions. You can set different styles for each App with lovely hues.

Download NotifyBuddy Apk Latest Version 2023

With the newest version, you can enjoy more colors and hues for your phone's notification lights! You can also get lights with color gradients!

Download NotifyBuddy Apk Latest Version 2023

This application notifies you of any new message using a Light-emitting diode flash. Once your phone gets a new message or an alert, this App starts flashing a light of different colors to get your attention so you don't miss the notification. This is a fun way to view new messages.

Notify Buddy Mod Apk

Downloading NotifyBuddy Apk Mod

The web version of this App is the original version which doesn't contain the mod features therefore you have to install it from our website. Our page has a direct link that takes you to the source of the file. To open the file, use a file archiver to unarchive it.

Notify Buddy Mod Apk

Final Verdict:-

NotfiyBuddy is a super enjoyable way to get new notifications. It can be a great addition to your phone to make it more fun as colorful lights flash through it. You can pick any kind of hue from the color wheel and make it flash on your mobile.


Q. How many colors can I select with NotifyBuddy Apk?

You can select every color in existence for your light flash! From pastel hues to darker themes, you are free to pick the color of your choice using the color picker available in this app.

Q. Can I select separate colors for each App with Notify Buddy Apk?

Yes, you can pick the same color to show up for every App or you can assign a different one to each application. It's totally up to you to decide which one of these two you prefer more.

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