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App Name Octopus Apk
Publisher Octopus Gaming Studio
Genre Tools
Size 52.24 MB
Latest Version v6.3.1
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Update June 05, 2023

Octopus is a multi-functional tool that allows you to integrate your mobile with any console of your choice. You can establish a connection between the controller and any Android game, and operate the game with the help of your controller. This way, you can enjoy mobile games with controllers from different gaming stations.

This gives you an advanced experience with the games by providing you with much more control options. You can also connect your computer or laptop's keyboard and use it to play the game. You can use all control options and implement them in the current game.

Octopus Mod Apk

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This application gives you an innovative way to play your phone games. Almost all mobile games come with a built-in set of controls but they aren't convenient for every user because of the screen size. This App can integrate the controls of the console into any Android game.

Features of Octopus Apk

Advanced control integration

The advanced control integration helps you play games with the control options of your choice. You don't have to play the games with the built-in controls anymore.

Connect to any console

You can make a connection between your device and the control of choice very easily. You don't need any extension wires to do so. A Bluetooth connection is sufficient for this purpose.

Select any layout

You can pick different layouts and select where you want your new controls to show up on the screen. You can change these options from the settings quite easily.

Convenient features

Even though this is a control integration App, you can still get very convenient features. You can switch to a different control setting anytime you want without losing your progress in the App.

Edit control Placement

You can substitute the placement of the control and select which buttons serve which purpose. For example, you can choose that the "X" button on the controllers works as an attack button.

Good compatibility

Because of its good compatibility qualities, you can connect it with any gaming platform even if it is not a popular one.

Octopus Mod Apk

Better in-game experience

Your experience with Android games automatically gets better when you can select the controls of your choice. You can enjoy the same quality as a gaming station.

No control restrictions

Remove all restrictions on control modifications with the mod version of the Application. Get a diverse and applicable control interface to work with. You are free to select the functions of each control in this version too.

Better interface

The better user interface helps you avoid dealing with any complications in the App. There are no complexities that prevent you from properly using this App's features.

Excellent integration

The mod version provides better integration so that there are no connection problems when you connect your devices. This debugged version of the App works perfectly for all versions of Android.

Octopus Mod Apk

Why Do People Like Octopus Apk Mod?

You can unlock all options for control for free. The premium version also allows you to connect your device with multiple different models of gaming consoles. This version exhibits higher compatibility so that all users can make use of it. This version is compatible with all Android versions.

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There are new control layouts to add to your screen. There are also high optimization features for all devices.

Octopus Apk 2022 Download

If you like to play Android games a lot, then this Application can be really helpful for you. If you are not a fan of the current control layouts in the games you play, you can switch those controls with the help of a controller and use them to play games.

Downloading Octopus Mod Apk

To get this App on your device now, you first have to make sure that this version is compatible with your Android device. After that, you can just click the download button and the file installs quickly if your connection is stable. Click on the file and remove the security alert.

Octopus Mod Apk

Final Verdict

Octopus Apk has excellent features for mobile gamers to help them get better control over their games. The control optimization isn't always great in some Android games, therefore you can get an experience similar to a gaming station. You can also connect multiple consoles at once.


Q. Can I integrate Octopus Mod Apk with any device?

Yes, you can easily integrate this application with any device you want. This app shows a good compatibility rate and is workable with all types of devices.

Q. Can I select different control layouts with Octopus Mod Apk?

This Application has various options for the control layouts. You can select the position where you want to place your controls. You can create customizable control options with this App.

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