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Update October 19, 2023

If you want to have a gaming experience like you have on a console then you should download Octopus app as it will allow you to connect your mobile device with different controllers. You can make use of your mobile Bluetooth to connect with any controller. You can even connect this app with a keyboard or a mouse. It will provide you with great access to your gameplay, you can play almost all the games with the help of this app.

This game will allow you to make several customisations for different games so that you can play them accurately. You can also save these customisations so that whenever you play the game again, you do not have to set all the rules again. You can also capture your gameplay with the help of the inbuilt camera of this app.

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Octopus is a tool that will help you to link your device with different controllers so that you can play your games with ease. This app contains different controlling modes that include the keypad mode and the controller mode. You can modify the settings of these controllers so that you can play your games efficiently. This app will let you save all the settings that you have made and you can also record your gameplay on this app.

Features of Octopus APK

Easy to connect

Octopus app is very easy to connect with any type of hardware. You just have to enable the Bluetooth on your device and it will help you to connect with any external hardware.

Support all Controllers

This is an app that supports all the different types of controllers whether it belongs to any company or any type of Xbox.

Customise Controls

There are different control modes available in this game and you can also customise the controls of different gamepads so that you can easily play your games.

Save Settings

After customising your controllers and keyboards, you will be able to save these customisations on this app. So that whenever you want to play the game again, you will not have to set the rules again.

Compatible with all games

This app is compatible with all the games and you can also make several customisations for your games with the help of this tool.

Octopus Mod Apk

Capture your Gameplay

This app comes with an inbuilt camera that will help you to record the games that you play with the help of this tool. You can easily save the recordings in your device and can even share them with others.

Modify Settings of different games

This app will allow you to modify the settings of the games that you play. For example, you can increase or decrease the speed of your gameplay and you can also modify the opacity.

Get Fake IP address

There are some games that need your location to provide you with particular features. You can use this app to get a fake location or IP address so that you can get all the features of a particular game.

Advanced Features

There are a lot of advanced features available in this app that will help you to connect with different types of controllers. But if you want to get these features, you need to download the premium version of Octopus app.

No advertisement

In the regular version, you have to deal with some unwanted video ads but you can totally get rid of them by downloading the premium version.

Octopus Mod Apk

Why do people like Octopus Premium APK?

People are a fan of the premium version of octopus app as it allows them to have access to all the different types of hardware with the advanced features that this app contains. You can save multiple settings on this app and give them a particular name. It also provides you with an interruption free environment.

Download Octopus Premium APK Latest Version 2023

The premium version of Octopus APK provides users with all the advanced features and tools that are available in this app but they will only be able to get them by paying charges.

Octopus APK 2023 Download

A lot of new games have been added to this app to get them you can download Octopus APK 2023.

Octopus Mod Apk

Final Verdict

Octopus is a tool that will help you to play your favourite games with a gamepad or any external controller. This App helps you to connect with other hardware by using your bluetooth connection. To get an interruption free environment on this game, you can download Octopus Premium apk.


Q. Can I modify the speed of a game with the help of Octopus APK?

Yes, you can easily modify the speed of a game with the help of Octopus APK.

Q. Can I connect with a mouse with the help of Octopus APK?

Yes, you can even connect your device with a mouse with the help of this tool.

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