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Update January 23, 2023

We have to face a lot of issues while paying in cash because sometimes we do not have the required amount of cash that we need and it creates a lot of difficulties. But with the Ovo app, you can easily pay all your bills without any cash issues. This app also provides you with the cash back if you make your payments with the help of this app. You can even pay your hotel bills with the help of this app. You can save a particular amount of money in this app and to extend this limit, you can get the premium version of this app. This app is also very beneficial if you want to shop different items from online shopping apps.


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Ovo is very famous in Indonesia because it helps people to pay money with the help of the E-wallet app. You can easily scan the QR code on different shops to pay the money. This helps you to get rid of the money issues while paying in person. You can also pay your Restaurant Bill with the help of this app and can get amazing Deals And discounts.

Features of Ovo APK

Indonesian E-wallet

This is an Indonesian ewallet app that is only functional in Indonesia. You cannot use it in any other country but you can surely transfer money internationally with the help of this app.

Pay restaurants bill

This app will help you to pay the restaurant bill easily. You just have to scan the QR code on the different restaurants to pay the bill.

Get a Cash back

This app helps you to get a particular percentage of cashback with each purchase that you make. With the help of this app, you can even get a cashback if you transfer money to any other bank account.

Amazing Deals

You can get amazing deals on different online shopping apps that are especially made for the users of the ovo app.

Easy Withdrawal

You can easily withdraw money by going to a street vendor near you and you do not even have to pay any extra charges to withdraw money from this app.

Pay to local Vendors

You can even use this app to pay money to the local vendors. This can be done by scanning the QR code and in this way, you can get rid of the cash issues.

Scan Codes

There is no need to transfer money all the time. You can also scan the codes and pay the required amount of money that you want to pay. This function is very beneficial if you have to pay money to the local shops.

Increased saving limit

There is a particular saving limit on this app and if you want to extend this saving limit then you can get the premium version of this app.

Increased Transaction Limit

You can also increase the transaction limit. There is a particular limit of the amount that you can send in a month or in a year. But to extend this limit you can get the premium version.

Remove Ads

There are going to be a lot of ads in the regular version of this app and if you get the premium version then you can get rid of these ads.


Why do people like Ovo Premium APK?

People are fans of Ovo Premium apk because in this way, they can save a lot of their money and can also make transactions of unlimited amounts. This premium version also removes all kinds of additional ads and provides people with a better interface.

Download Ovo Premium APK Latest Version 2023

Ovo Premium apk allows you to save money up to 10 lakh and you can also send and receive money beyond the particular limit. But to get these additional advantages, you have to pay the subscription charges.

Ovo APK 2023 Download

In Ovo APK 2023, you can get a better interface and you can also get rid of the lagging issues.

Downloading Ovo Premium APK

In order to download Ovo Premium APK on your device, you can simply click on the link that is available in this article. By doing this download will start. After the completion of download, you can go to your mobile downloads to access this APK file.



Final Verdict

Ovo Is an amazing app that helps you to pay money to even the local vendors. You can also get a lot of discounts and cash back. But if you want to extend the saving limit then you can download Ovo Premium apk.



Q. What is the cash limit of Ovo Premium app?

You can save up to 10 lakh in the over premium app.

Q. Does Ovo Charge you money?

Ovo app charges you with monthly charges that you have to pay once a month.

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