Pc Covid mod Apk (For Android)

Pc Covid Mod Apk 4.3.0 Latest Version
App Name Pc Covid mod Apk
Publisher Cục Tin học hóa, Bộ Thông tin và Truyền thông
Genre Health
Size 33 MB
Latest Version v4.3.0
MOD Info For Android
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Update June 14, 2023

When the World started to be affected by Pandemic disease PC Covid, the paramedics' staff and the people urgently required android applications to help their future security from this deadly virus. For this purpose, the developers launched this brilliant app, and it's known as PC Covid Mod Apk.


PC Covid Mod Apk is an incredible application with unique features and options that make this app more reliable for people to decrease the risk of being affected by this covid virus. You can get different features like QR Scan System, Medical Certificate, Vaccination Certificate, Infection, tracking, Covid Card, and more. This app helps you to track your daily routine and maintain your health until the virus does exist. Let's read the below article to explore more about this interesting app.

Pc Covid Mod Apk

Get Pc Covid MOD Apk Now!

Get this fantastic Pc Covid Mod Apk on your android devices and track your daily routine. It's a compelling application that helps you control this pandemic disease. It has some extraordinary vital features available for free in this mod Apk.

Features of Pc Covid MOD Apk


In the official version of this app, you need to register by paying some money for it. If you want money-free registration, you can download the modified version because you must register through cash in the official app.

Code Scanner

This app has a QR code scanner present, which can help you immediately scan the things you want. This thing is beneficial and provides great help for those who wish to use this feature but need help finding the right app to use.

User Interface

There is nothing you cannot understand in this app. It is easily understandable, the controls, user-friendly interface l, everything in this app is fantastic and easy to use.


It is here to provide safety so people can check up on themselves and monitor themselves during challenging times like the pandemic.

Unlock Key Features

All of the key features in this app are free to use in the modified version. The best thing about the mod is that you can use it without having to stress or spend any amount of money on it, which is the best thing and does not take a lot of time for the user.

No Subscription Required

Another good thing about the modified version is that you do not need to buy any subscription, so you can enjoy everything you want without wasting any money on buying the subscription.

Without Advertisement

In the modified version, the advertisement is zero, so you can use this app as much as you want and spend your time as long as you want to without having to watch any ads appearing on your screen and wasting your time.

Why Do People Like Pc Covid MOD Apk

People like the most Pc Covid Mod Apk that you can easily control the disease, and it's also secure in advance. It's a unique app from which you can track and monitor your health 24/7 without interruption. It has extraordinary vital features you can't get in any other app.

Download Pc Covid MOD Apk Latest Version 2022

You can get all the essential features free, which is not available in its official version. You can also get a fully updated app.

Pc Covid Apk 2022 Download

It's the officially announced version of Pc Covid Apk. You can quickly get this app from an Official source, the Google play store, where you can download it on your smartphone to track or monitor your daily routine to keep you safe from this deadly virus.

Downloading Pc Covid MOD Apk

It's not available on the app store because it has all the features you can't get in its official version. So you have to search the Pc Covid Mod Apk on the mod websites from where you can download the app link and get free access to this fantastic monitory app.


If you want to access its premium features without restrictions and payment, download the Pc Covid Apk in the mod version because this mod version doesn't require any payment.

Pc Covid Mod Apk

Final Verdict

Pc Covid Mod Apk is an advanced online system through which you can track every piece of info related to Covid. It's a very informative platform to get everything regarding the pandemic. So download this exciting app and follow your daily routine to get your position safe from this disease.


Q. Is it secure to download the Mod version of Pc Covid Apk?

Most of the Mod Apk harms android devices, but the mod version of PC Covid Apk is 100% safe and secure to download.
It's fully optimized, and you can't face any issues while taking it on board on your smartphone.

Q. How do we get the Premium Features of PC Covid Apk free?

If you want to access its premium features without restrictions and payment, download the Pc Covid Apk in the mod version because this mod version doesn't require any payment.

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