Peduli Lindungi APK (For Android)

Peduli Lindungi Apk V5.13.0 Download By Ministry Of Health
App Name Peduli Lindungi APK
Publisher Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia
Genre Health
Size 40.61 Mb
Latest Version v5.13.0
MOD Info For Android
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Update December 21, 2023

It is an Indonesian application that was created for the Awareness of coronavirus among the Indonesian people. This app lets you know about the different preventive measures that you can take in order to protect yourself from Coronavirus. it also tracks all your locations that you visit so that if you catch Corona from any source then it can be detected. you can also add your personal information to this data so that in order to visit any other City the government personnel can use your data from this app.

It will also save all the information about your vaccination. It will provide you with the QR code and when anyone will scan this QR code they can get all your information regarding Covid.

Peduli Lindungi APK

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Peduli lindungi is an app that belongs to the health and fitness genre. This app was created by the health department of Indonesia to raise awareness about Covid 19. This app lets you know about all the risk factors and the preventive measures about Covid and it also tracks your location to know about the places you visit. So if you get Covid in the future then you can get to know about the source of it.

Features of Peduli Lindungi APK

Simple Interface

Peduli Lindungi has a very simple interface. When you open this App, you can see the different categories and you can click on these categories to access their function.

Know about Covid

This app lets you know about the different risk factors of Covid and it also lets you know about the medications that you have to take if you get Covid and it will also let you know about the different labs where you can get a free Covid test.

Receive Preventive measures

You can get to know about all the preventive measures that you have to take in order to avoid getting covid-19.

Add Your Information

You can add your information in this app. For example, you can add the vaccinations that you have taken for Covid 19 and if you have Covid 19 in the past. The travel agencies will be able to use this data to provide you access to different areas.

Tracks your location

This app tracks your location and keeps the data of every place that you visit so that if you get Covid then the government personnel can get to know about the source of Covid.

Know about risky areas

You can also know about the risky Areas where there are chances of getting most of the Covid cases.

Add Vaccination status

You can add your vaccination status in this app. For example, you can provide it with the details of the shots that you have taken of Covid vaccine and the type of vaccine as well.

QR Code

This app provides you with the QR code and when any other firm will scan your QR code they will get to know about your information regarding Covid.

Removal of Ads

If you want to remove the unwanted ads from this app then you can download its premium version

Premium Features

This app provides a lot of premium features that help you to travel in Different cities during the strict lockdown. To get these features, you can pay the subscription charges.

Peduli Lindungi APK

Why do people like Peduli Lindungi Premium APK?

People like Peduli Lindungi Premium APK because in this version they can get a lot of advantages which is that they can get free vaccine shots and can also travel to different places. This premium version will also remove all the unwanted ads from this app.

Download Peduli Lindungi Premium APK Latest Version 2023

Peduli Lindungi Premium apk allows you to add all your personal information to it. It will help you to know about the different places where there is a high risk of Covid and you can also remove the ads. But in order to get these features, you have to pay the subscription charges.

Peduli Lindungi APK 2023 Download

If you want to get an advanced version of this app then you should download Peduli Lindungi APK 2023.

Downloading Peduli Lindungi Premium APK

In order to download Peduli Lindungi Premium APK on your device, you can simply click on the download link. After that, you can go to your mobile downloads to access this apk file. You have to open this file and provide it with the required permissions to install it.

Peduli Lindungi APK


Final Verdict

This app is a preventive measure that has been taken by the health authorities of Indonesia. If people continue to use this app then there are the chances of the complete eradication of Covid 19 from Indonesia.



Q. Can I use Peduli Lindungi in other countries?

No, you cannot use Peduli Lindungi in any other country rather than Indonesia.

Q. How do you get rid of ads on Peduli Lindungi?

You can get the premium version of this app in order to get rid of the ads.

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