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Player Pro Mod Apk V5.30 Free Download
App Name Player Pro Mod Apk
Publisher BlastOn SA
Genre Music - Audio
Size 13.9 MB
Latest Version v5.32
MOD Info For Android
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Update July 21, 2022


player pro Mod Apk:Music is very therapeutic and enhances the moods of an individual whether the mood is cheery or sad, every person can find a song that fits their mood. Many of us often think that music understands our feelings better with its lyrical craft than humans.

Player Pro Mod Apk

Music enthusiasts are often looking for music applications that can hold their vast collection of music and provide them with a fun and intense listening experience. The technological advancement in every aspect is taking place in the recent times, so is the music world with establishment of user-friendly applications and music quality overall.

A recent music application known as player pro Mod Apk is a delusional video and audio player to provide listeners with an amazing listening experience. This application has an interesting spontaneous inference with a lot of customizable option of configuration.

This application is filled with proficient features which will make you listen to the songs again and again. Through this application you can explore the music world and discover the music masterpieces created all over the world. User can discover, listen and then download the lyrical version to listen and learn the lyrics to their favorite songs. Along with all of the mentioned features above, the user can download this application within just a few minutes by following easy guidelines. If you are a music lover you now know what to download exactly.

Player Pro Mod Apk



  • Browse and listen

Player pro gives you an enticing experience of browsing the internet and listening to your favorite songs, not only your favorite songs but discover a new song collection that can bring diversity to your old classic song preferences.

  • Make your own customized library

Do you often feel lazy to constantly type the name of the songs over and over again? Now you can just simply make a customized song library where your preferred songs will already be waiting, to be heard.

  • Make your own music mix

Player pro not only gives you a chance to browse songs but also have a DJ like experience by mixing various songs and making your own song mix.

  • Compatible with headsets

Often many headsets make the sound of songs dull and not so good to listen to, but the amazing technology ion this application makes it compatible with all the headsets and the sound will be equally amazing through every headset.


  • A lot of battery wastage

A matter of concern about this application is that it can cause your phone battery to drain a lot quicker.

  • Heavy size

This application is very heavy which can cause your phone to hang.

Player Pro Mod Apk


  • Control through swipe

You can use the swipe control to switch to next or previous songs, its that simple.

  • Control through shake

If you are b doing your work and want to change the song quick, you just need to shake your phone and done.

  • Customized collection

Player pro allows its user to create their own customized song collection which they can listen and enjoy on repeat.

  • Notification

Through the notification bar you can see the player, by clicking on the player you can change the song or pause it.


  • Sleeping timer

If you tend to sleep while listening to the song, the player will turn off on its own.

  • Music graphics

You can enjoy the frequency graphics while listening o the songs which is soothing to watch.

  • Search through lyrics

If you do not remember the song but only lyrics, you can type the lyrics and you can enjoy without worrying about the name.


This application has a simple installation mechanism, you just need to follow a few simple steps and you will be able to enjoy your music in no time at all:

  • The first method to use is Google play. Through Google play the users can very easily download the application by entering the name of the application and installing the by clicking on the right button.
  • However, another way can be used also which is downloading the provided apk link.
  • The first step will be to prepare the phone for download by clicking on the setting.
  • Go to the security option and enable the unknown source option.
  • Click on the apk download link provided, and wait for it to get downloaded.
  • Lastly, go to the notification bar and click on the install option
  • You can now enjoy as much music as you desire.

Player Pro Mod Apk



Q. Does google play holds this application?

Yes! Google play hold this application and you can very easily download it through it. Just type in the application’s name in the search engine and the application will appear to be installed. In case you find it difficult to download through Google play, you can simply use the above alternate options mentioned.

Q. Is this application available globally?

Yes! The application is available globally and you can enjoy it from anywhere in the world.

Q. Can this application be accessed without internet?

Yes! You can listen to your favorite music offline that is if you have already listened to it once with the internet available. It means when you listen to a song once, it’s kind of get downloaded for the offline use, however, it can get stuck in some cases.

Q. What are disadvantages of this application?

The disadvantage of this application is that it uses a lot of battery, if a person is on their way and need their phone constantly, they should avoid using this application because it can drain the battery.


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