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App Name Relax APK
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Update August 10, 2023

Relax is an app that is related to health and fitness. This app will help you to deal with anxiety, Insomnia and Sleepless Nights. This app contains so many soothing sounds and brain waves that will help you to keep your mind free from worries and help you to fall asleep better. You can get to listen and read to various bedtime stories so that you can ease your mind.

It also provides you with meditation regarding different problems that includes depression, stress, muscle ache etc. If you want to merge different music then you can also do this for better results. You can apply a timer on this app so that it reminds you of your sleep timing and it will also record your sleep to let you know about your progress. You can also create a list of your favourite music.

Relax APK

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Relax is an app that will provide you with better health as it will help you to sleep better at night. This app provides you with different meditation sessions so that you can get rid of problems like anxiety, depression and stress. It will also help you to release muscle pains. There are 100 meditation sessions available . You can also listen to bedtime stories to fall asleep.

Features of Relax APK

User friendly app

It is a user-friendly tool. You just have to write your problem and it will suggest you meditation sessions and the songs that you should listen to to release stress.

Hundreds of meditation sessions

There are hundreds of meditation sessions regarding different problems. For example, if you are suffering from anxiety and depression then you can go for the meditation sessions for anxiety and depression. It also targets Insomnia and other problems.

Helps reduce Anxiety

This app will help you to reduce anxiety as it provides you with so many different brain waves that will target your brain and help to keep it relaxed and free from stress.

Listen to Bedtime Stories

If you find it difficult to fall asleep then you can listen to bedtime stories that will provide you with a better sleep that will improve your overall health.

Mix different audios

This app allows you to mix different soothing sounds so that you can create a perfect audio that will help you to get rid of all the issues collectively.

Create your own playlist

You can easily bookmark your favourite audios and Soothing sounds on this app so that you can create your own playlist. In this way, you can access this playlist while Suffering from a particular problem.

Apply Sleep timer

This app will allow you to apply a sleep timer so that you can remind yourself that it's time for sleep and you can complete your sleeping cycle. It will also keep a record of your sleep timings.

Hundreds of Brain waves

There are hundreds of brain waves available that will target your brain and will provide a soothing effect so that you can ease your mind and focus on your work.

Premium Sessions available

Apart from the regular meditation sessions and suggestions, this app also contains a lot of premium sessions that will help you to perform better in your daily life. To get these sessions, you have to download Relax Premium APK.

Free from advertisement

The premium version of Relax APK is also free from all kinds of unwanted ads and interruptions.

Why do people like Relax Premium APK?

People like Relax Premium APK because this version will provide them with premium meditation sessions so that they can perform better in their life and get rid of the anxiety issues as well. This version will also provide them access to an ads free app where they can easily access all the features.

Download Relax Premium APK Latest Version 2023

If you get the premium version of Relax APK then you will have access to all the premium soothing effects and brain waves on this app. But you need to become a premium member of this app in order to get all these premium privileges.

Relax APK

Relax APK 2023 Download

In order to get access to all the latest updates of this app, you can download Relax APK 2023 from our website.

Final Verdict

Relax APK is best for those people who find it difficult to sleep at times because this app provides you with a lot of soothing effects that will ease your mind so that you can sleep better. It will also provide the users with a lot of meditation sessions. But in order to get premium privileges, you have to download its premium version.


Q. Can I compare my sleeping schedule in Relax APK?

Yes, you can easily compare your sleeping schedules in Relax APK.

Q. Can I name the Playlists in Relax APK?

Yes, you can create your own playlist and name it as well.

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