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Remixlive Apk V7.6.5 Premium Unlocked
App Name Remixlive APK
Publisher Mixvibes
Genre Music - Audio
Size 138M
Latest Version v7.6.5
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Update December 26, 2023

In the Studios, the music is recorded with great perfection. There are different tools that help them to adjust the sequences of the songs with visual effects. The drum effects and the base are added very precisely and all these things are done with different tools. One of them is the Remixlive app, it will help you to add drums and different beats to your songs. To modify them, you can visually analyse all the different music effects in your songs and edit them with New Effects.

You can create your own sequences and patterns in the songs and can also use up to 26, 000 sound effects to modify the songs. It also comes with four record modes that will help you to record your audio, your instruments and the sequences as well.

Remixlive Mod Apk

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A lot of professional tools are used in the Studios to create amazing pieces of music. Remixlive is one of these tools. In this app, you can get a visual representation of all the audio effects that are used to create a song. You can easily import any song to this app and start editing them with drum effects and you can even modify the sequences of the songs. It also features 4 different record modes.

Features of Remixlive APK

Import songs to edit

Remixlive is a tool that will help you to edit Songs. In order to edit a song, you first have to import them to this app. After that you can use different tools to add new effects to it.

Visual Representation

It is an advanced music editor that provides you with the visual representation of all the effects and sequences of the song so that you can easily get to know about the changes that it brings to the song.

Thousands of Sound Effects

There are almost 26, 000 sound effects available in this app that will help you to edit your songs. You can create amazing mashups and Medleys with the help of these sound effects. To change the sound effects, you just have to click on them and it will let you know about the change that it brings.

Modify Sequences

This app will help you to modify the sequences of the song so that you can change the format of the song and you can even apply a loop to them.

Remix songs with Samples

There are almost 150 sample packs that can be used to create remixes of the song. You can use these packs to know about the different features of this app and then you can go for the premium packs.

Different Record Modes

There are four different record modes available in this app. In the song mode, you can record your audio and sequences. In the microphone mode, you can record drums. You can also make use of the master audio mode to record songs.

Remixlive Mod Apk

Compose songs

You can make use of different effects to create different and new compositions. This tool will help you to become a music director and you can practise all your talents on this app.

Upload songs to different platforms

After creating the songs, you can upload them on different platforms including SoundCloud. It will help you to get an audience for your art and you can get recognition for your work.

Unlocked Master Audio Mode

By downloading the premium version of this app, you will get access to the master audio mode that will help you to record your audio with all the sound effects and instruments as well.

Pro packs available

You will also be able to get access to the pro editing packs with the help of this premium version.

Why do people like Remixlive Premium APK?

People like Remixlive Premium APK because in this version, they can unlock the master audio mode that will help them to record amazing songs. They will also have access to all the premium packs that will help them to create remixes.

Remixlive Mod Apk

Download Remixlive Premium APK Latest Version 2023

In the premium version of Remixlive, you will face no restrictions as all the premium tools and packs are available to you. You will also have access to the advanced recording modes. But the only way to get these features is to pay subscription charges.

Remixlive APK 2023 Download

RemixLive APK 2022 will provide you with the latest version of this app.

Remixlive Mod Apk

Final Verdict

Remixlive is your own Studio where you can create remixes and Medleys. It will help you to record songs as well. But if you want to get the latest features of this app then you should download Remixlive Premium APK.


Q. Is Remixlive Compatible with AAC format?

Yes, Remixlive is compatible with AAC format.

Q. What is the purpose of Sound mode in Remixlive APK?

The sound mode will help you to record audio loops and sequences.

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