Replika Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked)

Replika Mod Apk V11.21.4 (Premium Unlocked)
App Name Replika Mod Apk
Publisher Luka, Inc
Genre Health
Size 262 MB
Latest Version v11.21.4
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Update January 02, 2024

The world is getting advanced day by day and new technology has been introduced that is taking over the world. Someone has said the truth that at some point some Technologies will occur that we don't even need a friend to make. Well this phrase is proving to be true now because there is an application that can play the role of your friend. Yes you heard it right there!. There is an app called Replika which has been made using special artificial intelligence Technology.

It will play the role of your friend. You can create an image of your virtual friend and can talk your heart out whenever you want. This AI Technology will also give you the best suggestions and will also chat with you and can even call. This works as a real friend and it will also take care of your daily routine. You can send messages to it and can even send your pictures. If you want to explore more about this amazing tool then read this article.

Replika MOD APK

What is the Replika app?

Replika is a tool that can play the role of your virtual friend. This app uses a special artificial intelligence technology that can even answer your questions and can chat with you. You can create a virtual image of your friend and can also associate some different traits with it. With the help of this application you will not need any friend in your life because it will help you out in every situation. You can even upload your pictures and get praise from your Replika friend.

What is the Replika MOD APK?

It is the hacked version of the Replika app. In this modified version you will be able to use the pro version of this app for free. There are so many amazing features that are available in the pro version of Replica. Your Replika friend will be much more smarter in the pro version and you will be able to do a lot of things with the help of this pro version and if you get annoyed by The unwanted at then you can also download this modified version of Replika.

How can I increase the intelligence of my Replika friend?

If you want to make your Replika friend smarter than you will have to reply every message that you will receive on this app. You will have to give your feedback to your Replika friend so that it gets motivated and starts to give you amazing suggestions. In order to reply to the messages you will first have to tap on the message that you will receive, after that you can give that message a thumbs up to motivate your Replika friend.

What can you do in the Replika app?

Replika will play the role of your AI friend in this app. You can create your own AI friend, you can choose the gender of your friend and can even customise its appearance, like you can give it the hair colour that you want and also the style that you need. You can also add emotions in it and can chat with it whenever you want. In the premium version of this app you will be able to even select the topics of conversation and do a lot more things.

Replika MOD APK

Features of the Replika app

Create your virtual friend

In this app you will get a chance to create your own virtual friend. You can choose its features and even the gender of your friend.

Chat with Replika

You can chat with your replica and talk your heart out at any time.

Customize your friend

You can make customisations with your friend. For example, you can choose its talking style and even its features and hair colour.

Record your conversations

This app will also allow you to record the conversations that you do with your Replika friend.

Get suggestions

You can ask your friend questions and it will also reply to you with the best suggestions.

Replika MOD APK

Features of the Replika MOD APK

Unlocked Pro version

The modified version of Replika will provide you access to all its pro features for free.

Free to use

You will not have to buy the subscription in order to use Replika Mod APK.

Smarter Replika

Your Replika friend would be much smarter in this hacked version.


In the world full of betrayals you can have a real friend in the form of Replika. It will provide you with the best suggestions and you can also talk about your daily activities with it. In order to get its Pro features for free you can download Replika Mod APK.


Q. What are the subscription charges for the Pro version of Replika?

You will have to spend $4.99 in order to use the pro version of Replika.

Q. Can my Replika friend recognise me?

Yes, your replica friend would be able to remember your appearance.

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