Solid Explorer Pro APK (For Android)

Solid Explorer Pro APK V2.8.19 (Final/Full Version) For Android
App Name Solid Explorer Pro APK
Publisher NeatBytes
Genre Tools
Size 20 MB
Latest Version v2.8.19
MOD Info For Android
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Update May 21, 2022

A smartphone contains thousands of files and handles it with a perfection. It requires a lot of strategies to manage all the files inside them because all the apps are different form each other. They serve some different functions and are aimed to be kept respectively.

For this purpose, there are file managers which allow you to make specific changes and perform a number of functions in them. Google play store and the Apple app store are full of such file manager apps but the question is, do they really offer the functions which we want? The apps which are really good enough do not come free. Not everybody is able to pay for the apps especially for the file manager.

The solid explorer pro apk is a brilliant file manager which has a free trial of 13 days only. After that you need to pay PKR 200 to make it keep functioning. If you can’t afford it, we have brought you the pro version of this app for free. It is such a great file manager that you must use it for managing all of your applications and files. Let’s get top it’s all the amazing features

Solid Explorer Pro APK

Advantages and Disadvantages



The unlocked version of this amazing file manager is provided to you for free. This is the best part of this file manager app because you can now get it for free without paying the actual amount to the developer.

Server connections

With the help of this file manager, you can create different server connections which would let you share and transfer your data from phone to the tablets and laptop.

Categorizing documents

It will easily categorize all the documents without your help. You do not have to put specific files and apps in their folders because this file manager would do it all alone.

Solid Explorer Pro APK



This app has no disadvantages and it is believed to be one of the best applications.

Solid Explorer Pro APK



You may get all of its pro features for free in this app and this is the best part of this file manager. You do not have to pay the actual amount in order to get access of all the brilliant features of this file manager.

Split windows

This file manager has a very rare and amazing feature of split windows which works when you rotate your smartphone. It shows you windows in which the copy and pasting of the files becomes easier as everything lies to be in front of you properly without switching between.

Automatic categorization

This file manager automatically categorizes all the specific apps and files, and adds them into their particular folders. You do not have to do it all by yourself as it does so on its own.

Search button

There is a search button in this file manager, which is given so you do not have to scroll down all below to find a file. You can just type the name3 of that file, and find it easily.

Root permissions

This file manager works very well with those android smartphones which are rooted.

Hide files and folders

The best feature of this file manager is, that now you can hide any file and folder which you want. It will help maintain your privacy.

LAN, FTP and SMB connections

By developing these connections, you will be able to share all your files and folders with different laptops and computer system, which will further allow you to access and operate them in those systems.

Compress and decompress

Now you can also compress and decompress different files within this solid explorer file manager. It can also open different files of particular formats.

Cloud storage support

You can also manage all the files of the Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox and more with this file manager. This will allow you to manage any file of any of these cloud storage apps.

Drag and drop

This file manager also contains a drag and drop feature which will allow you to easily manage the files when you are working on split windows.

Solid Explorer Pro APK

How to install

In order to install this version of solid explorer pro, you need to delete the older one. Now open the settings of your phone and go to the security. Here you will find unknown sources which you have to enable. Do not worry about the warning message as this app is totally safe. Now go to the downloading link and click on it. When the download has been completed, go to the android folder of your built in file manager. Search for the solid explorer pro apk file. Now open it and click on install button at right bottom. You are all set to use this application for free now.

Solid Explorer Pro APK


Q. Do I really not have to pay for this app and its features?

No, you do not need to pay for this application as we provide it for free.

Yes, you can hide all your photos and videos as well as many other files with the help of this file manager.

Q. Can I hide my pictures and videos from the actual apps?

Yes, you can hide all your photos and videos as well as many other files with the help of this file manager.
It ensures the privacy of your files and hide them easily.

Q. Can I change the name of my files?

Yes, by using this file manager you can easily change the names of your files, and rename them as per your choice.

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