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App Name Wastat Mod Apk
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Size 22 MB
Latest Version v1.74
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Update November 14, 2023


Have you ever thought about tracking the online activity of WhatsApp. If you are also interested in getting such an application that can help you to keep an eye on the WhatsApp activities of your child or any friend without bringing it into their noticed then you are at a very right place because here you will be introduced to a whole new application that has been designed for the users who want to track the activity of WhatsApp account.

Wastat Mod Apk is an amazing and phenomenal application that will help you to keep a vigilant eye upon your concerned person and you can easily track their activities and their internet usage on WhatsApp. the people whom you are tracking will never get to know about this thing and you can easily keep an eye on them without making them aware of it. It is a great tool for all the parents who want to become extra careful and cautious about their child’s activities.You will be getting all the notifications about whenever your child is using WhatsApp and then you can be at peace.

Wastat Mod Apk has been downloaded by lots of people who were in dire need of such an application. The application also has wonderful reviews and a majority of people have downloaded it and are pretty much satisfied with its interface. If you are also looking for getting such an application then you should definitely give this one a try and it will not disappoint you.

Wastat Mod Apk

What is Wastat Apk?

Wastat Apk will allow you to Comfortably track your contacts. it will provide you the opportunity to add up to 10 contacts and then you can conveniently check up on their activities and how they are doing. you will also get to know about their monthly statistics and you can get a better idea of their online activity. You will instantly get a notification whenever the targeted person opens or closes the WhatsApp. In this way you can easily monitor a person's usage of WhatsApp and then you can easily make your decisions.This is also a very lightweight application so you may never need to worry about the storage issues or problems related to optimisation.

What is Wastat Mod Apk?

In Wastat Mod Apk you will get all the premium features for free and you should not worry about your device security because the Mod version is extra safe. It will not only just unlock the premium features to you but instead it will also provide you complete security and safety.

Is Wastat Mod Apk a good app?

Yes, Wastat Mod Apk is a very remarkable and wonderful application.

Is Wastat Mod Apk ensuring privacy?

Yes, Wastat Mod Apk absolutely ensures privacy as it is so safe.

How many people can I add in Wastat Mod Apk?

You can add up to ten people in Wastat Mod Apk.

Wastat Mod Apk


Comfortably Track Your Contacts

In Wastat Mod Apk you can comfortably track your contacts by using this fabulous application that can help you to keep a vigilant eye upon your contacts so that they can be in your surveillance. The application has this very awesome feature that you can easily track your contacts. All you need to do is simply add the people whom you want to track in this application and then you can easily track them anytime and anywhere.

Get All the Notifications When Someone is Online

In Wastat Mod Apk you will get all the notifications whenever someone is online. So never worry about anything because this application will provide you all those notifications that you might need. You will get the notification if a person is online at a time and whenever the person gets offline. If you are keeping a check up on someone then there are always some reasons and this application will fully support you in providing you all the necessary information that you need.

Easily Check Online Activity

In Wastat Mod Apk you can also easily check the online activity because this is the most brilliant version of WhatsApp application in which you can check whether a person is online or not. In WhatsApp people have this facility that they can turn their last seen off so that no one may get to know about their online activity and they can use it without getting tracked or traced. So if you use this application you can definitely keep a check up on a person and his online activity.

Have Analysis of Online Statistics

In Wastat Mod Apk you can also have an analysis of the online statistics because in this application you will get a complete statistical chart of a person's activity of the past 30 days. So if you want to get to know about an average use of a person on WhatsApp then you can get it and you will also get the user's statistics on a pictorial graph which will be easy to interpret and you can comfortably understand from the statistics. You can later on take an average and can decide how much activity has been done.

Keep an Eye on Whatsapp of Your Kids

In Wastat Mod Apk the best feature that can be seen is, you can easily keep an eye on the WhatsApp of your kids. In today's world every kid is demanding his own mobile phone and with that they also download WhatsApp and go into in appropriate conversation with the strangers so being a parent you can easily keep a check up on the WhatsApp without bringing it into their knowledge and can check if the kids are in good direction or going on wrong and deviated path. So this is the most significant feature of this application.

So Light Weight Application

In Wastat Mod Apk you will never face any issue related to storage space because it is an extremely lightweight application and you will never face any issue related to low on story space. This will never burden your device and you can comfortably keep it and make the best use of your internet usage.

Add up to 10 Contacts

In Wastat Mod Apk you can add up to 10 contacts and can keep a track of their activity. This means that not only just one or two accounts but instead you can keep a check up on the activity of over 10 people and at the end of every month you will get a 30 days pictorial representation of the activity of people in a graph.

Mod Features

Absolutely Free from Ads

The Mod version will make you absolutely free from all the advertisements and you know longer need to watch unwanted and annoying advertisements.

Premium Version Free

You will also get the premium version for absolutely free and then you can explore even greater features so comfortably.

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Wastat Mod Apk is a wonderful and excellent application that you can download on your Android devices and can have a lot of fun. In this application you can keep a good check up on the activity of your concerned person regarding WhatsApp and you can make wise decisions accordingly. So if you are needful then you should definitely download this application.


Q. Is Wastat Mod Apk free to use?

Yes, Wastat Mod Apk is absolutely free to use.

Q. Can I download Wastat Mod Apk on my android tablet?

Yes, you can download Wastat Mod Apk on your android tablet.


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