Yousician Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked)

Yousician Mod Apk V4.81.0 Premium Unlocked Download
App Name Yousician Mod Apk
Publisher Yousician Ltd.
Genre Education
Size 119.5 MB
Latest Version v4.81.0
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Update July 18, 2023


Yousician is one the most popular and advance guitar learning app on mobile platform. Everyone is trying to learn some medical instruments but it is not simple unless you have a better teacher or music school around you. Now you do not need to worry because this amazing musical app will let you learn any musical instrument right into your own space.

Learn guitars, base guitar, electric guitar, piano, ukulele, flute and many more interesting musical instruments are available to learn through this app. There are thousands of songs with chords learn. The user interface of this awesome app is so easy and great that you can easily explore all the tabs and sections. Learn to play your favorite songs and watch advance video lessons to boost your progress. Easily learn all chords of piano, guitar, ukulele and more. This app is absolutely free to download but there is a subscription to use premium features.

Yousician Mod Apk

What is Yousician Apk?

Yousician is one of the best and useful app to learn musical instruments and songs without any problem. You can set the difficulty level and can learn basic and advance chords of your instruments. Watch video lessons to immerse yourself into learning and easily learn from basic to advance level. Explore the app and use all features for free. Set daily learning goals and practice your instrument to become professional. The app will pick up the sound of instrument without any wire connection. Buy the subscription to have more deep learning experience.

What is Yousician Mod Apk?

Yousician Mod is the modified version of this brilliant music learning app with all premium perks and features. Now you do not need to spend a single penny to buy subscription because this mod already has activated subscription. You can easily use all the premium features and can listen to premium lessons and watch free videos. Learn any song on the app and learn to play along with them using your instrument. It is totally free to download this modified app from our site.

Can I learn Piano on Yousician app?

Yes, you can learn up to 5 different musical instruments on this app including Piano, Guitar, Ukulele and many more. Learn all chords of piano with theories and techniques.

Is it possible to tune musical instruments using Yousician app?

Yes, you can easily tune your guitar using this app. There is no need to connect the guitar with any wire because it works wirelessly. The app will catch the sound using microphone and you can tune it easily.

How to get free subscription in Yousician app?

If you want to get free subscription in this app then you must download the modified version from our site. With the modified version, you can easily avail all premium features for free.

Yousician Mod Apk


Learn Music Instruments

Yousician is a fun learning app where you can learn musical instruments if you are beginner or you can learn some amazing techniques to impress your friends. There are 5 different musical instruments supported by the app including guitar, bass, ukulele, piano and more. You can easily select your instrument and start learning with the basics. This app has all the chords of each music instrument which means that you can easily learn all chords.

Lots of Lessons

If you want some great guidance in learning guitar, piano or whatever musical instrument you want, then this is the perfect app for you. There are so many great lessons which might help you to understand better. You can learn chords graphically so that you can easily memorize the chord shape and learn quickly. There are also plenty of video lessons which you can watch and learn more effectively on this app.

Tune Your Guitars

It is a great feature of this app because you need a tuned instrument in order play perfect tunes. This app requests a permission for microphone which will automatically detect the sound of guitar. Play each string and tune it with the frequency showing on the app. Easily tune guitar, bass and ukulele to get the perfect tune and frequency. Play chords and enjoy the music playing by you.

Better Interface

Yousician is a great app with great user interface. It is fully optimized and lightweight that it does not lag during learning and tuning. You can easily explore all the app and select the feature which you required the most. You do not need to create any account on this app and anyone can easily use to learn musical instruments.

Thousands of Songs

Some people learn guitar, piano and other instruments to play popular songs. If you want to impress your friends then learn popular and latest songs on guitar with the help of this app. There are thousands of songs which you can explore and learn with the accurate chords and tabs. Almost all songs are free to learn and you can watch the tutorials of professional guitarist and pianist on the app.

Yousician Mod Apk

Mod Features

Unlocked Subscription

Yousician Mod is the hacked version of this amazing musical app where you do not need to buy any kind of subscription. You will already have the best subscription account in this modified version of the app. Use all premium features and enjoy premium stuff in the app and quickly learn through paid techniques for free.

No Pop-up Ads

There are no pop up ads in this cracked version because all ads are blocked and you can enjoy unlocked app for free. There is no need to spend any money or create a paid account. Use all features for free and enjoy the unlimited and unrestricted app to learn your favorite musical instruments.

Yousician Mod Apk


Yousician is an immensely popular music learning app with up to 5 different musical instruments that you can learn. There are lots of learning lessons and techniques which you can watch to get professional within no time. There are hundreds of chords to learn with all basic and advance shapes. Watch video tutorials for better understanding and learn thousands of songs with accurate chords and tabs. The modified version of this app will get you free subscription without paying a single penny. Get all ads removed and enjoy the app for free.


Q. Is Yousician app free or you required subscription?

The standard version of the app is free to download but you need subscription in order to use and learn through this app.

Q. Can I download Yousician Mod from Google Play Store?

No, Google Play Store does not contain modified and hacked apps which means that you can only get the hacked app from our site for free.


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