Homescapes: 4 Methods to Earn Gold Coins

You must have seen the ads of Homescapes game all over your social media profiles. This game has been everywhere with different and extremely creative ads that have been all over your social media, games and apps in the form of ads and so much more. By this time you should know what kind of game Homescapes is.

Homescapes is a creative game that allows the players to build different buildings and complete various tasks to build an entire community. You are supposed to build the community by making the houses, gardens, play areas and the interiors of the houses. Your sole purpose is to do the construction and provide the people with a convenience.

It is obvious in this game that you earn money aka gold coins after completing all the tasks. It is necessary to earn them and continue to play your game. You need a lot of gold coins to complete all the tasks and buy the new items and construction material that is required to continue the game.

Homescapes 4 Methods To Earn Gold Coins

How to Earn Gold Coins in Homescapes?

This is the most important question about which we are writing this blog. You want to learn how to earn more gold coins in Homescapes? Follow these tips and win over.

⦁ Watch Video Ads

There are so many ad videos that are watchable in case you need to get more money or gold coins for completing your levels. A number of videos are present in the game that can be viewed by clicking on them. On completing each video you get a few gold coins that you can use to buy the items and use in the construction of your projects.

⦁ Play Match-3 Levels

There is a candy crush like mini game also in this game that you can play in order to earn more gold coins. You just have to match 3 candies of the same color and you will keep winning each level of the same kind. It is such a good game that it will require some easy skills and you can just earn so many gold coins using this technique.

Homescapes 4 Methods To Earn Gold Coins

⦁ Complete a full day

You can also just complete a full day of playing this game called Homescapes to earn more gold coins. It is the easiest thing you can do to win more gold coins for your own cause.

⦁ Rotate Lucky Wheel

The lucky wheel is also a thing that you can try in this game. You just need to rotate that wheel every day to try your luck and just win the gold coins in larger numbers. It is the best and simplest thing you can try to earn more gold coins.

Homescapes 4 Methods To Earn Gold Coins


Homescapes is an interesting game without any doubt, if you want to earn more gold coins to complete the construction process and buy more items, then these 4 ways can help you a lot.


Homescapes 4 Methods To Earn Gold Coins

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