Lucky Patcher: How to Get Mod Games with Custom Patch

How would you think if we tell you that you can get hack features of your favorite app or game without downloading a mod version separately? We have done it guys with the help of this amazing application called Lucky Patcher's Custom Patch feature. It is an amazing app with amazing features that we will explain very well in this article.

Lucky Patcher How To Get Mod Games With Custom Patch

What is the Lucky Patcher?

The Lucky Patcher is an application that induces the mod features in certain games and apps that are present in your smartphone. You can download this app and then do some settings to see which apps can be converted into mod since it doesn't work on all of the applications present in your phone.

Lucky Patcher How To Get Mod Games With Custom Patch

Conditions to Apply Custom Patch?

There are some conditions to apply a custom patch in your favorite games and apps. These conditions are written below for your understanding.
⦁ It requires rooting into your device to do the complete product properly.
⦁ Not all the applications or games can be applicable for this custom patch, you cannot get all the apps in your phone custom patched with this application.
⦁ The older versions of patch will not work at all.

It is simpler to find out how you can actually apply this lucky patcher's custom patch and how to just activate the patch and how to find out which apps are suitable to get patched.

Lucky Patcher How To Get Mod Games With Custom Patch

How to Activate Custom Patch?

It is the real question that people usually ask us about how to activate the custom patch on any of your favorite apps. Remember that you always have to check which apps can be good for the application of this custom patch. For that here is a perfect combination of a process that you can follow for your own good.
⦁ First of all you need to open the game or the application of your choice.
⦁ After opening it you have to close the Lucky Patcher app immediately for a cause.
⦁ Afterwards you are supposed to go to the settings and click on the activate custom patch option in case the following game or app can be good for the application of a custom patch.
⦁ Now you can wait for a while till the whole process gets completed.
⦁ You might need just 1 or 2 patches depending upon the game or app.
⦁ You will have to provide all the permissions to the app for the smooth working process.
⦁ In this way you will be able to convert your favorite games and apps into a mod version and get all the mod features for free.

Lucky Patcher How To Get Mod Games With Custom Patch


So this Lucky Patcher has proved to be one of the good and convenient apps that are used by the people to convert their regular apps into the mod ones. Those who cannot afford to pay for extra features and in-app purchases can use this method to get all of them for free.

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