Rules of Survival: How to Make Your Phone Lag Less While Playing?

The rules of survival is a famous game that is all about the warzone and the battles in the grounds. This game is just like the PUBG, Fortnite and other fighter games that young boys play very significantly. These games are absolutely amazing. That's why the users are also attracted towards the rules of survival. This game also provided the users with a number of weapons, costumes and the options that make things way easier for the players.

Rules Of Survival How To Make Your Phone Lag Less While Playing

There is a lot more in this game that you cannot afford to miss. It is obviously a heavier game that often is a big deal for the players. They see their devices lagging because of the heavy storage of this app. That's why we have brought a simple method to make your phone lag less whenever you play this game.

The method is very simple, you never have to be an expert to try this method out. It is quite an easier one so here we go with the best one just for you.

  • First of all, open the settings of your game.
  • You will see the option of the graphics in it.
  • There is a point where you can adjust the graphics level from low to medium and higher. If you put it on to medium or low then you can save your phone from lagging.
  • In this way your phone will be much better and it won't lag at any cost.

Rules Of Survival How To Make Your Phone Lag Less While Playing

We hope the above provided method has been proved to be much good for you. If you are a regular player of rules of survival then this method is a savor and you cannot miss it. Try it out and let us know in the comment section.

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