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App Name Plague Inc APK
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Update October 16, 2023

In Plague Inc, you are going to play the role of the enemy of humanity. In this game, you are trying to introduce new viruses that can vanish life from the planet earth so that you can have your rule there. You can experiment with different types of viruses and bacteria that will help you to develop diseases. However, the AI system of the game will try to stop the spread of this disease and they will come up with a cure.

To introduce new and Deadly diseases, you can evolve your bacteria. After creating a particular disease, this game will let you know about the severity of this disease and how many lives it can affect. After creating the disease, you have to spread it in particular regions of the world so that you can get the maximum death rate.


Plague Inc

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Plague Inc is a game where you will have to experiment with different pathogens so that you can create the ultimate virus that can destroy the mankind. After creating the disease, you can get to know about its security and if you want to make it more Lethal than you can modify it, you need to create a disease that can cause a huge number death rate so that you can easily complete your target.

Features of Plague Inc APK

Experiment with Viruses

In this game, You will be able to experiment with different viruses and pathogens. You have to create the Deadly disease that can cause the maximum death rates so that mankind will vanish from the earth.

Spread the disease

After creating a particular disease, you have to select the region where you want to spread it. You can also create a disease depending on different regions so that the area that is sensitive for a particular disease can be removed from the planet.

Choose route of Transmission

This game will let you choose the route of transmission of the disease. You can choose the disease to be spread through physical contact and you can also create air borne viruses.

Choose symptoms

In this game, you will also be able to choose the symptoms of the disease that you have created. You need to create a disease that has less symptoms so that nobody will be able to know about the cause of death.

Plague Inc

Modify your Pathogen

If your pathogen is not causing the death rate that you need then you can modify the pathogen by evolving it. In this way, it will become resistant to the vaccines and medicines that have been created against it.

Watch Tutorials

If you do not know about the creation of a particular virus then you can watch tutorials and use that on this game. It will let you get familiar with the controls and different features of this game.

Track Deaths

This app will provide you with the updates of the disease that you have created that will help you to track the death rate and the people that are affected by your disease. You can get all the results in the form of a table or a board.

Regular Updates

If you want to get new pathogens then do not worry because this game provides regular updates so that you can easily get New viruses.

Premium pathogens

In this game, there are so many premium pathogens and Deadly bio weapons are available. If you want to get them, you need to download the premium version of this game.

Unlocked Gameplay

In the pro version of Plague Inc APK, you will be able to enjoy an unlocked version of this game in which there are no restrictions.

Plague Inc

Why do people like Plague Inc Pro APK?

People like Plague Inc Pro APK because this version provides them access to all the premium pathogens and bio weapons that will be readily available in this game. It will help them to cost the maximum death rate and they can easily proceed in this game. They will also be able to have access to all the features of this game.

Download Plague Inc Pro APK Latest Version 2023

If you download the pro version of plague Inc then you will get access to all the premium bio weapons. But the only way to have access to this feature is to get the pro version of Plague Inc on your device.

Plague Inc APK 2023 Download

If you want to have access to the new pathogens and bio weapons of this game then you should download Plague Inc APK 2023.

Plague Inc

Final Verdict

This is a game where you can play with bio weapons and see which disease is the most deadly. You need to cause the maximum death rate to become a successful scientist. But if you want to get new pathogens then you can download the pro version of this game.


Q. Does Plague Inc contain online Achievements?

Yes, Plague Inc contains online Achievements.

Q. How can I get new pathogens in Plague Inc?

You can get new pathogens with the help of regular updates.

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