Alien Drive me Crazy Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Alien Drive Me Crazy Mod Apk V3.1.8 Download For Android
App Name Alien Drive me Crazy Mod Apk
Publisher Rebel Twins
Genre Action
Size 69 MB
Latest Version v3.1.8
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update August 03, 2022

The concept of aliens seems funny to everyone. But many people also believed on this that aliens do exist outside our universe. Most people want to meet them in real but they cannot meet them. The gamers who also have the concept of the existence of aliens are always in search of alien types of games. Aliens Drive Me Crazy is the game that ended their search. This game is based on aliens and their attack on earth.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy is an action game. The theme and the story of this game are that some of the aliens from outer space or from out of our universe invade earth’s atmosphere and they destroy all the satellites that earth man left in outer space for communication. This leads to destruction on earth. For this purpose, gamers have to find their use on earth and destroy their base in order to weaken them.

The gamer has to defeat all the alien invaders and save the earth from their invasion. This game is the best game for people who always wanted something different in games.

Alien Drive Me Crazy Mod APK

What is Alien Drive me Crazy APK?

Alien Drive Me Crazy APK is the action game developed by Rebel Twins. The developer develops the game in such a way that people who want to play against aliens can enjoy this game. The user has to save the earth from aliens and their alien heads. These heads instruct them to create a state of destruction on earth. In this application, there are some features that a user has to purchase to get access.

What is Alien Drive me Crazy Mod APK?

Alien Drive me Crazy Mod APK is the same game as aliens but the difference is that this is the hacked version of the game. This means that a user gets all of the premium features unlocked. To get access to all the features a user just has to download the game. The other important thing is that this version is also ad-free. You do not have to watch ads to continue your game.

Is Alien Drive Me Crazy Mod APK requires Internet?

No, this is an offline game. You can play without the internet.

How much do we have to play to download Alien Drive Me Crazy Mod APK?

This game is totally free to download.

How to earn coins in Alien Drive me Crazy Mod APK?

You can earn coins by smashing aliens. 

Alien Drive Me Crazy Mod APK


Offline Game

Most of the action games required the internet to play. But this game does not require any kind of connection to play the game.  You can enjoy the game without any kind of connection. If you don’t have internet available you don’t need to wait for the connection you can play the game without internet.

Easy to understand

This game is the easiest game that a player can understand by playing the game only once. You do not need any kind of guide to understand the game. Download the game and just enjoy it. You will easily understand after opening the interface because the interface is user-friendly to understand.

Single Player

This game is a single-player game. You can play alone. Sometimes in multiplayer games, you have to wait for your teammates to come and play together and they don’t come. But there is no such thing in this game you can play alone without any teammate. You can play like one man army.

2D Graphics

This game is based on 2D graphics. In the era of 3D, this game is based on 2D. The reason behind this is that the concept of aliens is not true, keeping this in view the developer, develops the game in a natural and unique way. The 2D graphics make this game different from all other games.

Defeat aliens

Some of the aliens entered within the boundary of the earth and keep on attacking the earth’s surface. Aliens keep on capturing humans and the earth’s surface. The player has to gear up their vehicles and save the people who remained safe from aliens.

Destroy alien’s base

Aliens start making and building their army strong and established a base on earth. The player has to find the base. After finding the base the player has to destroy the alien’s base that they formed within their spaceship.

Save Survivors

After occupying earth aliens start killing people. But the player finds the people who are still surviving. The Player has to rescue them to clear up all the buildings and houses and find all the survivors from the alien’s attack.

Different Weapons & Vehicles

To fight and defeat aliens and their boss this game have many high damaged weapons and heavy vehicles. These both help to find aliens and fight with them. Both weapons and vehicles are important in this battle.


After completing each challenge the player gets coins. The player can also get these coins by smashing the aliens. These coins are used by players to upgrade their weapons and vehicles. A player can also buy new costumes with the help of these coins.

Alien Drive Me Crazy Mod APK

Mod Features


The best and the most important mod feature is that it is the ad-free version of the game. What does that mean? It means that while playing there will be no ads on your screen. A player can enjoy the game peacefully. To enjoy the mod version of this game a player just need to download this version and play it peacefully.

Unlimited Coins

The main mod feature is that unlimited coins. Coins are used to get different weapons, vehicles, and costumes. But you get these coins by playing. In a mod version by only downloading the version you already have unlimited coins. You can easily get all the weapons, vehicles, and costumes that you want to purchase.

Unlock Premium Feature

The mod version of the game comes up with all of the premium features unlocked in the version. Like this version is ad-free you do not need to watch ads. Unlimited coins to get whatever you want to but in the game.

Free To Download

You must think that you have to pay to get all of these special features for your game. But you will be amazed after knowing that you can get all of these features for absolutely free. You did not have to pay even a single penny to get all of these features.

Alien Drive Me Crazy Mod APK


All of the features that this game has are the most demanding features. If anyone out there loves to play against aliens and wants to defeat the aliens and their boss must try this game. In order to try this game you just have to download it. After downloading you will get all of the premium features for absolutely free. This is the best aliens smashing game one should try this at least one time. After trying you will addicted to this game.


Q. Is Alien Drive me Crazy Mod APK safe to download?

Yes, this game is 100% safe to download.

Q. Is Alien Drive me Crazy Mod APK hacked version?

Yes, this is the hacked version of the game.

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