Animal Warfare Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Animal Warfare Mod Apk V2.9.4 Download Unlimited Gems
App Name Animal Warfare Mod Apk
Publisher PlaySide Studios
Genre Strategy
Size 99.79 MB
Latest Version v2.9.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update October 25, 2022


Animal Warfare is a all about animals fighting. You can merge your animals and make them stronger to fight. You can keep your animals and train them for fierce wild battles. You can have animals like wolf, lions, dogs and bears.

Build your animal kingdom and dominate everyone with your powerful animals. Be furious and ruthless in fighting. Let the animals fight and only ruthless and merciless will take the lead. Merge the same level animals and make them powerful. If you verge two animals together.

It will unify and more powerful will be developed for you. You can fight with stronger enemies as you keep on getting more lethal warriors of the animal kingdom. Fights are fought in autobattle. You just have to keep your animal strong. Rest of the fight will be done by the autobattler.

Animal Warfare Mod Apk

What is Animal Warrior Apk?

Animal Warrior apk is the usual download with standard features. It’s same as play store version which contains all free available features and you can play as you want. You can pet free animals and keep merging them to get a stronger one. To get more animals to merge, you have to fight and win because that’s how you will earn the money. This money can be spent over new animals to purchase and make your Kingdom even more powerful to reign the monarchy.

What is Animal Warfare Mod Apk?

Animal Warfare mod apk is the premium version made free for you. You can now get as many lethal animals as many you want. You can strike your opponent in different strategies and tactics because all modes and trainings are now unlocked for you. This mod version has god level features. No opponent will take a break if it’s fighting against you. You have no ads and infinite money to spend on any thing.

How to download Animal Warfare?

Animal Warfare is available on our website. It is available in both apk and mod apk versions on our website which is safe to download and tested for all viruses. These files are easy to install and play.

How many levels are there in Animal Warfare?

There are more than 100 unique levels available to play in Animal Warfare. All levels come with a unique difficulty level and unique experience to gamer. It allows to have best and fiercely engaging fights.

Can you play multiplayer on Animal Warfare?

No, this is a single player offline game. You play in AI environment and log in to synchronise your game levels to keep your game progress saved.

Animal Warfare Mod Apk


Unique Animal

Every animal is a special animal. All animals have their own powers and attributes. You can get many animals but to buy them, you have to spend game money or win fights to unlock them. You need to upgrade your animal’s power in order to increase the expectancy of winning the match. All battles are fought in autobattle mode so you can’t really save your animal if it’s week. So keep it stronger before the match.

Strategies and Tactics

Your animals have many cool tactics and intellectual strategies to outsmart your opponent. You enemies have the same tactics if you have their animals or same category. Only the power will make a difference in this fierce wild fight. You can use tactics and strategies against powerful ones because sometimes power doesn’t take you to the trophy but good planning does. Play it with good intelligence and win games.

Rule The Kingdom

Be the king of your kingdom. You can rule over everyone present on your server. Keep your pack ready to fight and lethal in different ways. Train your animals for tactics, strategies, good planning and best of all the power scale. Power scale and best tactics will lead you to beautiful satisfying endings for you.

Animals Pack

You can get any animal you want. You can have herbivores to carnivores. You may have a collection of reptiles too. Lions, tigers, bears, dogs, foxes and elephants. Any animal you name it. You can get it. Keep collecting the animals and merge them to fight the worse and fierce deadly battles. Knock them out and win it.

Animal Warfare Mod Apk

 Mod Features

All Animals Unlocked

You have all animals unlocked and ready for you to fight the bloody and lethal conflicts. You can rip off the flesh from the bones of opponents if you are strong enough. So, get your all Animals Unlocked and ready to get merged for most exciting and deadly battles. Merge your animals to get a stronger one. Get a new animal and fight the beasts

Free Chest Unlocked

Chests are very helpful in finding new animals. They have premium class animals sometimes available for free. You can now unlock these chests easily without even spending a coin in game. These chests may contain tactics and new strategies for specific animals or merge points for each animal. This chest unlocked could be a jackpot too if you are lucky enough.

Unending Money

Game money is the most important element of any game. This is the Currency which you can use to get new animals and unlock new features. Don’t worry, this mod has all features unlocked and infinite money cheat activated for you so you spend like never before. You can feed your animals and get new ones. You can win bundles and open crates for epic rewards. Money helps you skipping the levels too. If an animal is too hard to beat. Just skip it by hook or crook.

Animal Warfare Mod Apk


Animal Warfare is a simulation game which you can play as single player. This game has a lot of. Cool fighting modes in which you can fight the fierce and lethal battles. These battles are played in autobattle mode. You don’t have to tap screen to fight. Just tap once and it will beat the opponent itself. You can only win fierce and wild attacks if you have trained your pet for these hard blows. Otherwise go back to arena and start training them again. You can access to strategies and tactics and train your animals accordingly.


Q. Can we manually fight in Animal Warfare mod apk?

No, autobattler does the fighting for you. You have to keep your animals ready, stronger and powerful enough to win an autobattle fight. Because you don’t have any room for mistakes.

Q. Can you merge different animals together in Animal Warfare mod apk?

Yes, you can merge different animals of same category or level to upgrade your pet. You can make them more lethal if you merge the right ones.


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