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App Name Benji Bananas APK
Genre Adventure
Size 27.1Mb
Latest Version v1.64
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update January 04, 2024

Benji Bananas is a game in which you will play the role of a monkey. He is a newborn monkey that's why he is not familiar with the landscape of the jungle. In this game, you will indulge yourself in the swinging adventure. You have to swing on ropes to move to different locations but the ropes are not always the same. There might be some snakes or burning ropes in the higher levels of this game. You can collect various boosters in this game that will help you to increase the speed of your monkey.

This game allows you to change the outfits of your monkey and you can modify it with different accessories in the game. You have to collect bananas that are the main game currency.

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In Benji Bananas, you have to train a newborn monkey to travel in the jungle. The only way to move from one place to another is with the help of Ropes but the ropes are not always the same. In some levels, there will be burning ropes that will be difficult to handle. This game features realistic physics that's why you have to be very careful while moving around. You have to collect bananas that will help you to buy different things.


Benji Bananas APK

Features of Benji Bananas APK

Adventurous Gameplay

Benji Bananas is an adventure game where you have to explore the Jungle with the help of Ropes. In this game, you have to train a newborn monkey and let him know about the different aspects of the Jungle and how he can survive here.

Move through Ropes

Your monkey will not be able to move on the ground. The only way to travel in this game is with the help of ropes, so you have to be very careful while moving in the jungle.

Different Challenges

This game features a variety of challenges in which you have to complete the tasks that are assigned to your monkey. By completing these challenges, you will be able to earn rewards.

Collect Bananas

During this game, you have to collect bananas. The bananas are the main currency in this game and whenever you have to buy anything you have to spend Bananas.

Various Levels

This game features different levels and there will be various tasks that you have to complete in order to proceed to the next level. Sometimes there will be burning ropes that will make it difficult for you to travel. You might have to use snakes in place of the ropes.

Different Environments to explore

As this is a Jungle, but there are so many different landscapes and environments to explore. Sometimes you might have to travel in the green environment but sometimes the environment will change to a snowy place.

Customise your Monkey

You also have the chance to change the appearance of your monkey. You can buy different outfits for your monkey that will help him to tackle the difficulties.

Collect Boosters

You can collect so many boosters in this game. For example, there is a rocket that will help you to move without a need of ropes. You can use this booster when there are burning Ropes.

Unlimited Bananas

If you download the modified version of Benji Bananas then you will be able to get unlimited bananas which means you do not have to collect them during your journey.

No ads

The modified version of this game is also free from all kinds of interruptions.

Benji Bananas APK

Why do people like Benji Bananas MOD APK?

People like Benji Bananas Mod APK because in this version they will receive unlimited bananas which means there is no need to collect bananas. They will also be able to buy boosters with the help of them; you will not face any kind of restrictions while playing this Mod version.

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In the hacked version of Benji Bananas, you will get a lot of advantages. The first one of them is that there is no need to collect bananas and you do not even have to worry about the unwanted ads because this game is free from all the interruptions.

Benji Bananas APK 2023 Download

If you want to get the latest updates of this game then you should download Benji Bananas APK 2023.

Benji Bananas APK

Final Verdict

Benji Bananas is an exciting game where you have to take care of a newborn monkey and you have to make him go through the different landscapes of the jungle. But in order to get unlimited bananas in this game you should download Benji Bananas Mod APK.


Q. Can I play Benji Bananas without Internet connection?

Yes, you can play Benji Bananas without the internet connection.

Q. How do you customise your character in Benji Bananas?

You can customise your character with the help of different outfits.

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