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App Name Bussid APK
Genre Simulation
Size 327 MB
Latest Version v21.0
MOD Info Unlimited Fuel
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Update October 07, 2023


Bussid is a simulation game where you are playing as a diver. In this game, you have to drive on the busy roads of Indonesia as the roads are busy. That's why you have to be very careful not to collide with any other vehicle. As a bus driver you have to pick passengers from different locations and drop them at different points. But during this journey, you have to take care of all the traffic rules and if you break any rules then you will get a penalty.

You will also face so many challenges in your way. For example, you have to cope with the weather conditions or any uneven roads. You should also not drive too fast because it will also get you penalised.


Indonesia Bus Simulator Mod Apk

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Bussid is a bus simulation game in which you have to drive on the busy roads. That's why you have to be very careful to not collide with any other vehicle. You have to follow all the traffic rules in order to provide your passengers with good travel quality. You can also customise your buses and buy new ones with the help of money.

Features of Bussid APK

Drive Carefully

In this game, you have to drive carefully because you are taking the passengers to a destination and you can create a lot of inconvenience for them if you do not drive properly.

Busy Roads

You have to drive on the busy roads in which many other vehicles are moving. That's why you have to be in your Lane and change your speed accordingly.

Cope up with weather

There are going to be a lot of different weather conditions with which you have to go, for example in the rainy weather you have to be a little slower then the regular days.

Follow traffic rules

You have to follow all the traffic rules in order to not get fined by the traffic police. This thing will also benefit you in the game with many rewards.

Drive at night

You can drive at night in this game but for this purpose we need the front lights so that you can see what is ahead of you. You also have to be a little slower during the night time.

Take care of speed

Always take care of the speed of your vehicle because you can create a lot of havoc because of it. Also, there is a particular speed limit for the buses that you should not exceed.

Change Camera View

This app supports different camera views and you can choose one depending upon your convenience. For example, you can easily choose the front camera view or the above camera as well.

Sound and Graphics

It has an amazing sound and graphics. You can get to see the realistic graphics in the game and the sounds are very similar to the realistic traffic sounds.

Change the look

You can change the look of your buses by modifying them with various colours and patterns. You can also get a new model of the bus.

Free Upgrades

You can get free upgrades in the Bussid game with the help of the premium version of this game. You can also get unlimited money that you can use to buy the new buses.


Indonesia Bus Simulator Mod Apk

Why do people like Bussid Premium APK?

People are a fan of Bussid Premium apk because in this version they can get free upgrades for their buses and they also have the authority to change the look of the buses without a need to collect enough money. They can also buy any new bus in this premium version.

Download Bussid Premium APK Latest Version 2023

Bussid Premium apk allows you to buy the new buses for free which means you would not have to collect money to get your favourite bus. But in order to get these features, you have to pay the subscription charges for the premium version of this app.

Bussid APK 2023 Download

There are a lot of new bus models added in this game and in order to have access to them, you can download Bussid APK 2023.


Indonesia Bus Simulator Mod Apk

Downloading Bussid Premium APK

You can download Bussid Premium apk on your device by simply clicking on the link that is available in this article. By doing so two options will appear on your screen and you have to click on the download option. Now, you can open this apk file to install it.


Indonesia Bus Simulator Mod Apk

Final Verdict

If you like to play simulation games then this is the best choice for you because you are going to have a lot of fun while playing this. In order to get some extra privileges, you can shift to the pro version of this app.


Q. How can I modify my bus in Bussid APK?

Yes, you can modify your bus in Bussid APK.

Q. How do you change the Camera View on Bussid?

You can click on the camera Icon on your screen to change your camera view.


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