Cat Runner Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Cat Runner Mod Apk V4.9.1 (Unlimited Money)
App Name Cat Runner Mod Apk
Publisher Ivy
Genre RPG
Size 68.82 MB
Latest Version v4.9.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update July 30, 2022

Have you ever ran after a robber? If you have not, well now is your chance because your cat has been robbed heavily and you have to let your cat run after him. In Cat Runner, you run after a robber and collect as many coins as you can by dodging the cars and trains.

It is an endless run game in which you collect coins and furnish your home and decorate it well after being robbed. As you collect the coins, your cat starts to run faster and faster. More fasted the cat, more difficult to dodge the incoming cars and trains.

It requires really a great focus and good finger work because controls are too sensitive. If you master the run, you can even hit the top charts and compete in online modes as well. You can run against the score of your friends and set a high target yourself for them.

Cat Runner Mod Apk

What is Car Runner Apk?

Car Runner apk is normal version of the game. Once you start running your cat, you will start collecting money for your home. Your primary task is to make your home better and decorate it well. Just keep evading the trains and cars and score as long as you can. This has an online feature too which you can use to hit the top positions and set difficult records for your buddies.

What is Car Runner Mod Apk?

You run to earn, but now you will just run to fun. Because mod version has unlimited coins and it’s totally ad free. You have exclusive characters cat available which can be purchased by using your free limitless coins. So, now just run to hit the top charts and scoreboard because that’s only matter now.

Is Cat Runner an unending game?

Yes, this is an unending, top running game in which you just keep running after a robber and your cat will collect coins and you get your scores multiplied every moment you pass and evade the incoming hurdles and traffic.

Can you buy new house in Cat Runner?

You can upgrade your house and it’s each room. You can only customise and make your present house bigger and more beautiful by spending more coins and game money.

Can you multiplayer in Cat Runner?

No, you can not play live with your player but, you can fight against the score set by your friends. So, defeat them on leaderboard and set your own records for others. Of course, you can be unbeatable if you try.

Cat Runner Mod Apk


Challenging Run

As long as you keep your cat alive and running, you catch speed and have to dodge the hurdles and distractions. This speed run will let you score even more and faster so you don’t have to be bored and get sleepy mood. Just keep your cat run alive and faster. Because this is what this game is about. Run and run only.

Easy Controls

This game has very easy controls. You just have to swipe to evade and dodge the hurdles and obstacles. Keep running and keep dodging by swiping through the screen. This game has very sensitive controls because you want to control it so fast. This game is so easy and addictive to play. Swipe and play and win. That’s the game you wanted the most.

Offline Game

This is an offline game as well which is playable without internet connection. It keeps your record saved in local storage which you can sync when you go online in this game and link with your account on it. This game is best when you’re too bored or have limited time to spare but you’re free and got nothing. So start playing this let your cat run after a criminal which stole everything of your favourite pet.

Good for all ages

This game is rated good for all ages. You don’t have to be adult or a kid to play this game. This game require skills and which can be developed any age. We suggest this game for kids more because this develop a sense of quick reaction and decision to react in limited time which is a good developing skills in any kid’s attributes. It is medically and Psychologically proved that one who plays such games have more better decisiveness and quick reaction and logical thinking abili

Cat Runner Mod Apk

Mod Features

Unlimited Coins

This game has unlimited coins in modified version which you can spend to purchase new things for your house and decorations. You can spend coins for your new characters and perks and upgradation of your run capabilities. It’s all about spending coins and now you have unlimited so don’t worry about it.

Ads Free Run

If you are running and get smashed, don’t worry of watching ads to revive it. Because now ads are eliminated. You don’t want to be annoyed by any distractions do we have taken care of this thing. All ads are opted out and make yourself comfortable in running.

Invincible Characteristic

We have added a cheat in mod. You can turn it on or off. That’s your choice. In this characteristic, you become immortal because you just pass through anything and everything without dying. You don’t have to evade or dodge the incoming traffic and hurdles. All you have to do is just sit back, relax and watch the cat running after uncatchable thief who just robbed you and brought you to the roads and tracks.

Cat Runner Mod Apk


Cat Runner is an unending game in which your cat will run after a robber. Spend the money wisely on your house and make it more beautiful. Because more decorated your house is, more chances are likely for you to hit the leaderboard. If you run without getting smashed by anything, you can set new records for your friends and family who plays this game. This is a fun game which you can even play online but not live with friends. Get chests and surprise boxes and unlock them after the game. Every surprise back may have a perk or a character for you. So Download Now!


Q. How many coins do we have in Cat Runner mod apk?

You have limitless coins in Cat Runner. Don’t worry of running out of it. Keep your house well intact. Don’t run for money, run to have fun only.

Q. Are we invincible in Cat Runner mod apk?

Yes, you are invincible in cat runner mod apk. You van turn this cheat on or off. It’s on you. If you’re invincible, then just run and go anywhere leaving your phone as it is. Because now you’re immortal.

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