Csr Racing Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)

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Csr Racing Mod Apk
PublisherNaturalMotionGames Ltd


Size 70.2 MB
Latest Versionv2.11.1 b2685
MOD Info Unlimited Currency
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Update May 22, 2018
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v2.11.1 b2685

Csr Racing Mod Apk

CSR racing mod apk is an online racing game that allows you to enter the racing world and experience the best races ever. If you love racing then this game is made for you as you can experience the same adrenaline while playing this game as you do in real races.

Csr Racing Mod Apk

It gives you the opportunity to drive many different cars and take up the steering wheel of the most amazing fast cars ever such as Ford GT, Audi, Mini, Dodge, Chevrolet, BMW, Nissan GT-R and many more. So now you can enjoy driving your dream car with the help of this amazing game. So hop on in the driving seat, take control of the wheel and push the accelerator as fast as you can because this game will get you ahead of the competition.

Csr Racing Mod Apk

CSR Racing mod apk has been produced by Natural Motion Games Ltd that lets you enjoy the amazing city streets. Another plus point of this game is that it allows you to drive over 100 cars that are licensed. All you have to do is earn money by winning the exciting races and move to the next challenging race.

Csr Racing Mod Apk

You can also upgrade your car and add new features by using the money that you earned in the previous races. However, there is one drawback of this game that in order to use additional features and play more efficiently you have to pay for them. So this act as a hindrance in playing the game since some of them most amazing features are available only in the premium level.

Csr Racing Mod Apk

Csr Racing Mod Apk


  • Abundant cars to choose from

By downloading this game and playing it you can experience racing in 100 different licensed cars in 100 different styles. These are some of the cars that everyone dreams of as a kid because of their amazing and sophisticated design and unique features. These cars include vehicles from some of the most known car brands throughout the world. These include Ford GT, Audi, Mini, Dodge, Chevrolet, BMW, Nissan GT-R and many more.

  • Customization

With the help of this amazing game you can customize your favorite car according to your own choice and needs. You can personalize it by adding the fastest engine, tires with the most amazing grip, bumper of your choice and a color that compliments the features of the car. In order to add more features to your car you need to earn money in the game by winning races that are available almost all the time. By upgrading your car you can win more races.

  • Become the boss

This game offers so many new races and you never run out of the amount of challenges available. It is up to you to beat the crew and winner of each race and become the new boss in every race.

  • Go Global

Do you think you have what it takes to fight against the crews all over the globe? If you do then complete your game up to the level of tier 5 and then become eligible to play against people from all across the globe. Win these international matches to upgrade your vehicle further and earning more money and bonus points.

  • Renew you Engine

Make your car better by adding new and exciting features. Win more games with greater difficulty level by upgrading your car’s engine. You can add stickier tires to enhance the grip of your car and cut out the weight of your vehicle.

New Features

  • Improved Graphics

You can now play this game with greater efficiency and improved view with the help of enhanced graphics. These graphics have been added to provide you with a much better experience while winning your races. The visuals have been improved to a great extent.

  • Amazing Gameplay

The game offers an amazing gameplay and a very exciting journey from being an ordinary racer to being the master and boss of every game. The game never lets you get bored as you are surrounded by so many challenges.

  • Non-stop Racing

The CSR Racing game provides you with so many different races and each race is different from the other displaying a greater level of challenge. These exciting games will keep you hooked on the game and leave you wanting more from this amazing experience.

How to Install CSR racing apk?

To install this incredible racing game follow the simple steps given below.

  • As this game is for Android, go to you’re the settings of your Android device and allow the installation from unknown sources.
  • Then download from the link that is given.
  • Next open the downloaded file in your phone
  • Now click install and wait for it to install
  • You game has been downloaded. Enjoy!


Q1. What are the different levels of the CSR racing game?

Ans: There are four levels of the game, Easy, Challenging, Hard and Extreme. With each level the difficulty increases and you can choose which one you want to play. Each level has its own stars that get filled out when you are playing it.

Q2. How to get a perfect shift in Csr racing game?

Ans. To get a perfect shift to start your race you need to push the right paddle also called the upshift paddle when the green light starts to flash. To help you to know when the green light will flash there will be 1, 2 ,3  and shift now written under it in blue color that will help you to know when to be prepared to press the shift.

Q3. What happens with the Nitrous Boost button?

Ans. This button is circular and red in color with NO2 written on it. It is present on the left side of your view and it helps your car to speed up and get ahead of the rest in the game.

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