Deemo Mod Apk (Full Unlocked)

App Name
Deemo Mod Apk
PublisherRayark International Limited


Size 21MB
Latest Versionv2.00
MOD Info Full Unlocked
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Update April 13, 2021
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Deemo Mod Apk

Deemo Mod Apk:Music is a love for many people in the world. They can feel the tune and the lyrics of the music. Music is a source of pleasure for many people. What about to play a game with the music. Deemo Mod Apk is a game full of mysterious story. This music game is developed by Rayark. This is some kind of an emotional game.

Deemo Mod Apk

The story of this game is led by the music. Two main characters are in the game one is the girl that falls from the sky lost all this memory and the past and the second is the dark character that helps her to take her back to his world. He helps the girl by playing the music.

Deemo Mod Apk

The dark character in this game tries to regain her lost memory by playing the music. More than 20 songs are present in this game the players can choose any song among them. As you start progressing in this game the new and more songs will unlock. No daily missions and no tough mission are in this game.

Deemo Mod Apk

The piano is played by the dark character near the tree. If you are a player in this game if you complete the song then the tree will grow and after this new stories and songs unlocked. You have to play this game continuously to unlocked new songs and stories.

Deemo Mod Apk

Deemo Mod Apk

Advantages and disadvantages


Free to download;

this amazing music game is absolutely free to download. You don’t have to pay any kind of charges at all. This game is free for the people. Download this game free and enjoy the game.

Easy one;

This game is really very simple to play. The controls of this game are easy to understand. Other mostly games are hard to play but this Deemo Mod Apk game is so easy to play.


Heavy in size;

Deemo Mod Apk game is heavy in size.  Low space devices can not enjoy this game. At least 2 GB of space is requires to get this game in your device.

Battery consuming;

this game is heavier in size so tis will drain your battery fast. If you have a good battery in your phone then you can enjoy this game but if you don’t have a good battery then this will drain your battery quicker.

Deemo Mod Apk


Free songs

This game is totally based on the music. More than 60 songs are free in this game. Free songs make this game wonderful to play. Play the songs to enjoy and start make progressing in this game.

Original piano songs

Lot of original piano songs is available in this game.  Many songs in this game are composed by the famous composers all around the world.

No internet connection needed

Many other games need the internet connection to play game but this Deemo game doesn’t need the internet connection to play. Just download the game and play this game without internet connection.

Easy to download

This Deemo game is very easy to download. The downloading procedure of this game is very easy to get.  No complicated procedure is needed to get this game.

User friendly game

This game Deemo has a user friendly interface. User can easily handle the game.

Cost free

This game will cost nothing. This game is free to install in your devices. In other games you may have to pay the charges to play but this game is completely free to get.

Deemo Mod Apk

How to download

  • The downloading process is very easy. Just follow these given steps.
  • First open the Google browser. And after this in the search bar type the name of this game.
  • After this you can see the results related to your search.
  • Open any page and after this you can see the downloading option.
  • Click on this and after this your game will start downloading.
  • After this open the file manager of your device.
  • Open the downloaded folder and then click on this Apk to install in your device.
  • After the installation open the game and enjoy this best game.

Deemo Mod Apk


How to download this game?

You can download this game from the Google. Follow the above mentioned steps to download this game.

Is this game easy to play?

Yes this game is absolutely easiest one to play. The game play of this game is very easy. The controls of his game makes easier to play

Is this game is safe to install?

Yes this game is safe to install in your android device. This game will not harm your android device.

 What’s new in this game?

This game removes all the unnecessary access and now back button support is now available in this game.

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