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App Name DomiNations Apk
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Genre Strategy
Size 140 MB
Latest Version v12.1310.1311
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Update January 04, 2024

Dominations is a game in which you have to develop your own Civilization. This game provides you with different civilizations in the world that include Romans, British, Chinese, French, Germans, Japanese etc. You can pick any one of the civilizations and start your game. You have to take certain actions in this game that will help you to develop your town and you can also upgrade your city by completing the campaigns in this game.

You can develop the defences of your town and can also attack other civilizations to collect resources and loot. This game will also allow you to interact with the famous leaders of history that include Cesar, Da Vinci, King Sejong and so many others. You can also compete with other players in this game.

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Dominations is a game in which you can have your own Civilization and you can do various things to develop your Nation. You will start off from scratch and you have to take some steps to upgrade your city. For example, you can upgrade your defence system so that no one can invade your Colony. You can also attack on Different cities to collect loot and resources for your town. You can develop your own army in this game.

Dominations Mod APK

Features of Dominations APK

Different civilizations available

In Dominations, there are a total of 8 different civilizations available that are French, Japanese, Chinese, European Civilization and the American Civilization as well. You can pick any of these civilizations to start your game.

Manage your Town

You are the CM of your own town and you have to develop and manage your town so that people of your Nation can live peacefully and can also deal with all the new technologies in the world.

Complete Campaigns

This game contains a lot of online campaigns that you can complete. These campaigns will help you to upgrade your town and to bring resources in your town so that your Nation can live peacefully.

Develop your Town

You can develop your town in various ways. For example, you can have your own Army that will protect your colony from the Invaders. You can also construct buildings and different Towers to improve the infrastructure of your city.

Collect Loot

In this game, you also have to collect loot. For this purpose, you have to attack other cities so that you can get treasure and gold that will help you to develop your own civilization.

Upgrade your Defences

To make your Civilization powerful, you have to upgrade your defences. You can create barriers around your city so that the Invaders cannot enter your Civilization. You can also equip your Army with different weapons for the protection of your land.

Meet historical personalities

During your game, you can meet historical personalities that developed amazing civilizations. You can interact with these personalities and can also get tips from them.

Upgrade your City

As you proceed in this game, you can use money to upgrade your city. It will also help you to expand the area of your civilization so that you can become a developed nation.

Unlimited Resources

In order to get unlimited resources in this game, you can download Dominations pro apk on your device.

Free Upgrades

In this game, you have to upgrade your defences, your army and your Civilization as well. But if you download the pro version of the game then you will get free upgrades.

Dominations Mod APK

Why do people like Dominations Pro APK?

People like Dominations Pro APK because in this version, they will get unlimited resources for their City that will allow them to improve the infrastructure. They will also get free upgrades in this version which makes it really easy to develop their civilization.

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If you download the pro version of Dominations then you will receive unlimited resources and free upgrades. The users will also be able to get rid of all the interruptions in this version. But the only way to get these advantages is to pay the subscription charges of this game.

Dominations APK 2022 Download

If you want to get the latest and updated version of this game then you should download Dominations APK 2022 from our website.

Dominations Mod APK

Final Verdict

Dominations is a game where you can develop your own Civilization and turn it into a developed City. You can take various measures to upgrade your civilization. You can also compete with your friends in the online mode of this game. But in order to get the pro features of this app, you have to download dominations Pro APK on your device.


Q. How do you collect loot in Dominations APK?

You can collect loot by attacking other cities.

Q. Can I play Dominations with my friends?

Yes, you can play Dominations with your friends in the online multiplayer mode.

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