Fun Race 3D Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Fun Race 3d Mod Apk V200301 Unlimited Money Download
App Name Fun Race 3D Mod Apk
Publisher Good Job Games
Genre Racing
Size 95 MB
Latest Version v200301
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update April 10, 2023


Fun Race 3D is from the developers of famous Run Race 3D game. Fun Race 3D is an offline game in which you can parkour all obstacles to win. You will climb the wall, jump off a cliff, skip the ropes and fast moving objects.

You will defy the gravity and run fast for your life. So, this game is all about survival. Each level is of different difficulty and it gets further, it gets tough to pass so polish your skills accordingly. This game is very addictive and once you start playing there’s no way back. You might have seen this game in ads but you haven’t tried it yet.

Try it now and you will love the friendly user interface and challenging levels. Customise your stickman to your favourite colours or buy mew clothes for your characters. Fun Race 3D is one of most popular games in the world with users all around the globe.

Fun Race 3D Mod Apk

What is Fun Race 3D Apk?

Fun Race 3D apk is typical download version of the official one. You can play this version for free and enjoy all the features. Race with other players and gets new stages unlocked. Each stage has a unique fun and difficulty level which puts you in a new experience every time you move onto next one. So, test yourself how good you are at keeping your character alive and do you have what it takes to reach the end line? 

What is Fun Race 3D Mod Apk?

Fun Race 3D mod apk contains everything that you need without spending a penny. This game has no advertisements or software bugs in it. It has infinite health and unlimited lifelines cheat activated for you. You can skip any level if it’s too hard for you to play. Don’t worry of getting free limited coins because you already have what you want. Now, you don’t even have to jump off the obstacles and parkour them. Simply walk through them and you’re invincible without any getting harm.

Is Fun Race 3D a Parkour Game?

Yes, Fun Race 3D is a parkour game which is more like a survival game as well. You have to run for your life and evade hurdles. This is very easy to play like no difficult parkour game which keeps your losing it.

How do you control run in Fun Race 3D?

It’s tap to play. If you keep your finger pressed on screen, your player will keep running. As you leave the screen, it stops. Player response to control inputs are very efficient and very abrupt.

Is it difficult to pass Fun Race 3D game levels?

All game levels comes with a unique difficulty levels. Some are easier to pass and some require your patience and tricky skills to pass. So, this game has an average level difficulty in its all game levels.

Fun Race 3D Mod Apk


Parkour Game

This is basically a Parkour Game which you can play for fun. You have to skip walls, ropes, hurdles and dynamic moves are required to pass each levels. It gives you some challenging levels which you have to play with patience and parkour each obstacle on time otherwise you will be pushed off the ramp and fell into water or world. It is more like a Fun Game Takeshi’s Castle. So, have fun playing it.

Easy Controls

You don’t have to play in arcade controls or arrow keys which are traditionally known for gaming. It is tap to play game. You tap on the screen and you start running. You have to keep your finger on screen which will keep your player running. Repeatedly taps will make your player walk fastly. As you put the finger off the screen, player stops. So, have patience and play it well.

Expansive Game Stages

If you think that you are good at parkour and you will finish the game in a day. It’s just a thought. Fun Race 3D has expansive campaign and several levels to play. Each level has its own difficulty and unique characteristics required to win. So, play it well and if you rush playing it. You’ll rush back to start line again and again.

Offline Game

This game can also be played without any internet connectivity. If you are bored sitting somewhere or commuting anywhere. Don’t worry. Take your device out and see if you have guts to reach the finish lines.

Multiple Characters

Fun Race 3D has different characters which can be unlocked once you start creating a win streak. You get a percentage of each character unlocked on each winning. So keep on winning and you will unlock your server character which you can switch between to play. Some characters are long and a few are short. So each character has even it’s own characteristics to run.

In-Game Purchase

Some characters and perks are purchasable. So if you purchase it, you can have exclusive characters. You can even purchase in game currency to skip levels if it bothers you a lot and keeping you from moving ahead. These unlocks comes at a price so you can purchase game currency at cheap rates

Fun Race 3D Mod Apk

Mod Features

Invincible Character

In mod version, you can walk through the parkour. You don’t have to jump off the walls or avoid the dynamic hurdles and jump. You can just hold the screen to run and pass through the walls or any Hurdle. You are invincible and immortal in the game now. Win all the levels of any difficulty.

Ads Free Run

This game has a lot of ads in standard version but this mod has opted this problem. So now you shall not have any ad. Ads have been stopped from intervening your game progress. So now run a marathon or walk like a turtle in the game. Lose or win, you will not get any ad alert or skip ads.

Infinite Game Currency

Game currency is earned by winning the games or purchasing it for real money. But now you have unending currency to spend on characters or skip levels. You can use and spend money to skip levels of your choice.


Fun Race 3D game is the best offline game which you can play any where. It is more of a parkour game that you play in a race. So it is a challenging one. You have so many levels to play and so many characters to unlock. If you will run fast enough, you can set your own records on leaderboard and bring a sense of competition among others too. You can skip level if you are weak in any level or it is too difficult to play and win. Controls are very simple. Just hold to run and release to stop.

Fun Race 3D Mod Apk


Q. Can we walk slowly in Fun Race 3D mod apk?

No, it’s a race game, you only have to run in Fun Race 3D to reach the finish line and win the game before anyone else reaches and beats you.

Q. Can we skip parkour levels in Fun Race 3D mod apk?

Yes, we can spend game currency to skip levels of our choice. We skip levels if we can not pass it or its too difficult to play.


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