Game of Khans Mod Apk (Unlimted Money)

Game Of Khans Mod Apk V1.8.29.10102 (Unlimited Money And Gems)
App Name Game of Khans Mod Apk
Publisher Clicktouch Co., Ltd.
Genre RPG
Size 32 MB
Latest Version v1.8.29.10102
MOD Info Unlimted Money
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Update August 06, 2022

If you want to feel like a warrior and a king of kingdom. And what if that kingdom and empire of Mongolia. This is a strategic conquest of Mongols in which you are a lethal warrior and a khan of Mongols. In this game you can khan and rule the kingdom of Eurasia.

This game is recommended by many celebrities and YouTubers. This game is famous among many gamers and gaming community admires the gameplay experience. This game has realistic tactics and game plan. You have to be really good at planning to win this tactical and planning game. You can summon your courtiers and advisors.

This is more of a royal family game. You can have a romantic relationship with multiple ones. This game is all about life of Khans. Be it in the court room or in the battlefield. You can plan it accordingly. Build your fortresses and castles. Build your castles and rule the Eurasia.

What is Game of KhansApk?

Game of Khans apk is a standardised download version if the original one. You can rule the Kingdom of Eurasia and rule the Mongols and fight the odds. This game is a Mongolian simulator in which you live like a royal and fight like a fighter. You can summon many courtiers to boost your game money rewards. You earn the best if you fight the best.

What is Game of KhansMod Apk?

Game of Khans mod apkis the premium version made free for you. You can download this version for free. This mod has all premium features unlocked which includes cheat like infinite money, you can marry as many consorts as many you want. You don’t have to get the ads too. Issue as many decrees as many you want. Decrees can be written to avoid the conflicts

Can you play Game of Khans in TPP?

No, this is a decisive game. You can not play this game in Third Person Perspective. You have to play this game in 2D mode but it’s very advanced level. It’s more like a comic story which you decide and write. 

What Game of Khans is about?

Game of Khans is a decisive game. It’s a tactical and planning game in which you plan your kingdom’s fortune and you live like a Mongol. It’s a Mongolian simulator and the best royal game.

 Can you have romantic affairs of Kings in Games of Khan?

Yes, you can have romantic affairs and Marry your consorts as many as you want. These consorts will be your love life and they need proper attention otherwise you might have a bad heir which can ruin your kingdom. These kingdoms can be well managed by you only.

Game Of Khans Mod Apk



Fight The Battles

You can fight the battles whenever you are ready to capture a new location with more stronger army and strength. You can increase your army by recruiting your more men from the kingdom and emperor. Armies can be created to develop the power of your Kingdom. More kingdom area means more power you have.

Summon The Courtiers

Courtiers are like your kingdom managers. They help you deciding the important decisions and tactics for the armies. They help you running the best management and flow of the management in your kingdom. These kingdom courtiers are more helpful in earning and generating the revenue.

Attack the other castles and Fortresses

You have to keep your area larger. Once you act upon the expansion. You have your best skills ready to use against the most dangerous enemies. You get your enemies feared because of your strength. Get more armies and set off to attack the big fortresses and castles. It will help you capturing the loot and kingdoms which will get your area expanded and make you ready to fight the fierce.

Marry the Consorts and Produce Heirs

This is a real life alike simulation game. You are too tired if fighting and capturing the castles. You are done ruling the tough times now you want a relax times with your consorts. Not just one but many. You can produce heirs and grow them well to be the next powerful king of the kingdom. You can raise the heirs and produce the best of the bests in the kingdom.

Game Of Khans Mod Apk

 Mod Features

Infinite Gold Coins

You don’t have to work hard to earn the gold coins because you already have unlimited coins available for you. You have infinite gold coins to spend. You can purchase heavy armour and invest in your inventory to make it more lethal for your armies. You can renovate the castles and increase the fortress security and defence. You can spend money to advance your skills and tactics to beat the hard enemies. Coins can be used to spend on consorts too. This will make them happier and you can have best time with them.

No Ads

Ads are always a nuisance and annoying marketing tactic to face while playing the game. It’s a short ad but its a long agony. Sometimes on low end performance devices, ads may struck and freeze your phones causing an unending trail of anger. You get sick of it even for short time but don’t worry.  We have the best mod which does not let you be distracted by ads. We have opted out all of them. Try this now.

Game Of Khans Mod Apk


Game of Khans is a Mongolian age conquest game. In this game, you can set up your own kingdom of Mongols and fight along the area of Eurasia. You can directly rule the kingdom as a king, manage it and have a married life with several consorts. These consorts will produce your heirs. Having them grown up well will bring prosperity to your kingdom. You can capture more land and eventually more army to take charge and let them fight for their homeland. This game let you be a warrior, a saviour and an icon for the nation. It does not have a multiplayer mode rather single player one.


Q. Can we marry several consorts in Game of khans mod apk?

Yes, we can marry many consorts and produce heirs. Heirs are very important to raise well because they will be your next best kings or the worst ones. That’s what you train them for.

Q. How many fortresses you can build in Game of Khans mod apk?

We can build countless fortresses and castles. Fortresses can really be helpful being strongholds and strong defence against the fierce and lethal armies. You can regroup or rendezvous with other armies against the oppressors.

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