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App Name Geometry Dash Apk
Publisher RobTop Games
Genre Arcade
Size 84.7 MB
Latest Version v2.2.13
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update December 20, 2023

Are you fond of playing games which involve danger and you have to save yourself up? Such types of games are a lot in number and they are easily accessible on Google play store. But do you know what's different and better than all those games? It's Geometry Dash APK which is an advanced and interesting type of game to play when you are so bored.

This game involves a character which runs particularly and jumps throughout the entire level to save itself from the obstacles. The obstacles are of various types and they are implanted both on the floor and in the air. So the character must behave carefully and try to win the level without getting hit by any of such hurdles. Moreover you can also enjoy a never ending range of levels in this game that are impossible to finish, so you keep playing the game forever.

Did you like this game and want to know more about it? Let's explore it together and find out what is the best feature of this game. It specifically has such great things to offer that you won't have to think twice in order to download this game. Here we go with a range of complete guides about Geometry Dash APK.

Geometry Dash Mod Apk

What is the Geometry Dash APK?

Geometry Dash APK is a game about crossing the hurdles by jumping and running constantly. There are barriers both up and down so you aa a player have to be careful in this game. This game involves a character that runs the entire levels and tries to not get hit by any such obstacles. Upon winning a level the character wins so much money in the reward.

This reward money could be used to buy new items in this game and unlock new stuff. If you cannot wait longer and want to get such things as soon as possible, then download the modified version of Geometry Dash APK where you will get all the items unlocked already along with an unlimited amount of money.

What is the Geometry Dash Mod APK?

This is a hacker version of Geometry Dash which has been making big rounds on the internet. It provides free access to all the extra material and items in this game that one has to pay for in the simple version of this game. For instance you want to unlock a new thing in this game, with the mod versus you will get to have it using the unlimited money.

Not just this, there are so many amazing things about Geometry Dash APK that you must try out. It is quite a brilliant game with many amazing features as well as various gaming modes for the players of all age groups and proficiencies.

What are Modes in Geometry Dash APK?

There are some certain gaming modes in Geometry Dash APK such as the practice, easy, normal, hard, harder, insane and demon. All of these modes are set upon different categories and for the people of different gaming levels so they can play accordingly without getting annoyed.

How Do You Get Geometry Dash for Free on Android?

You can get Geometry Dash for free on Android by downloading it from the Google Play Store or from this website. Both of the sources are 100% authentic and safe to download this game.

What Age Rating is Geometry Dash APK?

The age rating for Geometry Dash APK is 4+ because it is not such a harmful game for anyone. It's a creative game that anyone can play irrespective of the age group they belong to.

Does Geometry Dash Have Ads?

Yes, Geometry Dash contains ads like pop-ups and video ones. You can get rid of those ads by buying an in-app purchase feature to block the ads, or by downloading the mod version of Geometry Dash so you don't have to experience any type of ads.

Geometry Dash Mod Apk

Features of Geometry Dash APK

Interesting Gameplay

This game really has an interesting gameplay upon which it is based. Such amazing gameplay is interesting for anyone as it contains a character who is supposed to cross all the hurdles and reach its destination. You are the main character in the game so you run, jump and finish all the levels to win your rewards. This is the most amazing yet basic thing about this game.

Attractive Graphics

This game is entirely based on a 2D graphic model which is too amazing to see. This game and its entire display looks so ravishing and brilliant that users cannot decide what's the original thing and what's the gaming experience. Everything looks so real and enchanting in this game that anyone would think for a while that they are watching a movie scene. This game really looks heavenly beautiful because of its graphics as the color blending and combination is quite impressive.

Cross Obstacles

The basic yet most important thing to do in this game is to cross all the obstacles that you see in this game. These obstacles are present on the top of the ceiling, and on the floor that can hit you. All you have to do is keep yourself safe and do not get hit by any of such obstacles. You can cross them easily and reach your destination without getting affected by anything.

Countless Levels

This game does have countless levels because of which this game is never-ending. There are so many levels that you will get tired playing it, but obviously all of the levels won't be finished this way. You will have to play it more and more in order to finish more levels and proceed further in this game. This is the reason why people play it because it has countless levels that do not finish anytime soon.

Various Gaming Modes

The gaming modes are the best thing about this game as they have been designed to cater to every type of player. You do not have to play a certain type of level with intensity when you are not prepared for it. You can easily switch to the practice mode if you want to learn this game.

You will have easy and normal modes if you are a beginner. In case you are an expert and want to challenge yourself, then the harder, insane and demon modes will test your skills. High skills are required to play this game and complete all the challenges because a regular person won't be able to play and win these types of modes.

Win Rewards

You can win lots of rewards in this game by simply winning all the levels and challenges. It is not at all difficult to win such rewards because on each successful move you will win enough rewards. In this way you can end up earning so much rewards and cash in this game that you can further use it to buy multiple items in this game. This is the biggest motivation for each player to play this game non-stop.

Practice Mode

A simple practice mode is also a part of Geometry Dash so the users who are entirely new to this game can learn by playing it. It is a good thing for the new users and they can definitely enjoy this game because of such amazing practice mode. A kid, a teenager or an adult, anyone who wants to learn this game and see everything about it can switch to the practice mode and continue playing and learning.

Free to Download

This game is absolutely free to download and it is undoubtedly one of the best things about it. You can enjoy it for free and get it for free from any source such as google play store it this website.

Addictive Game

This is a fully addictive game for everyone to play. You can always find addiction playing this game and will never want to stop playing it. It has so many levels so for that reason it becomes a very addictive game that users keep playing constantly.

Geometry Dash Mod Apk


Geometry Dash APK is an amazing game for everyone, like people of all age groups can easily play it. This game is surely a favorite of many people as it continues to win hearts of the people without missing. Excited to play this game? Well you should be because it is an excellent game for everyone. Download this game now from our website following the link given on this page. After playing it for a while, do come back on this same page to share your reviews about this game. We would definitely like to read out what you have to say about this game.


Q. Who developed the Geometry Dash APK?

RobTop Games is the developer of the Geometry Dash APK.

Q. What is the Content Rating of Geometry Dash APK?

The content rating of Geometry Dash APK is 3+ which means that kids above age 3 can play this without any restriction.

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