Hotel Empire Tycoon Mod Apk ( Unlimited Money)

Hotel Empire Tycoon Mod Apk V2.4 Unlimited Money And Gems
App Name Hotel Empire Tycoon Mod Apk
Publisher Codigames
Genre Simulation
Size 140.29 MB
Latest Version v2.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update July 29, 2022

In our lives we all have some goals which we want to accomplish. Some of us wants to do a high paying job and some of us want to start our own business. For those who want to start their own business, there should be enough practice so that they can get into their respective business and become able to progress as well. However many people have interest in hotel management, it is an extremely well paying business especially in the aesthetic Areas where people mostly come for entertainment And enjoyment and stay in the hotels.

But this job is very difficult for the one who does not know anything about it. That's why in today's article we are going to talk about a game which will help you to know about the different aspects of Hotel Management. This game is called Hotel Empire Tycoon and it was developed by Codigames.

In this game you will get a chance to manage your own hotel and you will be the one who will make certain decisions in your hotels so that you can attract more customers to your hotel. You can make certain modifications to your hotel room so that people feel at ease in your hotels and you can also organise different events for your customers. Moreover, you can also include different dishes in your menu. In this game you are free to do anything.

 If you have an interest in this business and want to pursue it in the future then you should definitely play this game and you can have a look at this article for more information about it.

Hotel Empire Tycoon Mod Apk

What is the Hotel Empire Tycoon game?

Hotel Empire Tycoon is a simulation game in which the user will get a chance to become the manager of his own hotel and he will be the one who will make decisions regarding the advancements of the hotel. As a manager you will have to make certain modifications in your hotel so that people get attracted towards it and you get a lot of profit in return. Try to organise events for your customers or include new dishes in the menu so that people prefer your hotel.

What is the Hotel Empire Tycoon MOD APK?

In the standard version of Hotel Empire tycoon you will need money to make modifications in your hotel. To remove this restriction we have modified the standard version of this game. This modified version is known as Hotel Empire Tycoon Mod APK. In this modified version the user will be able to get unlimited money and with the help of this money you can buy different items for your hotel and you can hire more staff so that your hotel can be managed more efficiently.

How to stop losses in the Hotel Empire Tycoon game?

In the Hotel Empire Tycoon game there is a hotel analytics tab in which you will be able to see the profit that you are getting and the losses you are getting. Whenever your hotel is in loss this tab will give you a warning. By opening the tab you will get to see the factors that are leading your hotel towards the Loss. In this way you will be able to see the unwanted staff or any other thing which is causing the loss. By removing these factors you will be able to stop the loss but to make it profitable you will have to take some other actions.

How can I get special managers for my hotels in Hotel Empire Tycoon?

In Hotel Empire tycoon there will occur daily events which are named as event hotels. You will have to participate in these events and try to win them. If you win these events then you will get rewards and in these rewards you will also get special managers for your hotel. As you are not a trained manager, you will not be able to make as much profit as the special manager can do. That's why getting a special manager will help you a lot to increase the profit and to start off a new hotel.

Hotel Empire Tycoon Mod Apk

Features of the Hotel Empire Tycoon game

Manage your own hotel

The Hotel Empire Tycoon is a very exceptional game. In this game you will have to build a Hotel Empire which means that you will have to manage your hotel in a way so that you can get enough profit and start a hotel chain in your city. Being a manager of your own Hotel you will have to take care of everything that is going on in your hotel, take care of all the furniture and equipment that are required in the hotel, try to build a restaurant and fully equipped rooms and try to hire the required staff also.

Become the HR Manager

As you are the owner of a hotel hence you will be the one who will manage your staff and you will also play the role of an HR manager. In this way you will have to take care of your employees and try to get all the employees that are required by your hotel. For example: A cook, a bartender and a lifeguard. Having a lifeguard is very important on the swimming pool site because the customers can need help at any time and there should be a lifeguard to save their life. Moreover, a bartender will make them good refreshments that will engage more customers to your hotel.

Arrange events for your customers

To attract more people you can also arrange events for your customers. For example you can arrange different parties and also the events based on different seasons so that people can enjoy being in your hotel.

Daily quests

In this game you can also take part in daily missions that will appear on your app. By playing and winning these Quests, you will get a lot of rewards and money and you can use this money to improve your hotel.

Hotel Empire Tycoon Mod Apk

Features of the Hotel Empire Tycoon MOD APK

Unlimited Gems

In the Hotel Empire Tycoon you will require gems to make improvements to your hotel. You will have to earn these gems or you can also buy them with real money. But in the modified version of the Hotel Empire tycoon we have provided you with unlimited gems which you can use to make improvements to your hotel and start many new hotels with the profit that you get. Moreover in this version you will also not have to watch ads to get the gems that's why the ads have been removed.


If you are the one who has a business mind and want to pursue your career in hotel management then you can definitely get a lot of experience with the help of this game. If you want to enjoy this game to the fullist then you can download its modified version from our website and enjoy a gameplay with no restrictions.

Hotel Empire Tycoon Mod Apk


Q. How to get gems in Hotel Empire Tycoon?

You can get gems by playing different missions in the game.

Q. Is Hotel Empire Tycoon an online game?

Yes this is an online game and you will require an internet connection to play it.

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